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A very long railway station sign for a very long name.
A Bay State fire department's patch, with the longest place name in the United States.

This page is meant for Wikipedians to list articles about places with unusual names.

Numeric names[edit]

Short and medium-length names[edit]

Long place names are in the next section.
CAUTION: contains puns.


Aa A village in Estonia. Also several rivers in Western Europe.
Aarschot Sounds a lot like "arse shot".
Accident A town in Maryland with an unfortunate name.
Accra The capital and largest city of Ghana. The city's name comes from an Akan word nkran which means "ants".
Adam A town in Libya that is unfortunately about 1,624 miles away from the closest Eve.
Adıyaman A Turkish city with a very tough name. "Adıyaman" means "its name is tough" in Turkish.
Afumați The name of two Romanian communes. Means "smoked" in Romanian.
Aknīste A town in Latvia. "Aknīste" means "acne" in Latvian.
Air Itam A Malaysian town, not an airline. Very important!
Alabama, New York A township and small community in Genesee County, New York. New York has a number of places named after other states or countries.
Alemanía [es] An almost ghost village in the province of Salta, in the northwest of Argentina.
Alert, North Carolina A small community in Franklin County, North Carolina, pronounced AY-lurt.
Alert, Nunavut A weather station settlement in Nunavut, Canada - it's the northernmost permanently inhabited place on Earth!
Alfonsów The name of 4 different places in Poland. Basically means "pimps".
Alì Small village in Sicily, Italy.
Almond A township and village in Allegany County, New York. Ya'll go nuts over it.
Almyros A very jelly Greek town. Means "salty" in Greek.
Aloha A place in Oregon, not Hawaii.
Alone A small town somewhere in Northern Michigan, in the same county as "Friend"
Amadora City near Lisbon, Portugal meaning Amateur.
Am Dafok A town in Central African Republic.
American Cove Wouldn't be so strange if it wasn't located in Canada, eh?
Amerika A district of a small German town.
Amerika A small town in the Netherlands with the same name.
Antique A province in the Philippines.
Anus Small village in central France.
Anutt Hope you don't bust a nut here or something.
Antwerp I don't think we need to be calling anyone's ants, let alone Belgians' "formicidae", twerps - it was the intended target of 1944's Battle of the Bulge.
Ape A "two-syllable" town in Latvia. Contrary to the name you probably won't find any here - however, its German name of Hoppenhof might make one think of hares living here instead.
Apocalypse Peaks A group of peaks in Antarctica.
Apopka A city in Florida, whose indigenous-derived early name of Ahapopka means "potato-eating place" perhaps, the fries might taste just a bit better "there"?
Appleton Where you can find a ton of apples!
Alsofarkadin The Hungarian name of General Berthelot, a commune in Romania. Means "lower your dick" in Hungarian. I guess they really like to whip it out here.
Arab A city in Marshall County, Alabama, pronounced AY-rabb, just as in a popular 1962 American novelty song...
Arcade, Italy A town in Veneto, Italy.
Arcade, New York A village in Wyoming County, New York.
Archery An unincorporated community in the southwest area of the Peach State, it's where both a 1970s U.S. President lived as a boy throughout the 1930s, and had the church-based "Sublime Order of Archery" as the source for its name.
Ares A little municipality in Spain that's hiding the Greek god of war.
Arnac-la-Poste A commune in France. Phonetically it means something like "scam the post office".
Arse A remote district on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia.
Arsoli An Italian town.
Asbestos The hospital in this Quebec town must see a lot of cases of lung cancer.
Assawoman An unincorporated community in Accomack County, located on the Eastern Shore of Virginia.
Assizes Harbour A town in Newfoundland with the only harbor on earth that cares about the size of your ass. Note: It is more probably named from British English "Assizes" meaning a Court of Law.
Assmannshausen A town in Germany.
Asylum A very scary township in Pennsylvania with insane people.
Athol A town in Massachusetts, USA. Has a road to Belchertown, MA nicknamed the "Alimentary Canal".
Atlantic City, Wyoming Presumably named after the New Jersey resort city of the same name. Whereas NJ's city name makes perfect sense, the nearest Atlantic shore to this town is 1,680 miles away. The even funnier part is that not only is it not Atlantic, but at 37 inhabitants, it's not really a city either.
Atlantis A city in Palm Beach County, Florida. It is also the name of a town in South Africa, part of the City of Cape Town municipality.
Avenue Road Is this thoroughfare in Toronto an avenue or is it a road?
