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Editing pages
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Keeping it tidy

Links and wikilinks
Connect pages to each other

Saving your changes

Creating new articles
Building a page from scratch

Review of what you've learned

A video tutorial about the basics of wiki markup, including creating links (3:37 min)

Wikilinks are one of the key components of Wikipedia. Wikilinks connect pages to each other, tying the whole encyclopedia together.

In general, wikilinks should be added for the first mention of important or unfamiliar concepts in an article.

Typically, wikilinks use square brackets, like this: [[target page]]

If you want to link to an article, but display some other text for the link, you can use a pipe | divider (⇧ Shift+\):
[[target page|display text]]

You can also link to a specific section of a page using a hash #:
[[Target page#Target section|display text]]

Here are some examples:

You may also encounter templates, which allow frequently used elements to be included on multiple pages. These are designated by curly brackets like: {{template name|parameters}}

For instance, to insert the [citation needed] tag, you can use this code: {{Citation needed|date=April 2021}}