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Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (February 4 to 10, 2018)[edit]

Prepared with commentary by Soulbust

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Birds of Play: Unlike last year, a Falcon won during Super Bowl week. Of course, I'm talking about Falcon Heavy (#14), which had its maiden flight conducted by SpaceX on February 6. Elon Musk (#1) is of course the founder and CEO of SpaceX.

Now, let's address the obvious theme one will find throughout this list: Super Bowl LII (#10), the 52nd edition of the Super Bowl (#21). Quarterback and Super Bowl MVP Nick Foles (#2) and head coach Doug Pederson (#17) led the Philadelphia Eagles (#10) to victory over Tom Brady's (#5) New England Patriots (#20). The Super Bowl for the Eagles was the franchise's first, meaning they're now on the List of Super Bowl champions (#9). Other Super Bowl-related articles include the game's half time performer Justin Timberlake (#6) and the Patriots' tight end Rob Gronkowski (#15). The Cloverfield Paradox (#4), a Netflix film which received praise for its Super Bowl commercial marketing, as well as This Is Us (#22), the game's lead-out program also have ties to the game.

Oh... hey, there's even more sports with the opening ceremony of the 2018 Winter Olympics (#8) happening this week. This rendition notched 1.23 million page views, an increase from the 2014 event's 1.06 million page views during its opening ceremony week.

Film was also represented past Paradox, with one of its predecessors, Cloverfield (#23), as well as Black Panther (#13) and Padmaavat (#19) also making it onto the list.

And then there was Travis Scott (#3) and Kylie Jenner (#7), who both found their way into the top 10 after announcing the birth of their child.