Å Located in Moskenes, Norway, it's the largest of the several places called Å.
Babaj Boks A village in Kosovo that means "Grandmother boxing" in Serbian.
Babcock A place in Georgia with a "bab" cock.
Bachelor's Cove A hamlet in Newfoundland.
Bacon A county in Georgia, next to Bacon is where Coffee is.
Bacon Level A small community in Randolph County, Alabama - despite its "orthogonal frying"-sounding name, it was a thriving ceramics manufacturing area in the 19th century.
Baconton A place in Georgia.
Bad Kissingen No romance allowed in this German "spa town" unfortunately.
Badwater Sadly, I don't think you're going to find much water in this hot, dry, and smelly place in the middle of a major American National Park...
Bagdad A small town in Arizona.
Bogogobo Bo has got to "go go" I can see.
Bahama Small community near Durham, North Carolina. Pronounced "buh-HAY-muh".
Baku The capital of Azerbaijan. The city's name comes from the Persian Bād-kube which means "wind-pounded city".
Bald Head A village in Maine with a bit of a problem with alopecia!
Bald Knob There are many places with the names Bald Knob including Bald Knob, Bald Knob, Queensland, Bald Knob, West Virginia, and one of nearly 150 mountain peaks in the United States.
Balıkesir Means "fish captive" in Turkish.
Ball A "BASEBALL" township in Illinois just outside of Springfield.
Ballsbridge A name I can only assume came from a bunch of drunken Irishmen.
Ballston Spa A village in New York.
Ballsville, Virginia A place in Virginia.
Ballplay It's named after a game Native Americans played to solve tribal disputes, now stop laughing - when Native Americans played their variety of "football" instead, that game's name had seven syllables!
Balltown A city in Iowa.
Ballinspittle A village in County Cork, Ireland.
Balzac A hamlet in southern Alberta, Canada.
Bam A sizable southeastern Iranian city that shares its name with three small Iranian villages, it was hit in 2003 with a very tragic earthquake.
Banana Settlement on Kiritimati Island, Kiribati (see "Christmas Island" below). There's also one in Queensland.
Bananal You'll go bananas for anals here.
Bangkok Obviously, the Thai don't understand the connotations this name may have in English...its official name is said to be the world's longest...!
Bangor As the state of Maine's third-largest city, in 2015 local residents there reminded all of us that it's important to remember how to pronounce its name properly[1]...
Bang Sue Why yes I would love to, "in Thailand" is close to Bangkok, though, just to be "certain"...
Banning A city in California where nothing remains legal for more than 15 minutes.
Barbecue An unincorporated community in Harnett County, North Carolina. Considering barbecues are a big thing in North Carolina, there'd better be some good smokehouses nearby or I'm going to be very disappointed.
Barh If you're looking for a bar here, you wont find one.
Barney No purple dinosaurs live here.
Båstad A town in Scania, Sweden.
Bastardo A village in Umbria, Italy.
Bastardstown A townland in County Wexford, Ireland.
Bat Cave A small community in Henderson County, North Carolina which is not home to Batman or the Boy Wonder — curiously, Transylvania County is just west of it!
Bat Yam A city on Israel's Mediterranean Coast.
Bata A city in Equatorial Guinea. In some Spanish speaking countries, Bata means nightgown. I wonder if that's all that people wear here!
Batman A city in Turkey whose former mayor threatened to sue Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for their use of its name in the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (film)...perhaps he should have sued Messrs. Finger and Kane, instead? Also see other places called Batman: in Melbourne (Batman railway station, Batman's Hill, Division of Batman) and in Tasmania (Batman Highway/Bridge).
Bath A city in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England, known for its Roman-built baths.
Bathmen A village in Netherlands famous for having badly bathed men.
Bear Dance Come to the Big Sky Country and dance with the bears! That sounds equally adorable - and dangerous.
Beaverlick A town in Kentucky, United States.
Beaverton A suburb of Portland. "Beaver" is a slang term for vagina as well as the pubic hair on a woman.
Bee According to all known laws of aviation, there is no way this village in Piedmont, Italy should be able to fly.
Beer A village in Devon, England...apparently at only some 1,300 residents, it's too small for a microbrewery, even though it does have a "light Beer" railway of sorts...
Beerse Oddly, there are no bars to be found in this Belgian municipality.
Beer Bottle Crossing An unincorporated community in Idaho.
Beersheba A very drunk Israeli city.
Beetown A town in Grant County, Wisconsin.
