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Unreferenced BLPs
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Unreferenced BLPs left to process

We need your help to eliminate the backlog of unreferenced biographies of living people at Category:Unreferenced BLPs quickly. This includes cleaning out miscategorizations and reducing new miscategorizations, and encouraging editors and WikiProjects to take responsibility for articles in their topic areas.

How you can help, right now[edit]

You can help by adding sources to one of the following articles. Don't forget to remove or update the tag at the top if you add references.

  • Random:
  • E.g., run this search to get the list of Moroccan people in the unreferenced BLP category.
  • E.g., run this search to get the list of Unreferenced BLPs in June 2011 that also are marked with an unclear notability category.

What to do[edit]

  • Contentious information should be referenced to good sources or removed. See Wikipedia:Biographies of living persons for more information.
  • Try to ensure content is verifiable by finding reliable sources to support it.
  • If no references exist for an article and you have made a reasonable attempt to find some, consider using the proposed deletion or articles for deletion processes to propose the deletion of the article. If the article is entirely negative in tone and cannot be sourced, tag it for speedy deletion using {{db-g10}}.
  • If you add references to the article, remove the {{BLPunsourced}} template from the page. If the article has references but needs more, then change the template to {{BLPrefimprove}}. Some articles in the category already cite references.
  • Copyright violations should be removed. If this is not possible, then the article should be deleted.

If you want to advertise the project, use an edit summary like "Biography now has references. Support WP:URBLP!".

Useful templates[edit]

  • Citation templates
  1. Websites: {{Cite web | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = | work = | publisher = | date = | url = | format = | doi = | accessdate = 17 January 2018}}
  2. Books: {{Cite book | last = | first = | authorlink = | coauthors = | title = | publisher = | date = | location = | pages = | url = | doi = | id = | isbn = }}
  3. Newspapers: {{Cite news | title = | author = | url = | newspaper = | date = | accessdate = 17 January 2018}}
  • Deletion templates
  1. {{db-g10}}
  2. {{subst:prod}}

Other ways to help[edit]

You can...


Category sorting tools

You can use these to find whether there are unreferenced BLPs in the subjects you are interested in.

Monitoring progress[edit]

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