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Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (July 8 to 14, 2018)[edit]

Prepared with commentary by igordebraga

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We Are the Champions, My Friend[edit]

One last FIFA World Cup-heavy list, even if the final happening on a Sunday ensures next week will still feature some more of the tournament. Along with a blockbuster transaction that happened after a superstar was out of the Russian fields, football is even present in an incident where a Thai team was stranded in a flooded cave. Otherwise, we have tennis in Wimbledon, American politics, celebrities and blockbusters, Indian movies and Netflix shows, and that death list that just won't go.

For the week of July 8 to 15, 2018, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 2018 FIFA World Cup B-Class article 2,424,759
Final of the Soccer World Cup Russia between the national teams of France and Croatia.jpg
The most beloved month for football fans ended today in Moscow with the French team winning their second title. Plenty of good moments happened, though the organization should be ashamed of the cruel and unusual punishment that is featuring "Seven Nation Army" in every game.
2 Croatia Good article 2,259,554
Civil Ensign of Croatia.svg
A former Yugoslav nation smaller than 41 of the U.S. states and less than half the population of London, that is gathering huge attention for the unexpected success of its national football team. In the meantime, people have discovered many interesting things about Croatia, such as their blonde president who went to the World Cup out of her own salary, and the rallying cry with fascist roots.
3 Hailey Baldwin Start-Class article 2,122,321
Hailey Baldwin Backstage Billboard Muisc Awards 2018.jpg
This model, daughter of actor Stephen (and subsequently niece of Alec and cousin to another model, Ireland), has announced her engagement to Justin Bieber (#21). Hope she can put some reason into his head!
4 Brett Kavanaugh C-Class article 1,804,185
Judge Brett Kavanaugh.jpg
The newest proposed member of the Supreme Court of the United States, nominated by President Trump to replace the retiring Anthony Kennedy.
5 Cristiano Ronaldo C-Class article 1,353,021
Por-Mar (1).jpg
CR7 was not in the World Cup final (and seems unlikely he'll lead Portugal there in 2022, when he'll be 37), but still gathered loads of views through the week as it was confirmed he is going to Juventus (#16) for an incredible €100 million plus additional expenses.
6 List of FIFA World Cup finals Featured list 1,140,242
France champion of the Football World Cup Russia 2018.jpg
Croatia (#2, #10), became the 13th country to contest for the World Cup, and the victorious French team (pictured) got its second title, matching two teams they beat in the playoffs (Argentina and Uruguay).
7 FIFA World Cup Featured article 1,120,613
FIFA - replica world cup trophy.JPG
The 21st edition ended today. The next one is sadly more than "just" 4 years from now, given it will be in November-December so the players don't get boiled by the scorching Middle Eastern summer (just one of the many, many downsides of giving the hosting rights to Qatar!).
8 Ant-Man and the Wasp C-Class article 927,310
WW Chicago 2015 - Ant-Man and Star-Lord (20860228630).jpg
After a high stakes interplanetary war that does not end well, Marvel decided to just let viewers have fun again at their movies with a return to this size-shifting superhero, now joined by size-shifting superheroine with wings and blasters, fighting among other adversaries an intangible girl. Ant-Man and the Wasp got great reviews and is already nearing $300 million worldwide (numbers that will only grow as it hits European markets that decided to release the movie after the World Cup was over).
9 Stephen Baldwin Start-Class article 919,838
Stephen Baldwin.jpg
Stephen's career might be in a downfall (from Born on the Fourth of July and The Usual Suspects to Christploitation films such as God's Club and Faith of Our Fathers?!), but the fact his daughter (#3) is marrying Justin Bieber (#21) brought in some attention.
10 Croatia national football team C-Class article 829,225
Brazil and Croatia match at the FIFA World Cup (2014-06-12; fans) 40.jpg
Known for their checkered shirts (compared to either tablecloths or racing flags), the Croats have a distinction of having surprised the football world twice. In their 1998 debut, Davor Suker and friends went all the way to the World Cup semifinals against hosts France and scored first before a comeback, but then won the third place match. 20 years later, the squad led by Luka Modric (#13) managed to go one stage and position further: Croatia won a comeback in the semifinals against England before losing the final against that same France. Part of it must have been exhaustion: all the previous knockout games went to extra time, meaning the Croats played the equivalent of seven games in six!
11 Kylian Mbappé C-Class article 803,622
Kylian Mbappe 2017.jpg
Mbappé might not be on the same heights as Pelé, but like the greatest footballer ever the Frenchman already made a huge impact in the World Cup before even turning 20, scoring three goals (one of them in the final) as Les Bleus got their second title. For such, Mbappé was chosen as the tournament's best young player.