Beeville A city in Texas and county seat of Bee County.
Belchertown A town in Hampshire County, Massachusetts. BURP! (excuse me...)
Bell End A village in Worcestershire, England. Bell end is British slang for the head of the penis.
Ben Hur An unincorporated community in Arkansas.
Benin City A city, just not in Benin but in Nigeria instead. Perhaps the place looks so much like the country of Benin that whoever named it thought they were there?
Bere A village in Botswana. "Bere" means "put away" in Afrikaans.
Berry Head A settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and a point near Brixham, United Kingdom.
Best Is arguably the best place in the Netherlands.
Bèze A comune in France that while it doesn't translate to anything, it sounds like the French slang word "baise" which means, well "fuck".
Bezons A commune in France just outside of Paris. It's pronounced like the French word "baisons" which means "let's fuck".
Biała Piska A town in Poland that to a Russian would mean "white dick".
Białykał A village in Poland that means "white feces".
Bierbaum A former municipality in Austria probably because of all the alcoholics. Means "beer tree" in German.
Bierbeek A municipality in Belgium. Means "stream of beer" in Dutch.
Big Arm A place in Montana.
Big Beaver A town in Saskatchewan, Canada and another in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, both sharing some big beavers.
Big Bone Lick A state park in Kentucky.
Big Butt Mountain Name of several mountains in North Carolina. A corruption of the word butte.
Bigfoot If you're looking for Sasquatch here, you're out of luck.
Biggekerke A town in the Netherlands that means "pig's church" in Dutch. Who knew that pigs went to church?
Bimbo The second largest city in the Central African Republic. Clearly they ran out of ideas, especially Talkartoons.
Biobío Province A province in Chile voted most likely to write a biography.
Bird-in-Hand A town in Pennsylvania, USA - forget all about the "two-in-the-bush" here (even though that saying is said to have "originated" here), as this town could get one awful dirty.
Birr A very cold place in Ireland.
Biržai A Lithuanian city that thinks that it's Wall Street. "Biržai" means "stock exchange" in Lithuanian. Unfortunately all you'll find here are beer breweries.
Bishop's Itchington A village in England. I think the bishop has a rash.
Bissex Threesomes for all!!!
Bitch Mountain A mountain located in Essex County, New York within Adirondack Park.
Bitche A town in France.
Bitchfield A village in Lincolnshire, England.
Bitsch A municipality in Switzerland.
Bitter End A town in Tennessee, USA.
Bizou A very romantic place in France that means "kiss".
Black Duck Newfoundland sure loves Black Ducks, including here, here, here, here, and here.
Black Jack Well I can clearly see what these people do for fun here.
Blackpill A village in Wales where Incel are born.
Blackpipe A place in South Dakota with the bigger, blacker dick.
Blackpool A place in England. I'll leave this one up to you, the reader.
Bland Shire A very bland place in Australia.
Blechhammer This twin-location (North and South) site for Axis powers motor fuel refining which used slave labor, named "sheetmetal hammer" in German and Blachownia Śląska in Polish, nearly five kilometers east of the southwestern Polish town of Kędzierzyn-Koźle today, got hit nearly two dozen times between June and December 1944 by Allied strategic bombing.
Blind Bay, British Columbia A Small Town Near Salmon Arm.
Blödesheim The former name of the German municipality of Hochborn. "Blödes" in German means something like "stupid" or "dimwitted".
Blowhard A people here are really pompous people.
Blowing Rock Hopefully the "blowing" part doesn't mean what I think it does.
Blow Me Down A small Provincial Park on the west side of Newfoundland, directly exposed to powerful winds on Canada's wide-open Gulf of St. Lawrence which are strong enough to affect the ability of trees near the shore to grow. Sadly, has nothing to do with Popeye, including his second appearance on September 29th, 1933 called Blow Me Down!.
Blue Ball A village in County Offaly, Ireland. "Blue balls" is a slang term for a condition affecting the testicles. There's also a community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (USA) with that name; its derivation comes from a tavern sign. A park in Soquel, California is named this because of the gigantic blue spheres that adorn it.
Bluff Poker players beware - on The Last Frontier!.
Boar Tush A place in The Yellowhammer State that apparently really likes pig's asses. ["Tush" is an archaic word for "tusk".]
Bodie A ghost town and state historic park in Mono County, California, pronounced BOH-dee, and named for prospector W. S. Bodey. It is also the name of a ghost town in Okanogan County, Washington. There is also a Bodie Island in Dare County, North Carolina.
