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Download and install a Wikipedia in TomeRaider format

Download compressed file(s)[edit]

TomeRaider 2 Databases: The files can be downloaded here. The current release for TomeRaider 2 was produced in December 2004. An earlier and much smaller December 2003 version was still available prior to May, 2007.

TomeRaider 3 Databases: A set of files for TomeRaider 3 is also available for download. Since Tome Raider 3 now supports images, there are separate versions for those who want versions with or without images. The one tagged IMG is with images while the smaller TXT version includes all texts sans images. Get them here.

The file naming scheme is as follows: File names all start with TR2_WP for TomeRaider 2 Wikipedia, followed by (P)PC, PALM or EPOC for platform, followed by a two letter language code (EN, DE, FR, PL, NL, ES or EO). The ones for TomeRaider 3 follows the same naming conventions except that it starts with TR3_WP.

The December 2003 TomeRaider2 English Wikipedia database release for Palm users comes in 20 parts (WP_EN_PALM_AB, etc.) because The Palm version of TomeRaider2 at that time had a limitation when it comes to database size. Newer versions of TomeRaider have overcome that, and thus, all subsequent database releases for Palm also comes as one file.

Verify file[edit]

Unfortunately transmission errors are not too uncommon. If the file can not be unzipped, you will have to download again. To be even more sure you can generate a MD5 checksum after download and verify it against md5sums (in the download directory). For Windows users: a free tool to generate MD5 checksums can be downloaded here.

We recommend to use some kind of download manager to be sure the downloaded file will work.

Unzip file[edit]

Unix-like operating systems will usually use Info-Zip. On MacOS, StuffIt Expander should handle Zip archives. Windows users will probably have either WinZip or PKZIP already.

Open file in TomeRaider[edit]

  • Browse database in (preview) version of TomeRaider for Windows or
  • Palm users need to convert the file to pdb 2.8 format first. You can do this with TomeRaider for Windows (also with evaluation version).
  • Copy database to handheld and browse in (preview) version of TomeRaider for Windows (preview version will hide every fifth entry)

See also Wikipedia:TomeRaider database.