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These are links to candidacies for adminship that were not successful. They are in reverse chronological order. Candidates with more than one unsuccessful RfA are listed at each date they had an unsuccessful RfA.

Comments on the descriptions listed:

  • consensus not reached typically means the candidate received at least as many supports as opposes, but support was deemed to be insufficient
  • failed or unsuccessful typically means the candidate received fewer supports than opposes
  • closed per WP:SNOW or WP:NOTNOW means that the nomination was closed per the snowball clause or the attendant "not now" essay
  • withdrawn by bureaucrat usually means that a bureaucrat judged that the nomination could not succeed at the time of withdrawal
  • withdrawn/withdrawn by candidate and all other reasons. No inference should be drawn from this wording. If you want to know exactly why the nominee was not promoted, follow the nominee's RfA link.


13 unsuccessful candidacies so far

Candidate Date Result Closed by Tally
September 20161 successful and 0 unsuccessful candidacy
August 20161 successful and 1 unsuccessful candidacy
RegistryKey (2nd) 9 August 2016 withdrawn by candidate RegistryKey 0.61764524221988(21/34/10)
July 20162 successful and 2 unsuccessful candidacies
Steel1943 11 July 2016 withdrawn by candidate Tavix 1.5833201389988(19/12/2)
Checkingfax 2 July 2016 Closed per WP:SNOW Esquivalience 0.15999936000256(4/25/0)
June 20160 successful and 1 unsuccessful candidacy
Anarchyte 16 June 2016 Withdrawn by candidate Xender Lourdes 1.5282990032094(81/53/18)
May 20163 successful and 1 unsuccessful candidacies
FAMASFREENODE 31 May 2016 Closed per WP:SNOW Floquenbeam 0(0/7/0)
April 20161 successful and 3 unsuccessful candidacies
Zppix 14 April 2016 Closed per WP:SNOW Kharkiv07 0(0/8/0)
Xx Cool Guy7202 xX 12 April 2016 Closed per WP:NOTNOW MusikAnimal 0(0/3/0)
Midas02 4 April 2016 Closed per WP:SNOW Cyberpower678 0.12820479947487(5/39/7)
March 20161 successful and 1 unsuccessful candidacy
GeneralizationsAreBad 2 March 2016 Withdrawn by candidate JJMC89 1.9393880624604(64/33/7)
February 20161 successful and 6 unsuccessful candidacies
Tremmee 29 February 2016 Closed per WP:NOTNOW Mkdw 0(0/1/0)
NeatCoronet458 27 February 2016 Closed per WP:SNOW Ritchie333 0(0/3/0)
Wikimayor 19 February 2016 Withdrawn by bureaucrat WJBscribe 0(0/12/0)
Josef9 6 February 2016 WP:NOTNOW HJ Mitchell 0.24999375015625(1/4/0)
Brianhe 6 February 2016 No consensus Nihonjoe 2.0606029384804(136/66/8)
Hawkeye7 (2nd) 2 February 2016 No consensus (bureaucrat discussion) Nihonjoe 2.0105241994482(191/95/14)
January 20160 successful and 1 unsuccessful candidacy
Pablothepenguin 31 January 2016 WP:SNOW Jo-Jo Eumerus 0(0/10/1)