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Ultraviolet Compatibility Matrix
Feature 16.1 Ultraviolet
Page Icons Yes Yes
Customization Yes Not yet
Vandalism statistics Yes Yes
Latest revision Yes Yes
RedWarn talk page Yes Yes
Diff Icons Yes Yes
Customization Yes Not yet
Preview revert Yes Not yet
Pending Changes Yes Not yet
Accept change Yes Not yet
Deny and rollback Yes Not yet
Warn User Yes Yes
Change target user No Yes
Warning level detection Yes Yes
Show monthly notices Yes Yes
Show talk page Yes Yes
Warning reason Yes Yes
Reason menu Yes Not yet
Reason search No Yes
Notice levels Yes Yes
Related page Yes Yes
Recently visited pages No Yes
Special information Yes Yes
Additional information Yes Yes
Generated wikitext editing Yes Not yet
Warning preview Yes Yes
Validation Yes Yes
Advanced Warning Yes Not yet
Warning history Yes Not yet
New Message Yes Not yet
Quick Template Yes Not yet
Template pack creation Yes Not yet
Template pack editing Yes Not yet
Templating Yes Not yet
Template pack publishing Yes Not yet
Multiple Action Tool Yes Not yet
RedWarn Patrol Yes Not yet
RTRC integration No Not yet (?)
Right Click Menu Yes Not yet
Alert on Change Yes Yes
Pages Yes Yes
Contributions No No (?)
Manage Page Protection Yes Yes
Increase Yes Yes
Decrease Yes Yes
Customize reason Yes Yes
Customize duration Yes Yes
Noticeboard reporting Yes Yes
Administrator intervention against vandalism Yes Yes
Usernames for administrator attention Yes Yes
Oversight Yes Yes
Wikimedia Trust and Safety Yes Yes
Validation Yes Not yet
Preferences Yes Not yet
Configuration Yes Yes
Backwards-compatibility Not yet
Watchlist management Yes Not yet
Internationalization No Yes
Localization No Yes
Wiki-specific configuration No Yes
User denylist Yes Not yet
Tamper protection Yes Yes
Skin support No Yes
Vector Yes Yes
Vector 2022 ("New Vector") Yes Yes
Cologne Blue Yes Not yet
Timeless Yes Not yet
Monobook Yes Not yet
Modern Yes Not yet
Minerva Neue No Not yet
FandomDesktop No Not yet
Citizen No Not yet