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Today's featured article

This star symbolizes the featured content on Wikipedia.

The Main Page includes a section where an adapted lead section from one of Wikipedia's featured articles is displayed as "Today's featured article" (TFA). The current month's queue can be found here. TFAs are scheduled by the TFA coordinators, Brianboulton (Brian), Crisco 1492 (Chris) and Dank (Dan). Community discussion of suggestions takes place at the TFA requests page.

If you notice an error in a future TFA blurb, you can usually fix it yourself, but if the mistake is in today or tomorrow's blurb, you will need to leave a message at WP:ERRORS to ask an administrator to fix it. The blurbs are formatted as a single paragraph as close as possible to 1,200 characters (including spaces) in length, with no reference tags, alternate names, or extraneous bolding. Only the link to the specified featured article is bolded, and this must be the first link in the blurb. For biographical articles, birth/death dates are trimmed down to year only. The blurb should be preceded by an appropriate lead image when available; fair use images are not allowed.

The editnotice template for Today's Featured Article is {{TFA-editnotice}}. It is automatically applied by {{Editnotices/Namespace/Main}} when the article's title matches the contents of {{TFA title}}. To contact the TFA coordinators, please leave a message on the TFA talk page, or use the {{@TFA}} notification template elsewhere.


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Today's featured article

The black basalt sarcophagus of Unas in the funerary chamber of his pyramid

Unas was an Ancient Egyptian pharaoh, the ninth and last ruler of the Fifth Dynasty during the Old Kingdom period. He succeeded Djedkare Isesi, who might have been his father, and reigned for 15 to 30 years in the mid 24th century BC. During this time Egypt maintained trade relations with the Levantine coast and Nubia, and may have launched a military campaign in southern Canaan. A period of declining royal power and decentralization of administrative functions continued under him, ultimately contributing to the collapse of the Old Kingdom some 200 years later. Unas built a pyramid in Saqqara, the smallest of the royal pyramids completed during the Old Kingdom. The accompanying mortuary complex with its high and valley temples linked by a 750 m (2,460 ft) causeway was lavishly decorated with painted reliefs, whose quality and variety surpass the usual royal iconography. His burial chambers were the first with the Pyramid Texts carved and painted on the walls, meant to help the king reach the afterlife by identifying him with Ra and Osiris. (Full article...)

Tomorrow's featured article

Sinistar: Unleashed is a 1999 action space shooter video game for Microsoft Windows. It was designed by Marc Michalik and Walter Wright and developed at GameFX, a small studio composed of former members of Looking Glass Studios. Originally titled Out of the Void, the project at first had no relationship to Sinistar, which was released by Williams in 1982. After licensing the franchise from Midway Games, GameFX developed the game as a sequel. The player's goal in both installments is to use starships, weapons and power-ups to destroy the Sinistar, a large bio-mechanical machine. Unlike its predecessor, the sequel has full three-dimensional graphics and gameplay. Sinistar: Unleashed got a mixed reception when released: some critics lauded its graphics and new features, and several journalists felt that it stayed true to the feel of the original game, but other critics faulted the boss characters and repetitiveness of the gameplay. (Full article...)