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The Triple Crown is an award that honours outstanding contributions to Wikipedia, and is given to users who achieve three specific milestones throughout their time as a Wikipedia editor. Higher tiers of the award are available for users who achieve multiple sets of Triple Crowns, and several special and WikiProject-focused Triple Crowns are also awarded.

To be eligible for a Triple Crown, you must satisfy all of the following:

Any editor can nominate themselves or others. For the purpose of these awards, a "major contributor" should have substantially written, referenced or overhauled an article. Copyediting, formatting changes or nominating for the good or featured processes is not sufficient in itself. An authorship of 25% or higher than any other editor, as shown by XTools Edit Counter (example), is evidence of this.

A single article can count for all three categories, if the editor was a major contributor at the time of its appearance at DYK, and both its good and featured promotions. Becoming a major contributor to an article after its promotion will not qualify, unless the work helped prevent the article from losing its good or featured status, such as edits done to address concerns during a featured article review. A "major contributor" to a topic needs to have been a major contributor to at least half of the topic's content; for featured topics they need to have been a major contributor to at least two featured articles within it as well. A topic counts as an additional good or featured item, even if all the individual content within it has already been counted separately for the award.

Any type of featured content counts toward a Triple Crown. Editors may mix and match different types of featured material when requesting the Imperial Triple Crown Jewels and beyond. For featured pictures, a nominator who is not the original uploader may qualify if they did other significant work that was needed for the picture to become featured, such as image cleanup or description research. Please note that Triple Crowns are awarded in sets. This means that an editor who earned twelve featured pictures, twenty "Did you know" credits, and two good articles will only be eligible for two standard Triple Crowns. Please select submissions accordingly, and thank you for helping Wikipedia.


To nominate yourself or another editor for a new Triple Crown or an upgrade, please see:

Standard Triple Crowns[edit]

Standard Triple Crown
qualifies once in each category
427 winners
Imperial Triple Crown Jewels
qualifies for 2–4 standard triple crowns
268 winners
Imperial Napoleonic Triple Crown
qualifies for 5–14 standard triple crowns
122 winners
Alexander the Great Edition Triple Laurel Crown
qualifies for 15–39 standard triple crowns
49 winners
Genghis Khan Edition Conquest of the Wiki World Triple Crown
qualifies for 40 or more standard triple crowns
11 winners
Marco Polo Centurion Triple Crown
qualifies for 100 or more standard triple crowns
3 winners
Ultimate Triple Crown
qualifies for 250 or more standard triple crowns
0 winners

Special Triple Crowns[edit]

Universal Triple Crown
qualifies for pieces of content that reach featured status on three or more Wikipedias.
Only Wikipedias with an established featured content process are eligible. Wikimedia Commons is eligible for featured pictures. Only users who are significant contributors to all featured versions of the article(s) are eligible for this award.
5 winners
Timeless Triple Crown
qualifies for pieces of content that keep their status five or more years after being promoted, and have already been used to qualify for an Imperial or higher Triple Crown.
"Did you know" credits are not included for this Triple Crown. The five year period is taken from the newest promoted piece. If needed, all or selected pieces shall face reasessment to make sure they meet up-to-date standards.
15 winners
Valiant Return Triple Crown
qualifies for users who have had an Arbitration sanction or a community siteban lifted
Community topic-bans and restrictions are eligible for this Triple Crown. Discretionary sanctions, one-account restrictions and blocks/bans as a result of accounts being hacked do not apply. Content created before the ban does not count; all award-related content must be created after restrictions were lifted.
5 winners

WikiProject Triple Crowns[edit]

Special edition Triple Crown awards are available to WikiProjects. To qualify for a WikiProject Triple Crown, an editor must be a member of that project, and must reach all three milestones on articles that have been accessed as being within the scope of the project. To create a Triple Crown for a project not already listed, simple make a custom image similar to those below from freely licensed images and add it to the list.

WikiProject Australia Triple Crown
20 winners
WikiProject The Simpsons Triple Crown
5 winners
WikiProject U.S. Roads Triple Crown
17 winners
WikiProject Elements Triple Crown
6 winners
WikiProject Video games Triple Crown
20 winners
WikiProject Oregon Triple Crown
14 winners
WikiProject Food and drink Triple Crown
0 winners
WikiProject Anime and manga Triple Crown
1 winner
WikiProject Birds Triple Crown
6 winners

Retired Triple Crowns[edit]

The following Triple Crown awards were issued at points in the past but have since been retired. Further nominations for these awards will not be considered.

Steeplechase Triple Crown
Was given to a major contributor to at least five of Wikipedia's then six types of featured content. This award is now redundant as the portal and sound features are no longer active, meaning there are only four types of featured content remaining eligible for promotion.
6 winners
A unique image was given to each winner
Golden Steeplechase Triple Crown
Was awarded for editors who were major contributors to featured content in all six areas. Retired for same reason as above.
4 winners
A unique image was given to each winner
Great Triple Crown Race of 2008
Special edition award given to editors who met the requirements for the Triple Crown between January 1 and February 14, 2008.
2 winners

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