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Top 25 Report: Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (August 4 to 10, 2013)[edit]

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Summary: Doctor Who won this week by a hair, boosted by the unveiling of the new Doctor and the rising anticipation for the 50th anniversary in November. Some cultural diversity was added by two new Bollywood movies and the end of Ramadan. to the list as well. Numbers were slightly up on last week's bottom-scrape, but Wikipedia still appears to be in the summer doldrums. Incidentally, this week featured a large number of "questionables"; articles for whose popularity we (read: I) couldn't find a reason, and so had to leave off the list. The full list of exclusions is below. If any wise reader believes an excluded article's popularity to be legitimate, could s/he please let us know on the talk page, and it can be reinstated in the main list.

For the week of August 4 - 10, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the report of the 5,000 most trafficked pages* were:

Rank Last Wks Article Class Views Image Notes
1 - - Peter Capaldi Start-class 811,664
Peter Capaldi 2009 (cropped).jpg
The 55-year-old actor, seemingly permanently tied to his character Malcolm Tucker in The Thick of It, now has the ultimate path out of typecasting; get typecast in an even bigger role- in this case, The Doctor. Given that the Doctor's last two incarnations have been successively younger heartthrobs, his status as the oldest actor to play the role since the first one has triggered some comment.
2 1 31 Facebook B-class 706,516
Ad-tech London 2010 (5).JPG
A perennially popular article
3 - - Chennai Express Start-class 529,179 This Bollywood action-romance has broken records at the Indian box office, becoming the first film to make ₹1 billion ($16.3 million) in four days.
4 13 2 Breaking Bad B-class 478,407
Breaking Bad logo.svg
The final season of this acclaimed chemistry teacher-turned-Scarface TV series began on August 11.
5 9 12 List of Bollywood films of 2013 List 393,982
Deepika endorses Yamaha scooters 02.jpg
An established staple of the top 25.
6 7 41 Deaths in 2013 List 392,082
The list of deaths in the current year is always quite a popular article.
7 8 29 Google Good Article 373,400
A perennially popular article.
8 - - Iron pillar of Delhi B-class 357,315
This mysterious monument, which has proven resoundingly rust-resistant despite standing in the humid Delhi climate since at least the 4th century AD, was the subject of a Reddit thread on August 9.
9 - - Doctor Who B-class 355,116 The longest-running science fiction television series in history celebrates its 50th anniversary this year and also just announced its latest incarnation (see #1 above)
10 12 4 The Conjuring (film) C-class 354,925 James Wan's latest ghost story (reportedly based on true events, take that as you will) stormed the US, taking $70 million in its first week.
11 - - Eid Mubarak Unassessed 352,912
Muslim girls at Istiqlal Mosque jakarta.png
The traditional greeting to celebrate the end of Ramadan actually got ahead of the holiday it celebrates, but then, who doesn't appreciate a little seasonal goodwill?
12 - - Eid al-Fitr B-class 347,228
Celebrating Eid in Tajikistan 10-13-2007.jpg
The "Sugar Feast" to celebrate the end of the Ramadan fast fell on August 8 this year, as Muslims the world over gorged on sweet dishes after a month of self-denial.
13 5 2 Robin Thicke C-class 346,968
Robin Thicke 2012 cropped.jpg
The Blue-eyed soul singer and son of Alan Thicke (!) released his latest album, Blurred Lines, in the US on July 30.
14 - - Megalodon Good Article 340,514
Megalodon shark jaws museum of natural history 068.jpg
The extinct monster shark with teeth the size of axe-blades became an unexpected topic of contention when the Discovery Channel decided to open Shark Week with a fake "documentary" that claimed it was still alive. The next day, Discovery's Twitter feed essentially wrote its death certificate as a provider of factual programming.
15 - - Karen Black Start-class 320,046
The star of 70s classics like Nashville and Five Easy Pieces got a send-off from Wikipedians when she died on August 8.
16 6 4 Orange Is the New Black Start-class 312,158
Orange is the new Black.png
The women-in-prison TV series premiered in its entirety on Netflix on 11 July.
17 - - Linda Lovelace C-class 302,505
Linda Lovelace signature.svg
The former porn star who would later renounce the industry and declare it a pit of prostitution and borderline slavery got into the news this week with the release of a biopic of her life starring Amanda Seyfried.
18 19 7 Attack on Titan C-class 285,727 This anime series has attained cult status in the Nerdisphere. Interest may have recently been spiked by a series of badly-translated death threats against the show's creator, supposedly for basing a character on the series on a General in the Imperial Japanese Army during WWII.
19 24 38 YouTube Good Article 271,587
YouTube Logo.svg
Another perennially popular article
20 - - Elysium (film) Start-class 269,513 Neill Blomkamp's followup to District 9 won the weekend by taking nearly $30 million, despite its heavier-than-usual allegorical undertones.
21 3 3 The Wolverine (film) Start-class 268,144 The second attempt to give X-Men fan-favourite Wolverine his own franchise appears to be doing far better than the first, taking $21 million in its first day.
22 - - Ed and Lorraine Warren Start-class 263,404
The Ghost's Walk by Phiz.jpg
Self-proclaimed psychic demonologists whose work is the basis for the film The Conjuring (see #9 above)
23 - - Franck Ribéry Good Article 262,922
Franck Ribéry 2013.JPG
The French winger for the German team Bayern Munich was nominated for UEFA Best Player in Europe on August 7, two days after a 5-0 thrashing of BSV Schwarz-Weiß Rehden
24 - - Krrish 3 B-class 254,165 Upcoming Bollywood scifi superhero sequel.
25 - - 2013 FIBA Asia Championship C-class 242,565
Ninoy Aquino Stadium.jpg
The Asian World Cup basketball qualifying tournament was held in Manila from August 1 to August 11.
  • This list is derived from the WP:5000 report. It excludes the Wikipedia main page (and "wiki"), non-article pages, and anomalous entries (such as DDoS attacks or likely automated views). Please feel free to discuss any removal on the talk page if you wish. Standard removals this week include:
    • Cat anatomy: A spammer with a sense of humour? Lazy med students looking for quick info on cat dissections? Or a REALLY confused adware bot for Friskies? The debate still rages as to why this article continues to rank so highly.
    • G: This, or alternately G-force, frequently appears in the top 25. It is probably due to people typing "G" for "Google" in Google Chrome's search bar and hastily clicking "enter".
    • Alive/Alive!: Links to disambigs with no apparent reason for being.
    • MONO (Shigeo Tamaru Album) and Chikako Watanabe: Articles related to the Japanese band NaNa have been popping into the Top 25 for weeks with no determined rationale. There may be one. We haven't found it.
  • Specific removals this week (those for whom no explanation for their popularity could be found):