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Install or Remove Ultraviolet
Thank you for choosing Ultraviolet! Installation is quick, easy, and requires no downloads, only a compatible browser. We recommend Edge, Firefox, or Chromium-based browsers. Testing on Safari is limited, so you may encounter bugs which you can later report on Wikipedia talk:Ultraviolet. Internet Explorer is not supported in any capacity.

Warning: Ultraviolet is a powerful tool
Before installing the script, you must read the vandalism policy and the policy on assuming good faith.

By installing the script, you acknowledge that you take full responsibility for any action you perform using Ultraviolet. You must understand policies and guidelines and use this tool within its bounds. Abuse of any semi-automated tool can risk your account being blocked from editing. If you're new to counter-vandalism, you may want to consider joining the Counter-Vandalism Unit Academy first.

That's all the important stuff out of the way! Click the button below to install Ultraviolet.