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[edit source] vs. [edit beta]

VisualEditor - Edit tab - 2.png

Once you enable it, you can edit with VisualEditor by clicking any [edit] link within an article. You can edit using wikicode by clicking any [edit source] link.

You can edit using wikicode by clicking an [edit source] link.

If your browser is not compatible, you will not be able to use VisualEditor.

Wikipedia offers an editing interface, called VisualEditor, that provides the option to skip Wikicode and make edits directly to the page.

You can enable (or disable) VisualEditor by toggling the VisualEditor entry through the 'Beta' tab to the right of your Username.

You may want to try out both VisualEditor and wikicode editing. While VisualEditor makes it easy to add text, cite sources, create links, and do basic formatting, it is only available for articles. You still need to use wikicode on Talk pages, and not all browsers are compatible with VisualEditor.

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