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This page documents all significant changes to the Ultraviolet script. For a list of edits to the script, you may want to see the page history of User:10nm/beta.js instead. Release changelogs are copied from the releases page on GitLab.

Current version: v0.1.3



For a list of commits, see

Deployed without tag[edit]

These are commits that are currently deployed but are not yet under a release/tag.


  • [b36ec691] Made preferences use Roboto as interface text
  • [241669a8] Fixed switch value not updating
  • [dcec301b] Fixed boolean-based values not updating
  • [4fe67bf0] Fixed positioning of radio button label
  • [0480ec8e] Changed Material buttons to respect raised accessibility option


  • [0770650d] Updated version, logo, wordmark

v0.1.3 - First bug bash[edit]

Attempts to solve all of the bugs since the beginning of the public beta. Most bugs were reported on the Ultraviolet talk page. This update also introduces some quality-of-life features for developers, namely the re-enabling of Hot Module Reload and other Ultraviolet teardown functions so that development can be done without reloading the entire page for all changes.


  • [fc9726a9] Added "Copy Ultraviolet log" button to More Options dialog
  • [f3a29327] Modified page icons to position based on the appearance of the page title heading
  • [9267198d] Added save toast for preferences dialog
  • [a4c789c9] Began logging all uncaught possible RedWarn or Ultraviolet-related errors
  • [730c634a] Added extra logging details for the warning dialog
  • [730c634a] Fixed warning preview not showing if warning was prefilled
  • [42c4a9f7] Fixed diff icons overflowing over Twinkle rollback buttons
  • [d7c189e7] Fixed "Thank you!" disappearing from warning messages
  • [3a7f0111] Fixed restore button not working after revert
  • [6845aaeb] Added toast for when a user has been warned
  • [a30838c6] Added fallback for browsers that don't support navigator.clipboard
  • [9642b93d] Fixed link to Wikipedia talk:Ultraviolet
  • [d5a33ef4] Fixed rollbacks appearing to fail
  • [7fd425c7] Fixed preferences section CSS leaking to other pages
  • [a7066bc3] Changed {{{url}}} in reports to window.location.href
  • [fc2e902d] Fixed preferences switch
  • [59cae1a1] Added level-specific warning summaries


  • [dbee990b] Added browserslist to package.json
  • [5f573d2f] Re-enabled webpack Hot Module Reloading
  • [e61a3af3] Updated async to 2.6.4
  • [2fc0bbfe] Upgraded MDC to 13.0.0
  • [fc2e902d] Moved tests to pre-push git hook

v0.1.2 - Pre-launch bugfixes (pt. 2)[edit]

Continues off of v0.1.1.


  • [1c1f5298] Added confirmation checkbox for email reports
  • [1c1f5298] Added policy page link option for email reports
  • [bad1d612] Silenced MediaWiki check for unsupported skins
  • [5e0829ef] Begin requiring (auto)confirmed for use
  • [b690f671] Fixed .uv-show class not forcing classes to show
  • [055546d3] Fixed preferences page refusing to start


  • [9dd8e104] Renamed npm package to ultraviolet

v0.1.1 - Pre-launch bugfixes (pt. 1)[edit]

Minor patches and improvements pre-release announcement. Part 1 of a series of pre-release announcement bugfixes, hopefully the first of only two.


  • [ec17675a] Moved dependency caching to the post-UI injection hook (decreases load on startup)
  • [21ec2d8d] Improve prefill support with basic templating for reporting dialogs
  • [f67da7d7] Begin detecting (and redirecting to) local Project:Ultraviolet/Preferences pages


  • [d565557f] Begin running CI on tags and merge requests

v0.1.0 - Initial beta[edit]

This is the first ever beta version of Ultraviolet to be made officially available. Ultraviolet was been written from the ground up, and because of this, there technically is no changelog. See rww:Rewrite for more information on the differences of RedWarn and Ultraviolet.