12 Deaths in 2018 List-Class article 729,479
"I sung my song to Mr. Jimmy
Yeah, and he said one word to me, and that was 'dead'
13 Luka Modrić B-Class article 723,341
Luka Modrić in 2018.jpg
In May, Modrić was, along with Cristiano Ronaldo (#5), part of the Real Madrid squad that unsurprisingly won the UEFA Champions League. Two months later, he has pulled off something even more impressive: as captain and centerpiece of the Croatian team (#10), led his compatriots all the way to the FIFA World Cup final. For all his efforts (that included 2 goals, one assist, more than 65 km ran and 500 passes), FIFA gave Modrić the Golden Ball as best player of the World Cup.
14 Kevin Anderson (tennis) Start-Class article 679,641
Anderson WM16 (30) (28314178202).jpg
Along with the World Cup, another sporting event played on grass happened this month, the 2018 Wimbledon Championships. Hailing from South Africa, Anderson had an improbable run to the finals, beating defending champion Roger Federer before an interminable semifinal (6 hours, 36 minutes!) against our #22. No wonder he couldn't then beat another tennis legend, Novak Djokovic, in the decision, but certainly became the moral champion.
15 Tham Luang cave rescue C-Class article 678,290
Rescue equipment in Tham Luang entrance chamber (cropped).jpg
Going from footballers playing the games of their lives (#1) to footballers literally fighting for their lives. Thailand might have no tradition on the sport, but seeing a whole junior team trapped in a flooded cave for more than two weeks caused international commotion and brought in military forces and such to save them. The boys are thankfully alive, even if still hospitalized after such a taxing experience.
16 Juventus F.C. Good article 673,069
Juventus FC 2017 logo.svg
Turin's Vecchia Signora ("Old Lady") is the biggest winner of the Italian championship, a total of 34 national titles - including the last seven! Maybe the streak will only go further as Cristiano Ronaldo (#5) joins World Cup champion Blaise Matuidi and runner-up Mario Mandzukic, the latter of whom was there when Ronaldo's Real Madrid beat Juventus in the 2017 UEFA Champions League Final.
17 Gareth Southgate C-Class article 665,379
ENG-PAN (22).jpg
The English Team might have finished with the same fourth place from the last time they went to the semifinals, but just seeing the squad going so far has already made supporters petition for coach Southgate to get a knighthood. He already got his very own tube station!
18 Sanju Start-Class article 664,239
Ranbir at LFW16.jpg
Yet another entry for the biopic on Bollywood action star Sanjay Dutt.
19 Rafael Nadal B-Class article 651,279
Paris-FR-75-open de tennis-2-6--17-Roland Garros-Rafael Nadal-11.jpg
Nadal couldn't beat rival Novak Djovokic in the Wimbledon semifinal, but retained the top spot at the ATP ranking and managed to enter the Top 25 Report instead of the winner. Either one seems good enough!
20 England national football team C-Class article 643,611
FWC 2018 - Round of 16 - COL v ENG - Team England penalty shootout.jpg
It wasn't this time that England got their second World Cup title, and they even lost the third place match to Belgium. Still, the Three Lions won their first penalty shootout and had 2018's top scorer with Harry Kane's 6 goals... only one of whom wasn't over the lowly Panama and Tunisia, and 3 coming from penalty kicks, but that's a detail.
21 Justin Bieber B-Class article 640,886
One of the most divisive musical artists of today, for both questionable music and even worse attitude. At least Bieber got all these views for something positive, his engagement to #3.
22 John Isner Start-Class article 588,190
Isner US16 (21) (29862971805).jpg
The Croats (#10) can share some durability stories with this American tennis player. Eight years after winning the longest tennis match ever (11 hours across 3 days!), Isner had another seemingly endless bout in the same Wimbledon grass, his lost semifinal to our #14.
23 Sacred Games (TV series) Start-Class article 588,190
Radhika Apte graces the red carpet screening of Netflix’s original series Sacred Games (05).jpg
India already brings in their movies (#18) and their celebrities to the Top 25, so local television is a natural progression. A Netflix adaptation of a local thriller, it stars Radhika Apte (pictured).
24 Serena Williams B-Class article 578,770
Williams S. RG18 (17) (41168711240).jpg
Just one year after giving birth to her daughter, the youngest of the Williams sisters seems to have recovered enough to reach the Wimbledon finals. Just not enough to win, as Angelique Kerber took home the title (but not a spot on our list, finishing with a modest #37).
25 Elon Musk Start-Class article 556,298
Elon Musk oveseeing the construction of Gigafactory (16549440890).jpg
Musk is ambitious and has achieved many breakthroughs, but sometimes he's just not good enough, as his mini-submarine that would rescue the Thai boys trapped in a cave (#15) was useless.
Wikipedia top 25 articles for the week July 8 to 14, 2018


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