Boerenhol A place in the Netherlands. Means "farmers hole" in Dutch.
Boğazlıyan A town in Turkey. Means "strangler" in Turkish.
Bohners Lake A census-designated place in Wisconsin. "Bohners" is pronounced like "boners".
Bokspits A village in Botswana that can be look at two ways. "Bok" means "goat" in Afrikaans and "spits" means "peak". Also "Boks" means "box" and "pits" means, well, "pit".
Bomba A village in Libya that I'm sure has seen it's fair share of suicide "bombas". Also in Belize and Italy.
Bonar Bridge A village in Scotland.
Bonesteel A city in South Dakota. I can assure you the boners are made of steel as well here.
Bong County A county in Liberia, named for its Mount Bong. It's probably an ideal place if you want to smoke some good ol' cannabis (YUCK) with your friends.
Boning Island It's part of the West Batarang Baratang Group.
Boody This place and Butts need to have a picnic together or something like that.
Booger Hole A place in West Virginia.
Boogertown, North Carolina An unincorporated community in Gaston County, North Carolina, in the United States[2] - here's hoping that hay fever is rare there.
Book There is no library in this damp and swampy place in Louisiana.
Boom The storage place for bombs in Belgium. "Boom" also means "tree" in Dutch.
Bone A place in Idaho that was probably founded by some pretty horny settlers.
Booti Booti Australian National park founded in 1992, whose name could have been inspired by a "unlucky Cruise Ship to the Stars"-working ambuquad droid's favorite vocal response,[3] from 13 years previously.
Boquete A small town in Panama. Boquete means blowjob in Portuguese.
Boring, Maryland Named for a former postmaster David Boring, whose profession suited the family name.
Boring, Oregon Twinned with Dull, Scotland.
Boring, Tennessee Well-named: as of October 2019, the length of its Wikipedia entry is 1,593 characters (compared to 222,303 on this page).
Boucheporn The porn distribution center in France. "Bouche" can translate as a few different things but the most common ones are either "stuffy" or "mouth".
Bourg-la-Reine A commune in France that can mean "Bang the Queen". You don't have to ask twice!
Bourré A very drunk former commune in France. Bourré means "drunk" in French.
Bouzillé A former comune in France. Bouzille sounds like "bousiller" which means either "to cock up" or "screw up" in French.
Bowna A community in the Riverina, New South Wales, Australia. Sounds like "boner", a slang term for an erection, when said in a non-rhotic accent.
Box A large village, civil parish and very early railroad tunnel in Wiltshire, England.
Boysack A village in Scotland.
Bra A place in Italy
Braggadocio A community in the Bootheel of Missouri, in the state's southeastern corner, Braggadocio is about 40 miles from New Madrid and some epicenters of the 1811–12 New Madrid earthquakes.
Brainerd A city in Crow Wing County, Minnesota. Some nerds must have come up with this name.
Braintree I wonder if someone grew brain trees there, because the Braintrees will blind the weary driver — New England has two of these (one in Massachusetts - with its very own "highway split" - and one in Vermont) with a "new" one in one of those states.
Brakpan A town in South Africa near Johannesburg. In Afrikaans it means "broke pan" (contrast with Konkapot River, below)...
Brawl I hear wrestling is quite popular here.
Bread Loaf A place in Vermont.
Breeding A place in Kentucky which I can only assume has the constant sound of Smooth Jazz playing out of the bedrooms of everyone there.
Brest City in Brittany, France. The other one is in Belarus.
Briģi A village in Latvia that means "brides". Must be a popular wedding location.
Bridgerule Someone rules the bridge there - and it's not in Norway.
Brilliant A town in Marion County, Alabama.
Brits A South Africa.
Broke A small (population just under 300) town on the east coast of Australia...apparently no wealthy people from a certain central Northern Ireland town ever "spent" any time going there, and many of the homes in a nearby town are numbered, based on their distance from "there"!
Brokenwind I always blame it on the dog.
Brony A small village in Gmina Krzyżanów, Poland. Has nothing to do with My Little Pony or its fans.
Brown Deer A small suburb of Milwaukee.
Brown Willy A hill in Cornwall that gave its name to the Brown Willy effect.
Bucketty An Australian locality with lots and lots of buckets. And then probably some more buckets, perhaps due to the reality that some of them were damaged?
Bucksnort A town in Tennessee, United States.
Bucksport A coastal town in Maine, said to have a fictional neighboring town, where a famous American vampire once dwelled in fiction.
