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Most Popular Wikipedia Articles of the Week (September 25 to October 1, 2016)[edit]

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Debatable: If not for the death of American baseball player José Fernández (#1), Donald Trump (#2) would have been the most viewed article of the week, no doubt due to the attention-grabbing spectacle of the first U.S. presidential debate between Trump and Hillary Clinton (#5). The only other debate-related subject to make the Top 25 was Alicia Machado (#13), a topic which Clinton brought up to illustrate Trump's history of derogatory remarks about women, and which caused Trump to inexplicably keep defending his comments for most of the week. Aside from that, the chart this week is a mix of pop culture topics with a number of Reddit "Today I Learned" threads elevating random articles into the lower rungs of the Top 25.

As prepared by Milowent, for the week of September 25 to October 1, 2016, the 25 most popular articles on Wikipedia, as determined from the WP:5000 report were:

Rank Article Class Views Image Notes
1 José Fernández (pitcher) C-Class 1,762,983
José Fernández on April 12, 2016.jpg
The Cuban-born American baseball player for the Miami Marlins died in a boating accident on September 25. Though a popular player, it is hard to pinpoint exactly why his death generated so many views, except in part because he died on the first day of this chart's data, so the chart captures the full run of attention caused in the week after his death.
2 Donald Trump C-Class 1,201,566
Donald Trump January 2016.jpg
455,000 of these views came on September 27, which for United States timezones catches the first presidential debate which occurred on the evening of September 26 and its news-dominating aftermath. Trump consistently places higher in this chart than Hillary Clinton, usually because he is doing or saying eye-opening things.
3 Arnold Palmer B-Class 915,706
Arnold Palmer (cropped).jpg
The American golf great died on September 25 at age 87. He was generally regarded as one of the greatest players in the sport's history. Dating back to 1955, he won numerous events on both the PGA Tour and the circuit now known as PGA Tour Champions.
4 Pablo Escobar B-Class 813,231
Pablo Escobar Mug.jpg
Narcos is back on your television screens, meaning Don Pablo is back on the list for another week.
5 Hillary Clinton Featured Article 753,800
Hillary Clinton official Secretary of State portrait crop.jpg
311K views on September 27. With the presidential debates underway and the American election finally getting close, Clinton and Trump may remain high in the charts for the next few weeks.
6 Luke Cage C-Class 710,850
Mike Colter 2015.jpg
The debut of the Luke Cage (#10) TV series on Netflix teaches me about yet another superhero character I've never heard about before.
7 László Bíró C-Class 710,850
Ladislao Biro Argentina Circa 1978.JPG
A Google Doodle for the inventor of the ballpoint pen.
8 Deaths in 2016 List 646,900
The views for the annual list of deaths are remarkably consistent on a day to day basis. It is consistently higher in the first half of 2016 with a string of highly notable deaths, but things seem to be calming down a bit. Where the article appears in this chart is entirely dependent on how many subjects in a week happened to exceed this bellwether in views.
9 Toys in the Attic (album) C-Class 547,193
A Reddit thread caused a burst of popularity about this 1975 album by Aerosmith on September 26.
10 Luke Cage (TV series) C-Class 710,850
Mike Colter 2015.jpg
See #6. Mike Colter (pictured) plays the lead role.
11 Jake Lloyd Start-Class 530,964
Jake Lloyd.jpg
Lloyd played the role of Anakin Skywalker in the the 1999 film Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. The article had a big jump in views on September 25 and 26, due to a Reddit thread.
12 M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story Stub-Class 511,454
Sushant Singh Rajput.jpg
This Indian biographical sports film about cricketer Mahendra Singh Dhoni debuted on September 30. The lead role is played by Sushant Singh Rajput (pictured).
13 Alicia Machado Start-Class 505,270 100px Of all the things one could not predict would come up during the first U.S. presidential debate, Donald Trump's apparent past habit of calling Miss Universe 1996 "Miss Piggy" and "Miss Housekeeping" after she gained a few pounds during her title reign was not one of them.
14 WWE Clash of Champions 489,863
Kevin Owens in April 2016.jpg
A September 25 wrestling event. Kevin Owens (pictured) was among the winners.
15 Krishna's Butterball Stub-Class 482,888
Krishna's Butter Ball, Mamallapuram.JPG
Another popular Reddit thread at /r/todayilearned.
16 UFC 205 B-Class 453,792
Kevin Owens in April 2016.jpg
Will occur on November 12
17 Rikers Island Start-Class 453,433
Rikers Island.jpg
The infamous New York City had one of its few uplifting moments made the subject of a Reddit thread.
18 Stranger Things (TV series) C-class 451,785
Stranger Things logo.png
This Netflix science-fiction series is basically an 8-hour homage to early 80s kid-centric flicks like E.T., The Goonies and Explorers, though aimed mostly at adults. It has been a smash hit for Netflix, evidenced by its continuing appearance on this chart -- ELEVEN straight weeks. Netflix has already ordered a second season.
19 Soraya Tarzi Start-Class 446,243
Queen Soraya of Afghanistan.jpg
The Queen consort of Afghanistan in the early 20th century and the wife of King Amanullah Khan. Reddit learned that "King Amanullah Khan of Afghanistan (1919-1929) once gave a public speech in which he said "Islam did not require women to cover their bodies or wear any special kind of veil". At the conclusion of the speech, Queen Soraya tore off her veil (hejab) in public."
20 Deepwater Horizon Featured Article 419,032
Mark Wahlberg at the Contraband movie premiere in Sydney February 2012.jpg
They made a film called Deepwater Horizon about the 2010 Deepwater Horizon explosion. It stars Mark Wahlberg (pictured). After this and Sully, both films about relatively quiet recent historical events, I wouldn't be surprised to see a movie about the the first U.S. presidential debate, starring Alicia Machado, before this month is over.
21 Habeas Corpus Act 1679 Start-Class 410,390
Coat of Arms of England (1558-1603).svg
Reddit again, with the hook "TIL the 1679 Habeas Corpus Act was only passed in Parliament because its supporters jokingly counted a fat lord as ten votes and the opposition never noticed."
22 The Girl on the Train (novel) Start-Class 406,874
Emily Blunt avp 2014 (headshot).jpg
Well, its not very common for an article I started to make this chart, so this is rather exciting for me. It helps, I suppose, that it is on a very popular recent novel and not one from the 19th century. But I know the real reason its here is because the film based on the novel, starring Emily Blunt, is soon coming out.
23 Salsa Tequila Start-Class 404,353 A 2014 novelty song by Norwegian comedian Anders Nilsen. Views jumped on September 30, probably due to a Reddit thread?
24 Steve Jobs B-Class 397,003
Steve Jobs with red shawl edit.jpg
Views jumped on September 25 and 28.
25 The Magnificent Seven (2016 film) Start-Class 384,274
Antoine Fuqua (29146083673).jpg
The American Western film, directed by Antoine Fuqua (pictured), was released on September 23.


  • This list excludes the Wikipedia main page, non-article pages (such as redlinks), and anomalous entries (such as DDoS attacks or likely automated views). Since mobile view data became available to the Report in October 2014, we exclude articles that have almost no mobile views (5-6% or less) or almost all mobile views (94-95% or more) because they are very likely to be automated views based on our experience and research of the issue. Since WP:5000 and WMF Topviews use different exclusion algorithms, articles that appear in one but not the other can also safely be excluded as false. Please feel free to discuss any removal on the talk page if you wish.
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