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This page is mostly historical. Please use WP:USRD/STDS and its talk page to view and discuss infobox and browsing standards.

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The U.S. roads infoboxes and navigation subproject is responsible for designing and implementing standards for infoboxes relating to roads in the United States, as well as maintaining said infoboxes. This subproject is also responsible for establishing and implementing standards for state highway browse systems, including browsing order, priority, and the coding involved in the browsing system, both in infoboxes and in browse numbered routes succession boxes.


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  • Rschen7754 Will help where needed. (from CA and WA projects)
  • Northenglish - Will help where and when I can. (Emphasis on when for a reason.)
  • master son - Will help where needed
  • Vishwin60 - Per above.
  • KelleyCook - Per Northenglish, since I basically caused the recent 3di navbox debate.
  • MPD01605 - Will help of course.
  • LpAngelRob - Will provide a cent or two.
  • Holderca1 - Have experiece with templates, parser functions, etc...
  • User:Roadgeek55 - I am willing to help on Florida County Roads

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  • Reduce stub count by improving existing stub articles.
  • Convert all references to standard citation templates.
  • Convert all junction/exit lists to the {{jctint}} series of templates
  • Standardize state task force structures.


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