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Projet Traduction
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  • "Orientering" var en avis som ble startet i desember 1952 og tatt opp i den nye avisen Ny Tid i 1975.  ⇔  I don't know

I would say "Orientering" was a newspaper which was started in December of 1952 and absorbed into the new paper Ny Tid in 1975."

  • I starten hersket den en drakamp innen kretsen rundt Orientering med kommunister på den ene siden og særlig i starten og en gruppe fra Det norske Arbeiderparti (DnA) som ikke var villige til å melde seg inn i Norges Kommunistiske Parti, som da var alternativet til venstreopposisjon for Arbeiderpartiet.  ⇔  I don't know

The first part is confusing, but for the last part of the sentence, I'd say "and a group from the Norwegian Labor Party who was not willing to register in the Norwegian Communist Party, which was then the alternative to the left's opposition to the Labor Party." Feel free to correct/change anything -- I'm not a native norwegian speaker, so some of these phrases are hard to understand and translate. flod logic 07:40, 23 February 2007 (UTC)


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