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Welcome to WikiProject UK Trams.

Members of this project are collaborating to improve the coverage of articles about (or related to) trams in the United Kingdom. Please join us and help us make these articles the best on Wikipedia!

The project scope includes all tramway systems in the UK, whether modern or historic, including their routes and rolling stock, external manufacturers, etc.


To indicate your involvement in this WikiProject, please add your name to the list below.

  1. Bluegoblin7
  2. Simply south
  3. EdJoggGeneral interest in historic UK tram systems, although not knowledgable (ie, no new articles!).
    A WikiGnome who can provide proof-reading/copy-editing/'informed opinions', if work on other WikiProjects permits!

    [Update 2016: only rarely active on WP these days]
  4. Tram mad
  5. Tramguru
  6. Tbo 157
  7. Fiddle Faddlebut only very occasionally, I fear.
  8. User:Onnaghar
  9. D-Notice
  10. Breakfast100
  11. Canterberry
  12. TntDynamite
  13. Mpvide65
  14. mapmark Started Manchester Corporation Tramways article and contributed often to Manchester Metrolink
  15. Scillystuff - Portsmouth Corporation Transport
  16. sillybillypiggy-I want to know more about trams
  17. WatcherZero Manchester Metrolink, standardising and improving tram pages
  18. CrossHouses Predominantly Manchester Metrolink, Midland Metro, NET and Sheffield Supertram. =.=
  19. Msrasnw A non-expert interested in Manchester trams
  20. andrewrabbott
  21. Danielt998
  22. Tedmaley Son of AW(Bill)Maley

If you would like to publicly identify your membership, please add the following template to your userpage.

 {{Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Trams/Membership}} 

Parent projects[edit]

WikiProject Transport
WikiProject Streetcars
WikiProject Trains
WikiProject UK Railways

Child projects[edit]

No child projects have been defined.

Related projects[edit]

WikiProject London Transport
WikiProject Civil Engineering

Task Forces[edit]


All systems and lines should have their own infobox, and also any stations that are kept. Information can be found on the internet, or by visiting the spot, or on the current pages.

  • All station infoboxes should contain an image of (one of) the entire platform (where possible), scaled to about 300-310px (to fit the box).
  • All lines should feature either a diagram using the images, or an official image from an official map.

All rolling stock articles should have their own infobox.

Things to do[edit]

One-off tasks[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Trams:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:

Ongoing tasks[edit]

edit·history·watch·refresh Stock post message.svg To-do list for Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Trams:

Here are some tasks awaiting attention:
  • Cleanup :  : · Identify articles needing improvement
  • Copyedit :  : · Update the portal
     · Add YOUR Fascinating Facts to the Fascinating Fact Page
  • Stubs :  : · Add {{UK-tram-stub}} to UK Trams related stub articles
  • Other :  : · Vote for the monthly selected article and picture
     · Assess articles
     · Invite potential members
     · Identify relevant articles
     · Identify articles needing creation
     · Add articles related to UK Trams to the list on the project page, and format it suitably

Main articles[edit]

Below is our list of our main articles:

Main categories[edit]

Below is a list of our main categories:


{{Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Trams/Membership}} produces:

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WikiProject UK Trams.

For the project banner {{UKTrams}}

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For all other templates see Wikipedia:WikiProject UK Trams/Templates

Project Images[edit]

Images for general use, and Talk Page Banners

Preserved Trams.jpgModern Trams.jpgBlackpool Trams.jpgProposed Trams.jpgHistorical Trams.jpg

Images for Selected Articles/Pictures on the Portal, and News Articles

National Tramway Museum.jpg100px

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