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Top 25 Report: Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (March 24 – March 30 2013)[edit]

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Summary: Twas a time to be holy, as three great religions took five slots this week. The holiest weekend in the Christian calendar corresponded not only with the Jewish Passover (as it usually does) but also with the Hindu festival of colour (which it doesn't always). Ironically, (or appropriately, depending on your point of view) The Walking Dead was the only other following to get any recognition, with three slots. Otherwise, a markedly slow week; aside from the usual noting of pop culture and celeb deaths (fare thee well, Uncle Vernon) the only other bit of news was the unexpected reappearance of Amanda Knox, whose life we continue to show a prurient interest in.

For the week of March 24 to March 31, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the report of the 5,000 most trafficked pages* were:

Rank Last Wks Article Views Notes
1 Easter 972,419
Victory over the Grave.jpg
It's hard to remember these days, under the onslaught of bunnies, chocolate eggs and marshmallow peeps, that Easter, not Christmas, is the most sacred date of the Christian calendar. Doubtless a lot of people learned that this week, along with some fairly eye-raising information about the events it actually celebrates.
2 Bioshock Infinite 913,071
The multiple delays must have been worth it because this long-awaited (in video games, three years is long-awaited) sequel to one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time looks like it can stand proud next to its predecessor. In gamer circles, this has the same level of anticipation as a blockbuster film.
3 4 13 The Walking Dead (TV series) 726,671
The Walking Dead 2010 logo.svg
The American television series, currently airing in third season, is becoming a genuine phenomenon, having seen its ratings more than double since it premiered.
4 Good Friday 657,231 The dark bit of Easter, this commemorates ("celebrates" isn't really the right word) the torture and crucifixion (Passion) of Jesus Christ, as opposed to Easter Sunday (above) which celebrates his resurrection.
5 Richard Griffiths 576,589 The death of this well-liked British stage actor pushed his page up the ranks, though Wikipedia users are more likely to remember him as Uncle Vernon in Harry Potter than for his Tony-winning role in The History Boys.
6 2 12 Facebook 565,393 A perennially favorite article.
7 Passover 510,259
Pessach Pesach Pascha Judentum Ungesaeuert Seder datafox.jpg
The Jewish holiday to which Easter is indelibly linked, which celebrates far older (and in many ways far grimmer) events.
8 The Walking Dead (season 3) 487,120 see #3 above
9 9 22 Deaths in 2013 421,673 The lists of deaths in the current year is always a quite popular article.
10 Maundy Thursday 402,705 The celebration of the last day before Christ's crucifixion, the Last Supper and the washing of feet (the word comes from Mandatum or commandment)
11 17 6 Google 400,110 A perennially popular article.
12 6 4 Game of Thrones (TV series) 378,709 Popular television series whose third season began on March 31
13 Phil Spector 365,350
Phil Spector, mugshot (2009).jpg
Record producer, Wall of Sound creator and convicted murderer whose profile rose on the back of an HBO movie of his trial and conviction
14 7 2 Spring Breakers 363,155 Spring Breakers Cast.jpg Nubile female convicts in bikinis with guns continue to be a popular diversion.
15 List of The Walking Dead episodes 361,780 see #3 above
16 16 26 YouTube 361,158 Another perennially popular article, for the highly popular video-sharing website.
17 4 How I Met Your Mother 359,408 The 12th most popular article on Wikipedia between 2010 and 2012 makes a reappearance in the top 25 as the show nears the end of its eighth season.
18 Holi 356,180
Holi at Bishap Ranch.jpg
This fun Hindu spring festival, which involves people throwing coloured powder at each other in the streets, coincidentally fell the same week as Easter and Passover this year.
19 23 2 Arrow (TV series) 352,697 This currently popular Green Arrow TV series is nearing the end of its first season.
20 3 2 Cyprus 344,840
Flag of Cyprus.svg
This Mediterranean island is no doubt piquing international interest due to the foreboding financial crisis it has apparently triggered.
21 15 25 World War II 342,079 Another perennially popular article. (The 16th most popular article from 2010–12, in fact, see Table 2 here.)
22 Amanda Knox 333,880 Corrado maria daclon - amanda knox.jpg This onetime murder suspect shot back into the headlines when an Italian court overturned her two-year-old acquittal.
23 4 328,125 perennially popular article
24 4 Argo (2012 film) 319,494 This movie continues to outrank current blockbusters more than a month after its Best Picture Oscar win.
25 20 3 Macklemore 315,994
Macklemore The Heist Tour 1 cropped.jpg
Popular singer returning the top 25, though nearly always in the top 50}
  • This list is derived from the WP:5000 report. It excludes the Wikipedia main page (and "wiki"), non-article pages, and anomalous entries (such as DDoS attacks or likely automated views). Please feel free to discuss any removal on the talk page if you wish. Standard removals this week include:
    • G-force; this has been in the Top 25 since the list was started at the beginning of the year. The continuing popularity of this article, which jumped in June 2012, has been without explanation. Articles on popular scientific concepts get nowhere this level of viewing based on our analysis to date, e.g., Gravitation (49,516 views from March 3–9), and therefore we have decided to remove it from the list as most likely caused by non-human views.
    • Cat anatomy; explanation still unknown for its continuing high view counts
    • Aho–Corasick string matching algorithm (a sudden rise from nothing to 200,000 hits on March 20–21)
    • New Brunswick (a sudden, sustained rise beginning March 19)
    • Hollow Body Guitar, a perpetual addition likely due to spambots.
  • Specific removals this week are Admiral of France (one day spike of 467,922 views) and Devil (one day spike of 394,165 views).
  • Number of views needed to reach Top 25 this week: 315,994. Last week: 317,443.
  • Almosts: Shakira (314,352 views); North Korea (309,808 views) Dwayne Johnson (308,956 views)
  • The revision of WP:5000 containing the data used to create list: [1]