Bud A very friendly Norwegian fishing village.
Buda This small (population 538 in 2010) town in Illinois is named for one of the two medieval constituents of Hungary's capital, and was once where the engines for the American version of the Renault FT tank were built a century ago.
Buggerru A town on the island of Sardinia, Italy.
Bugyi A village in Hungary. Translates to female underwear.
Bulgarograsso A commune in the Province of Como, Lombardy, Italy. Its name translates to "fat Bulgarian."
Bulls Small New Zealand town near Palmerston North. It has a sister-city relationship with Cowes, England.
Bumble Bee A ghost town in Arizona without a wasp in sight.
Bumpass An unincorporated community located primarily in Louisa County, Virginia, United States, but covering a small portion of both Spotsylvania and Hanover Counties as well.
Bumpass Hell A geothermal area located within Lassen Volcanic National Park in California.
Bunyan's Cove I guess Paul Bunyan actually lives in Newfoundland.
Burnt Corn A small community on the border of Conecuh and Monroe counties in Alabama. Don't eat the corn there.
Burntout A small community in Franklin County, Alabama. It's also been spelled as 'Burnout'.
Butternuts A township in Otsego County, New York. Fortunately, the "nuts" part doesn't mean what you might think it does.
Butt Hole Road The former name of a road in Conisbrough, Doncaster, England. It was changed to Archers Way in 2009.
Butt Lane Surprisingly not a street, but a place in England. No doubt the tourists get a bit of a kick out of this place.
Butthole Lane The name of a small road in Shepshed, Leicestershire, the bottom end of the lane is residential and the top of the lane is the home of Shepshed Dynamo FC.
Butt of Lewis The most northerly point of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland.
Butts This place in Georgia likes that type of content. I cannot tell a lie.
Buttzville An unincorporated community and census-designated place in Warren County, New Jersey.
Cabo Rojo Cabo Rojo means red cape in Spanish but they don't even have a red light district here
Cadbury Where chocolate is made - but only if one does not wish to anger the people in the Keystone State's "community of chocolate"!.
Çakallar A village in Turkey that means "jackals".
Calcium For strong bones in the "Empire State", one might want to go here.
Caleb Pusey House A house built in 1683 located in Upland, Pennsylvania.
Cali It's not in California; they don't even speak English here!
Canada Country in North America. Ada is a woman's name in Spanish, so Can Ada come?
Canadian I heard that in this old Texas town the inhabitants don't lock their front doors, reject weapons, and made Alanis Morissette their honorary mayor.
Candy Kitchen A very sweet and tasty place in New Mexico, about 47 miles (76 km) north-northwest of Pie Town (see below)!
Cape Disappointment A headland located at the extreme southwestern corner of Washington State.
Capracotta A comune in Italy that means "cooked goat" in Italian. No wonder goats are nowhere to be found here.
Carefree A town in Arizona. A good place to be an idiot.
Carne Assada [pt] A village in Portugal meaning Roast Meat.
Cărpeniș River A tributary of the Ialomicioara River in Romania.
Carpinteria It's not clear whether they also have carpenters from Nazareth.
Carolina Chances are you will meet a girl named Carolina in here.
Casino This place is not famous for gambling.
Cassino A comune in Italy is also not famous for gambling.
Castrillo Matajudíos A village in Spain, whose name means "slayer of Jews" or "kill Jews". The villagers recently voted to change the name to Mota de Judíos (Jews' Hill), which had been the name before the Spanish Inquisition came around.
Catbrain A village in South Gloucestershire, England. Everyone in there has a cat brain! Should be twinned with Katzenhirn [de] (German for "cat brain"), a town in Germany just over five kilometers east of Mindelheim.
Cat's Ash Not the best place to be cat it seems.
Catskill A township and village in Greene County, New York which is usually cat friendly, and also just within the eastern edge of the similarly-named mountainous area of New York State.
California While this might not strike you as "weird", it was named after a fictional location in a Spanish adventure novel, which was inhabited only by black women and ruled by Queen Calafia.
Celebration A place in Florida that does a lot of celebrating apparently.
Center of the World A place in Ohio that is actually about 41 degrees north and 81 degrees west of the center of the world. These people need to look at a map.
Champagnac-la-Prune A commune in France where nobody goes the speed limit. Prune is a slang term in French that means to get a traffic ticket. It can also mean "hit" as in to get hit. It can also mean "plum".
Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg A fourteen-syllabled lake-in-a-town in Webster, Massachusetts, allegedly named to settle an indigenous fishing disagreement..." you think this is too much?"
