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This page lists failed discussions on Wikipedia:Requests for adminship that were started after April 2004, which is when requests for adminships started being listed on separate pages. The links below are of nominations for candidates whose usernames began with the letter H at the time of their first nomination, and nominations that followed are included where known.

A summary of the reason for the unsuccessful candidacy is included in most cases:

  • failed means the candidate received fewer support than oppose votes;
  • consensus not reached means the candidate received at least as many support as oppose votes, but support was deemed by bureaucrats to be insufficient;
  • withdrawn by bureaucrat usually means that a bureaucrat judged that the nomination could not have succeeded at the time of withdrawal;
  • withdrawn by candidate and all other reasons. No inference should be drawn from this wording. If you want to know exactly why the nominee was not promoted, follow the nominee's RfA link.

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