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Main Project Articles[edit]

This table will list each article that a student is working on, and which other students will be peer reviewers for the article.

User Article Sandbox
User:NetworkedTogether Minority Ownership of Media Outlets in the United States User:NetworkedTogether/Networked Together's sandbox
User:kossmatt FCC Computer Inquiries FCC Computer Inquiries
User:Yoshi1215 Dispersal of ownership User:Yoshi1215/Yoshi1215’s sandbox
User:chotongfui Do Not Track Policy User:Chotongfui/chotongfui's sandbox
User:brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck User:Brandonbrooks1/sandbox
User:Marlzbrooke Social Media as a Public Utility User:Marlzbrooke/sandbox
User:JungIn Net bias User:JungIn/sandbox
User:umarmuha Spectrum Task Force User:Umarmuha/sandbox

Random Article Edits By Our Students[edit]

User Article Description of Edit
User:Example User Example article Example description of edit. For example, "Added a citation to the section about network neutrality."
User:chotongfui Ssireum corrected the address of an external link to the Ssierum official site, and deleted two external links that are not serviced anymore
User:chotongfui KATUSA added 'KATUSA CODE OF CONDUCT'
User:JungIn Cinema of Korea Added recent events and a citation to "Festival Success"
User:JungIn Xerox Star Added more history and a citation to "The Xerox Alto"
User:Marlzbrooke University of Florida Added tuition costs for the 2009-2010 school year and citation
User:Marlzbrooke Kickstarter Added 2010 rates: successful projects, dollars pledged, and project success rate. Also added citation.
User:Yoshi1215 Kirinji (band) Added an album "BUOYANCY" released in 2010.
User:Yoshi1215 Recruit Corrected explanation on Recruit (Japanese company), about their business domain.
User:Yoshi1215 mixi Added brief description on the end of service under the "Celebrity Account" section. Added citation.
User:Yoshi1215 Tetsuya Komuro Added description on his early career.
User:NetworkedTogether Telecommunication policy Added current chair of the FCC to the "telecommunication policy" article. Added citation and links to wireless and broadband.
User:NetworkedTogether Telecommunication policy Added about 200 words and five citations to article on telecommunications policy.
User:NetworkedTogether Alphabetized our user names.
User:Umarmuha Dropbox (service) Added the annoucement of Dropbox for Teams service in the introduction section.
User:Umarmuha Open-E (company) Added more content in the company's profile section.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Exploratory factor analysis Made two edits to the section 'determining numbers of factors' section.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Did you know Rewrote the link to the Template talk:Did you know page as it sounded funny.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck Moved my article to the Wikipedia mainspace.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck Made several minor edits changing wording and including references.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck Adding paragraph on types of technology used to fix possible/visible Internet bottlenecks.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Network neutrality /* Law in the European Union */ made the five directives into a list that's easier to read.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Network management /* Technologies */ added deep packet inspection as a tool for network management.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck Made several minor edits, citations, content additions.
User:marlzbrooke Social Media as a Public Utility Moved my article to the Wikipedia mainspace.

Random Article Talk Page Comments By Our Students[edit]

User Article Description of Discussion
User:Example User Example article Example description of discussion. For example, "Debated the inclusion of peanut butter on the list of delicious foods."
User:chotongfui KATUSA add some comments about recent status of KATUSA soldiers.
User:chotongfui Ongamenet There was a request for merging two different sections into a single one. I disagreed with him.
User:JungIn Network neutrality Commented uptodate issue in Korea regarding the section "Law elsewhere in the world" of Network neutrality
User:JungIn Xerox Alto Under "First personal computer ?", added some correction
User:kossmatt Instant replay in baseball Commented I have all of the plays that have been reviewed by MLB. I was working on a project for a class and I got a spreadsheet of all of the plays that have been reviewed so far. I have the date/game/inning/batter/pitcher/umpire that reviewed the call. They event gave me the time it took the official to review the play. It also included if the play of overturned or not. If you want I could work on uploading the information, but may be some work moving forward to get the information. Thoughts? Instant replay in baseball
User:kossmatt Instant replay in baseball Commented Thanks, is there anything online sourcing plays that have been reviewed? Instant replay in baseball
User:Marlzbrooke Kickstarter Under "pay it back" answered a question about donation money.
User:Marlzbrooke Facebook Under "Visitors...!" answered a question about tracking profile visitors.
User:Yoshi1215 Recruit (company) Answered a question about their business domain.
User:Yoshi1215 Tetsuya Komuro Gave an opinion about the inclination of the topic.
User:NetworkedTogether Telecommunication policy Gave supportive comments and opinion on topic
User:NetworkedTogether Disruptive technologies Added comments in disruptive technologies on the example of gas vs. electric stoves
User:NetworkedTogether Road with Cypress and Star Added comments to talk page and further analysis as well as references to VanGogh's complete works
User:NetworkedTogether Art History Added comments and link to talk page about deleting references to non central topics
User:NetworkedTogether Human-computer interaction Added comments about focusing on factors pushing change and adding valid citations
User:NetworkedTogether Super Bowl XLVI Added comments about advertisements
User:Brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck Added comments about the new article, Wiki Education program, and what it needs work on.
User:NetworkedTogether Internet bottleneck Added comments about the new article by Brandon, posted questions to possibly look at pursuing.
User:NetworkedTogether WikiNews Learned about WIkiNews, joined the Wiki Tea House, learned how to be a Wiki Gnome (a very important job).
User:Brandonbrooks1 Internet bottleneck Asked a question directed at a Wikipedia editor about an edit comment he made.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Wikipedia:WikiProject_Internet put my article Internet bottleneck on the discussion page looking for feedback.
User:Brandonbrooks1 Minority Ownership of Media Outlets in the United States suggestions on how to reference things with multiple citations

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