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Top 25 Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (January 6-12, 2013)[edit]

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For the week of January 6-12, 2013, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined by the report generated at WP:5000* were:

Rank Article Views Notes
1 Ray Lewis 706,095 American football linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens of the National Football League, who will retire this year, his team recently advanced in the 2012–13 NFL playoffs.
2 Facebook 629,767 The most popular site on the Internet, Facebook is a perennially favorite page on Wikipedia.
3 Django Unchained 613,318 This American movie was released in the U.S. on December 25, 2012, where it was the #2 movie for the weekend of January 11. It was released in the U.K. on January 18.
4 Les Misérables 571,822 Though this article is about the novel, its likely most of its views are being generated by the film adaptation released in the U.S. on December 25, 2012, and in the U.K. on January 11, 2013.
5 Downton Abbey 540,632 The popular British period drama television series. Season 3 has its U.S. debut on January 6, 2013.
6 Zero Dark Thirty 507,203 This film debuted in the U.S. on December 19, 2012.
7 Les Misérables (2012 film) 471,019 U.S. film, see also #4.
8 One Direction 455,706 The most popular band in the world this week.
9 G-force 437,741 The most popular science article of the week.
10 The Big Bang Theory 430,675 The most popular science geek television show of the week, another regularly popular article.
11 Deaths in 2013 425,193
12 YouTube 407,993 Currently the third most popular site on the web, per Alexa.
13 Wikipedia 407,312
14 Gangnam Style 349,321 The most popular song in the world this week.
15 Lionel Messi 375,090 The star footballer for FC Barcelona
16 How I Met Your Mother 372,436 The popular U.S. television show.
17 2012 Delhi gang rape case 356,365 The tragic event continues to stay in the headlines.
18 Russell Wilson 344,051 American football quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, who were eliminated from the NFL playoff on January 13, 2012, by the Atlanta Falcons.
19 Quentin Tarantino 336,734 The director of Django Unchained, which is #3 above.
20 London Underground 334,785 Subject of a Google Doodle this week.
21 Silver Linings Playbook 334,508 U.S. film
22 Abraham Lincoln 324,451 Former U.S. president, recently depicted in the U.S. film, Lincoln
23 A. J. McCarron 318,507 American football quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide, which recently won the BCS National Championship Game.
24 Life of Pi 318,371 2001 novel by Yann Martel; its 2011 film adapation was announced as a Best Picture nominee on January 10 for the 85th Academy Awards.
25 Chuck Hagel 315,998 Former U.S. Senator nominated to be United States Secretary of Defense by President Barack Obama on January 7, 2013.
  • This list is derived from the WP:5000 report. It excludes the Wikipedia main page, non-article pages, and anomalous entries (such as DDOS attacks or likely automated views). Notable removals this week: Bryan Cranston (1,439,376 reported views) experienced a massive unexplainable spike in views on January 8-9, 2013. Cat anatomy, which would be #6, has been subject to an odd unexplained spike in views since October 30. And Wsn, which redirects to the much less viewed Wireless sensor network, was also removed as having received unexplained massive traffic since December 24. The revision of WP:5000 containing the data used to create list: [1]