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Course description[edit]

This seminar course aims to give you a firm understanding about developing economies and their pressing issues. It has three parts. Part I provides a global perspective of economic development and introduces a conceptual framework to analyze it. Part II goes deeper into critical domestic issues such as poverty, agriculture, migration, urbanization, and environment. Part III extends the discussion to international and macro issues such as trade, foreign investment, foreign aid, debts, finance and fiscal policy. We also learn research methods and discuss new studies on corruption and politics of developing countries. Upon the completion of this course, you should feel confident to discuss, analyze and work on topics relevant to developing economies.

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Ahn Tran
Campus Ambassadors
Chanitra Bishop Etlib (talk)
Online Ambassadors

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Note: Wikipedia Assignment is an optional assignment for students in this class.

Week 1: Wikipedia Essentials[edit]

In class
  • Overview of the course
  • Introduction to how Wikipedia will be used in the course

Week 3: Introduction to Wikipedia[edit]

Campus Ambassador will provide an overview of Wikipedia.

Discuss Five pillars, an explanation of Wikipedia's basic rules and principles

Week 4/5: Create User Accounts[edit]

Tasks to complete
  • Create an account.
  • Add user name to course page.

Week 5: Choosing Articles[edit]

Tasks to complete

Week 6: Editing basics/Drafting starter articles/Did you know[edit]

In class
  • If necessary, Campus Ambassadors introduces:
    • Basics of editing
    • Anatomy of Wikipedia articles, what makes a good article, how to distinguish between good & bad articles
    • Instructor and/or Campus Ambassadors talk about Wikipedia culture & etiquette, and [optionally] introduce the concept of sandboxes and how to use them.
    • Q&A session with instructor and/or Campus Ambassadors about interacting on Wikipedia and getting started with writing


All students
  • Have Wikipedia user accounts
  • Are listed on the course page
  • Have selected & started editing an article

Tasks to complete outside of class
  • If you are starting a new article, write a 3–4 paragraph summary version of your article (with citations) in your Wikipedia sandbox. If you are improving an existing article, write a summary version reflecting the content the article will have after it's been improved, and post this along with a brief description of your plans on the article's talk page.
  • Work with classmates to polish your short starter article and fix any major transgressions of Wikipedia norms.
  • Continue research in preparation for expanding your article.
  • If you started article in sandbox, move sandbox articles into main space. * Handout: Moving into main space,
  • Begin expanding your article into a comprehensive treatment of the topic.

For new articles or qualifying expansions of stubs, students have the option to nominate the article for "Did you Know"

Week 7: Building Articles[edit]

Tasks to complete outside of class
  • Contine to expand your article; Expand your article into an initial draft of a comprehensive treatment of the topic.

Week 8: Wikipedia Assignment Due[edit]

You made it!

Complete Wikipedia Assignment
  • Add final touches to you Wikipedia article.
  • Students have finished all their work on Wikipedia that will be considered for grading.


Add your username and article to the list here using the example format below:

Username Article Name
Etlib (talk · contribs) Example United Nations Headquarters Example
emptybride (talk · contribs) The girl effect
Makille15 (talk · contribs) Public diplomacy
psdittmer (talk · contribs) The Elusive Quest for Growth
jeackerman (talk · contribs) Millennium Challenge Corporation
haksooip (talk · contribs) Energy Poverty
wtmnqb (talk · contribs) Washington Consensus
amdff (talk · contribs) Benazir Income Support Programme
dreneelaw (talk · contribs) Conditional Cash Transfer
phuongdoan1611 (talk · contribs) Public-Private Partnership in transition economies
AmbNu (talk · contribs) Biodiversity Enterprises
anhdang (talk · contribs) Education in Vietnam
Taivu (talk · contribs) Poverty reduction in Vietnam
Kbdavids (talk · contribs) Maternal death
sarahugh (talk · contribs) Purchase for Progress
Cmotilall (talk · contribs) Women and the environment through history
User Article Name
User Article Name
User Article Name
User Article Name