Charm A charming Amish community in Ohio where an influx of visitors is an unfortunate intrusion.
Chateaugay A town in New York. "Chateau" means "castle" in French so it basically means "gay castle" in French.
Chatte A commune in France. Chatte means "pussy" in French.
Cheesequake, New Jersey An unincorporated community in New Jersey.
Černochov A village in Slovakia that translates as "village of black people". Yeah, good luck finding one here let alone in the entire country.
Charlotte See Carolina above.
Cheshire A county in northwestern England. There is also a town called Cheshire in New Haven County, Connecticut as well as a small community called Cheshire in Ontario County, New York. Sorry, no Cheshire Cat, but blink and you may miss it.
Chevy Chase A township and census-designated place in Montgomery County, Maryland near Washington, D.C., originally called "Cheivy Chace". One source mentions that actor Chevy Chase was nicknamed after this town, but both actually have associations from a historic English ballad called The Ballad of Chevy Chase.
Chibougamau Pronounced chi-BUUG-uh-moo, this Québec town of some 7,500 population gets its name from the Cree First Nation, and means "gathering place".
Chicken A census-designated place (CDP) in Alaska.
Chicoutimi Today the central borough of Saguenay, Quebec, this town's name comes from the phrase "the end of the deep water" in the Innu First Nation language of the area.
Chile A very spicy country in South America
Chili A township in Monroe County, New York, pronounced CHY-lye. There is also a place called Chili in New Mexico.
China China means both Orange (in Puerto Rican Spanish) and Chinese female in Spanish.
China, Kagoshima A town in Japan that is not in China.
Chittagong A city in Bangladesh...where people apparently enjoy shitting gongs.
Chocolate Bayou A very tasty unincorporated community in Texas.
Chocowinity A town in Beaufort County, North Carolina. The name is apparently derived from the Tuscaroran word chackauene, which means "otter".
Chokio A city in Minnesota that is a huge choking hazard. Beware when bringing little children.
Chimacum A place in Washington.
Christmas Pie A hamlet in Surrey, England. At least it's better than fruitcake.
Christmas Island An island near Java. Possibly Santa Claus' holiday resort — if St. Nick doesn't consider another island, nearly "dead-center" in the Pacific, that's spelled differently, but pronounced just about the same.
Chinatown Small town in Wisconsin that is not a Chinatown.
Choconut A township in Pennsylvania. Hope you don't choke on those nuts! Doubly hope those nuts aren't testicles.
Chuckey Where a kid in Tennessee can be a kid. There is NO Chuck E. Cheese's in Chuckey, but one in Johnson City. But if its not Chuck E. Cheese's, then... AAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! CHUCKY IS GOING TO MURDER ME!!
Chugwater A town in Wyoming that is bound to drown itself in water sooner or later.
Çıplak Island A small uninhabited island in Turkey. "Çıplak" can be translated as either "barren" or "naked".
Circle A small town in Alaska originally believed to lie on the Arctic Circle, though it is actually about 50 miles (80 km) away.
Port Circumcision A cove in Petermann Island in the Wilhelm Archipelago, in Graham Land, Antarctica. Named after the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ.
Clam An unincorporated community in Virginia.
Clam Beach A locality in California.
Clam Gulch A census-designated place in Alaska. May the subject of clams never be spoken of again.
Claviers A commune in France with runaway pianos! "Claviers" looks like the German word "klavier" which means "piano". Perhaps not so surprisingly, "claviers" means "keyboards" in French.
Climax A small town in Georgia (U.S. state). Also a village and township in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, USA, a Canadian village Climax, Saskatchewan (population 195, with two former NHL figures as past residents) an unincorporated mining village, Climax, Colorado, and an unincorporated community, Climax, North Carolina on the border of Guilford County and Randolph County, North Carolina, USA. Climax is a hamlet in the town of Coxsackie, Greene County, New York, United States. The zipcode is 12042.
Clitheroe A town in Lancashire, England.
Clonakilty How do you clone a kilt? And aren't those Scottish? God dammit Ireland.
Clo-oose It's actually farther than you think (unless you live in British Columbia).
Cocagne A place in New Brunswick that's pretty high on crack. In French it's pronounced like "cocaine".
Cock Beck A stream in England.
Cock Bridge A place in Scotland. A place without a bridge, but with many cocks.
Cock Lane A street in Smithfield, London which in the medieval period was home to legal brothels! That would explain the name.
