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Course description[edit]

The online counterpart to the Politics of Piracy decal at UC Berkeley. Convening in 136 Barrows on Tuesdays 5p-6:30p. This decal deals with issues of digital piracy and piracy of intellectual property.

The course facilitator is Angelica Tavella (

Instructor and Ambassadors[edit]

Angelica Tavella
Campus Ambassadors
Online Ambassadors


Readings due on that date.

Week and Date Topic Reading and Response
1 Introduction None required
2 Wikipedia None required
3 What is piracy? Free Culture
4 What is copyright? Copyright
5 Fair use and copyleft Fairuse
6 Wikipedia project session Midterm
7 Collaborative Culture Collab
8 Midterm TBA
9 P2P technology (first week after break) P2P
10 Digital Rights Management DRM
11 Precursors to Wikipedia Precursors to Wikipedia
12 Limits of Intellectual Property Limits of IP
13 DeviantART DeviantART
14 Gonna be fun! TBA

Current events sign-up[edit]

Everyone presents at least once.

Week Presenter 1 Articles 1 Presenter 2 Articles 2
1 Katie Gilmore Megaupload/UMG
2 Kevin Gorman SOPA/PIPA Example Example
3 Katie Gilmore The Pirate Bay shuts down for good Example Example
4 Charlotte Hryse Rallies against ACTA in Europe Example Example
5 Example Example Example Example
6 Rachel Sutton "How Piracy Built the U.S. Publishing Industry"
7 Example Example Example Example
8 Example Example Example Example
9 Example Example Example Example
10 Conrad "Viacom v. YouTube Ruling" Example Example
11 Angelica "French P-2-P Law" Evelyn "MegaUpload's Server May Be Sued"
12 Example Example Example Example
13 Example Example Example Example
14 Ethan Oksen Piracy vs. Privacy Example Example
15 Albert Zhang "Google joins the lobbying elite with record spending on lawmakers in 2012"
16 Lesley [1]


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