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The Rambot used data from the US Census Bureau to create articles on thousands of towns, cities and villages in the United States. However, for a variety of reasons there are locations which are perceived as being towns but were not considered as such by the Census Bureau. This page intends to list links to towns in the U.S. which do not have articles.

In many cases, the proper action will be making a redirect because the link is broken due to a spelling variant or other issue. In other cases, the link refers to an unincorporated municipality which deserves an article. Some links may also refer to a town which no longer exists, having been annexed by a larger city; in this case, an article or redirect may or may not be required. Rambot apparently did not make articles for cities in American Samoa, Guam, Puerto Rico, US Virgin Islands or the Northern Mariana Islands. Military bases are sometimes counted and/or named in non-intuitive ways, which could account for some of these links. Some of these "cities" could also be more accurately described as neighborhoods within a larger city, in which case a redirect may or may not be more appropriate than a stand-alone article.

Most of these towns are linked to by at least one other article. This may help provide important context to decide what to do with the links. To find out which articles link to the town, click on the link below to find the edit window, then click on "what links here".




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