Cockburn A town on the border of New South Wales and South Australia.
Cockburn A suburb and local council in Perth, Western Australia (named after British Admiral George Cockburn, famous for burning of Washington DC, including the White House, in 1814).
Cockburn Island An island in Ontario.
Cockburn Town The capital city of the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British territory.
Cockburnspath A village in Scotland.
Cocked Hat A place in Delaware.
Cockermouth A village in Cumbria. There is also a stream named Cockermouth River in New Hampshire.
Cockfosters A suburb in north London. Providing foster care to abandoned cocks since 1524! You're welcome.
Cocking A small town in the Chichester District of West Sussex, England.
Cocks A village in Cornwall.
Cocks Glacier A glacier in Antarctica.
Cockwood A village in Devon.
Coffee, Georgia An unincorporated community in Bacon County, Georgia, west of Coffee County. The people here probably like bacon with their coffee.
Coffin Top A mountain on South Georgia. This is where all the dead Georgians are put...for an island that never has more than 32 people living on it?
Coín A very rich town in Spain.
Colon I think we're talking about more than just that kind of colon. Yeah that one.
Come By Chance To their surprise, two farmers in NSW were able to purchase a farm in this locality, so they named it Come By Chance. There is also a Come By Chance in the region named Atlantic Canada, which literally "lived up to its name" for two workers there in 2018.
Comertown A very lewd place in Montana. Another one exists in Virginia.
Concepcion Don't come to this city if you do not want children
Conception Junction Apparently a self-described baby junction. The dirty deed's gotta be done somewhere.
Condom French lovers play it safe in this town - it still has its own cathedral, and even had its own religious diocese from 1317 to 1801.
Conetoe A town in Edgecombe County, North Carolina, pronounced kuh-NEE-toe.
Conne-de-Labarde A commune in France. Conne means "cunt" or "bitch" in French.
Conquest A village in Saskatchewan, Canada. There is also a township and hamlet called Conquest in Cayuga County, New York.
Cookietown An almost ghost town in Oklahoma. That can only mean free cookies! (contrast with Pie Town below).
Cool Residents of this California town are too cool for school — they only have one in their town.
Cooter A city in Missouri. "Cooter" is a slang term for vagina.
Cork The clearly always drunk Ireland with a fitting name. Also check out a couple other Corks Stateside!
Corps-Nuds A commune in Brittany meaning "naked body".
Cotonou The largest city in Benin. Means "by the river of death" in the Fon language. The country also looks like a dick.
Covenant Life A place in Alaska.
Coubisou A commune in France that means "neck kiss" in French. Clearly the French are quite romantic.
Coupon An unincorporated community in Cambria County, Pennsylvania. Could the community be on sale at your local supermarket?
Coward A town that has a treetop walk that will leave any coward screaming for dear life.
Cow Head A town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Coxcomb Mountains A mountain range in Joshua Tree National Park.
Coxen Hole A city in Honduras with a stadium! Yes, cocks in hole, you can get it out of your system now.
Coxsackie A township and village in Greene County, New York. It's actually pronounced cohk-SAH-kee.
Crab Hill The place in Barbados where all the crabby people go and collect crabs.
Crab Orchard A place in Kentucky. No, there isn't an orchard here, and it certainly doesn't have crabs.
Crackenback That's gotta hurt!
Crackpot An unusual case of a place name with two double meanings.
Crapaud A municipality in Prince Edward Island.
Crapo An unincorporated community in Maryland.
Craponne-sur-Arzon "Sur Arzon" must be having a bad day.
Crapstone Village in Devon, United Kingdom.
Cream Can Junction A place in Idaho.
Cromwell The Irish probably find this place offensive.
Crow Wing County A county in Minnesota. It's named after the Crow Wing River (a tributary of the Mississippi River), which in turn is named after an island at the river mouth which is shaped like a crow's wing.
Csesznek A village in Hungary. Translates roughly as "they are fucking" in Hungarian. The Czech and Slovak name for it is "Cesnek" which means "garlic". It's vampire-proof!!!
Cuckoo This small area in Virginia is nuts today!
Culebra Nothing snaky about snake island!
Cumbum I believe that is supposed to be a British way of saying Creampie.
Cumby A place in Texas. Very tourist friendly because it will ask you to "cum by".
Cumlosen A municipality in Germany.
Cumming A city in Georgia, United States.
Cummings One thing this place can assure you is that you will "cum" back.
Cummington A town is Massachusetts, should you live in the Berkshires, that's "cumming" to get you!