For the week of February 4 to February 10, 2018, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 Elon Musk C-Class article 1,986,094
Falcon Heavy first flight press conference 01.jpg
The best type of billionaire. Sure, he wasn't the Super Bowl MVP, but he was the MVP of the Top 25 Report, and isn't that what really matters? Elon was of interest this week because of that SpaceX company of his conducting its Falcon Heavy (#14) launch.
2 Nick Foles Start-Class article 1,977,688
Nick Foles calling play in 2012.jpg
Named Super Bowl MVP as he led the underdog Philadelphia Eagles (#11) to their first Super Bowl championship over the reigning New England Patriots (#20) dynasty.
3 Travis Scott Start-Class article 1,718,006
Travis Scott February 2016.jpg
La Flame & Kylie Jenner (#7) announced the birth of their baby on February 6.
4 The Cloverfield Paradox Start-Class article 1,632,812
Julius Onah.jpg
Although director Julius Onah's (pictured) film was applauded for its clever (err clover?) marketing via dropping the film on Netflix mere hours after it was teased in a Super Bowl commercial, it received generally negative reception for the film's actual content.
5 Tom Brady B-Class article 1,601,211
Tom Brady 2017.JPG
As a fan of the Miami Dolphins, parity in the NFL, and breaths of fresh air, nothing is sweeter than seeing Tom Brady lose. Although, I guess he already has 5 reasons to not be too upset. 6 if you add Gisele.
Symbol arrow up.svg Up 14 spots from last week.
6 Justin Timberlake B-Class article 1,563,698
Justin Timberlake 8E168932.jpg
JT performed at the Super Bowl's half time show. His dancing was phenomenal, but his overall performance did seem to attract a mixed reception, especially when compared to other recent Super Bowl half time performers.
7 Kylie Jenner Start-Class article 1,327,038
Kylie Jenner.png
Kylie announced the birth of her child this past week, which had many on social media buzzing about and visiting her article.
8 2018 Winter Olympics C-Class article 1,234,016
PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics.svg
The Super Bowl wasn't the only major sports event to occur this week. The 2018 Winter Olympics held its opening ceremony in Pyeongchang County on February 9, so definitely expect this article to maintain high traffic through its closing ceremony on February 25.
9 List of Super Bowl champions Featured list 1,163,663
NRG Lonbardi (32513086661).jpg
You can add the Eagles to this list now.
10 Super Bowl LII Start-Class article 1,114,569
An Eagles fan celebrates as confetti falls on the field at Super Bowl 2018, Minneapolis MN (40074198602).jpg
A rematch of Super Bowl XXXIX: New England Patriots vs. Philadelphia Eagles. The almost Galactic Empire-like New England Patriots vs. the underdog Philadelphia Eagles. One of the most exciting and competitive Super Bowls from start to finish in a while... and for those in Philly, LII is the Rocky II to XXXIX's Rocky.
11 Philadelphia Eagles B-Class article 1,058,426
Philadelphia Eagles wordmark.svg
As you may have picked up by now, the Eagles won a rather big game this past week. 41–33, ball game. Fly Eagles, Fly.
12 Altered Carbon (TV series) C-Class article 864,747
Joel Kinnaman (28494159712) (cropped).jpg
The newest binge-worthy craze to come from Netflix's original output stars Joel Kinnaman (pictured). The show has gotten positive feedback from viewers, and some generally favorable reviews from critics. Haven't checked it out yet, but for someone who's really interested by cyberpunk stuff, I really should. Netflix just seems to have so much nowadays.
13 Black Panther (film) C-Class article 860,141
Chadwick Boseman (35852212110).jpg
The hype is real. Fully expect this article to be in (at least) the top 3 on this report next week, and #1 at the box office this weekend.
Symbol arrow down.svg Down 1 spot from last week.
14 Falcon Heavy C-Class article 832,554
Falcon Heavy Demo Mission (40126461851).jpg
Just beautiful. Humanity's really capable of some great things when it tries, huh?
15 Rob Gronkowski C-Class article 787,439
Rob Gronkowski 2014.jpg
The star tight end of the New England Patriots drew attention by making some big-play catches in #10, but even more so when word got out that he's considering retirement. With a rather concerning injury history—including most recently a concussion—maybe it's not so bad an idea to hang it up as a 2x Super Bowl champion who is viewed by many as the greatest to play his position in the history of the sport. I hate (in that stupid sports hate way) the Patriots, but I would hate it even more to see Gronk get seriously hurt again.
16 John Mahoney C-Class article 773,553
John Mahoney 1994.JPG
The English-American actor best known for his work as Martin Crane on the TV series Frasier sadly passed away at the beginning of this past week.
17 Doug Pederson Start-Class article 762,890
Doug Pederson (Eagles).jpg
Man, does Coach Pederson have some big ones. So, he called 1 gutsy play, what with calling a trick play to have his quarterback Nick Foles end up catching a touchdown pass, rather than do what quarterbacks normally do: pass the ball. That's incredible on its own. But then he calls a 2nd gusty play, going for it on 4th & 1 on their own side of the field, down a point, with 5 minutes to go!! Both plays are definitely up there in the debate for gutsiest call in a Super Bowl. Doug also caught a beer one-handed that was thrown by a fan during the Eagles' Super Bowl parade. Only in Philly.
18 Deaths in 2018 List-Class article 745,598
This list slowly, but surely found its way on to the list this week. A little over 100,000 page views a day will do it. Still as macabre as ever. Symbol arrow down.svg Down 10 spots from last week.
19 Padmaavat C-Class article 632,747
Deepika Padukone at Yonex Sunrise India Open 2018 (cropped).jpg
The most expensive Hindi film ever made and one that has attracted no shortage of controversy is still being heavily visited by readers.Symbol arrow down.svg Down 16 spots from last week.
20 New England Patriots Good article 603,146
New England Patriots wordmark.svg
The losing team in that big handegg game mentioned earlier.
21 Super Bowl B-Class article 572,094
Lombardi Trophy.png
So I guess if the biggest game in America has its 52nd edition, people may be interested in the general information about the culmination of an NFL season.
22 This Is Us (TV series) C-Class article 560,623
Milo Ventimiglia 2017 crop.jpg
For those who don't know, the program that directly follows the Super Bowl on the channel broadcasting the game is called lead-out program. This year, the honor went to an episode of the medical drama This Is Us, starring Milo Ventimiglia (pictured).
23 Cloverfield B-Class article 549,998
Matt Reeves by Gage Skidmore.jpg
So, with the Netflix release of The Cloverfield Paradox (#4), many readers were intrigued with the Cloverfield franchise as a whole, which started with this here 2008 film directed by Matt Reeves (pictured).
24 Alauddin Khalji C-Class article 549,993
Portrait of Sultan 'Ala-ud-Din, Padshah of Delhi.jpg
The second ruler of the Khalji dynasty is the male focus of the love story behind #19.
Symbol arrow down.svg Down 19 spots from last week.
25 Murder of James Bulger B-Class article 548,029 James Bulger was 2-years old when he was murdered by two 10-year olds. Those two 10-year olds were released when a Parole Board decision recommended their release on a lifelong license aged 18. Jon Venables, one of the two 10-year olds (now 35) has since repeatedly violated that license. Readers visited the article this past week as Venables pleaded guilty to possession of indecent images of children for a second time.


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