Cunter A village in Switzerland.
Cuntis A municipality in Spain.
Cut Off Small town in Louisiana. It was cut off from the rest of Louisiana.
Cut and Shoot A town in Texas northeast of Conroe, Texas, on Texas Route 105, whose name seems to be instructions on building and handling a sawed-off shotgun.
Cyców A village in Poland that means "boobs village". Very interesting. The "Cyc" part is also pronounced kind of like "tits" for extra added hilarity.
Dab A small town in Pakistan. If you still do that crap pose, I suggest you stop doing it. It's just not a trend anymore.
Dad A village in Hungary with some daddy issues no doubt.
Dare County "I triple-dog-dare you!" This county in North Carolina was actually named after Virginia Dare, who was the first English child born in the New World - she missed being THE first European child born in the Americas by half-a-millennium!
Darling Why yes, darling.
Darmstadt A "sizable city of science" with a population of about 160,000 in Germany, with a "college town" situation (without actually being one) due to its many universities. Means "bowel town/city" in German.
Dead Dog Beach A rather depressing beach in Puerto Rico.
Dead Women Crossing A small bridge in Custer County, Oklahoma. Where a woman was murdered, said to be haunted by her ghost.
Deadhorse Northern terminus of the Dalton Highway in Alaska, not to be confused with Whitehorse, Yukon.
Deadman Island An island in La Connor, Washington.
Deadwood A historic Old West town in Lawrence County, South Dakota most famously known for the murder of folk hero Wild Bill Hickok in 1876 while playing poker as well as the being the final resting place for him and Calamity Jane. Deadwood was named after dead trees found within the area, and most certainly has nothing to do with impotence. It is the only place in South Dakota where commercial casino gaming is legal - and was the setting of a sci-fi "story-within-a-story" when it was depicted as having a Klingon sheriff, tasked with stopping a troublesome android.
De Cocksdorp A town in the Netherlands. "Dorp" means "village" so it basically means "the Cocks village", probably filled with sex toys.
Defeated Clearly this place has a positive outlook on life.
De Hulk This Dutch village is not responsible for any damaged property, nor has ever had large bursts of gamma radiation documented, or anyone with the family name "Banner" ever living there.
Deixa-o-Resto [pt] Village in Portugal, meaning Leave the Rest.
Desire A town in Pennsylvania, USA.
Deux Mamelles Mountains in Senegal. French for "Two Breasts".
Deux-Verges A commune in France. Means "two penises" in French.
Devil Town A ghost town in Ohio, USA. Probably a ghost town for a good reason.
Devil's Bit A big hill in County Tipperary, Ireland.
Devil's Courthouse A mountain located in Transylvania County, North Carolina where the devil presides over life and death cases (not really).
Devils Elbow An unincorporated community in Pulaski County, Missouri.
Devils Kitchen A geothermal area located within Lassen Volcanic National Park in California.
Devilsmother A bigger hill in County Galway, Ireland. It could also mean smothering the devil.
The Devil's Point A mountain in Scotland. The Scottish Gaelic name "Bod an Deamhain" translates to "Penis of the Demon".
Dicken, Kentucky An unincorporated community in Kentucky. "Dicken" can also mean something like "fat", "plump", or "thick" in German.
Dick Peaks A group of big white bulges in Antarctica.
Dicks Butte A mountain in California.
Dick's Knob A mountain in Georgia, United States.
Dickshooter Both a creek and a town in gun-totin' Idaho. Don't anger any of the locals if you wish to remain in the gene pool.
Dicktown A town in New York, United States.
Die A rather morbid name for a commune I'd say.
Diepenbeek A municipality in Belgium. Means "deep ditch" in Dutch.
Dieren A town in the Netherlands. Means "animals" in Dutch of which I'm sure there are a few.
Difficult If you're looking for the opposite of the Big Easy then this place in Tennessee will suit you perfectly.
Dikļi A parish in Latvia. "Dikļi" means "dictators" in Latvian. Beware.
Dildo This town in Newfoundland has a mascot named "Captain Dildo" (contrast with Flin Flon); the etymology for this name is unclear. One theory is that it originally referred to a phallus-shaped peg used to lock an oar in position on a dory (small boat).
Dinga A city in Punjab province of Pakistan.
Ding Dong A town in Texas famous for its unusual name after painter Cohn Cohen Hoover was hired to paint two bells, with one saying "Ding", and the other bell saying "Dong". This town is also located in a very "resonant"-sounding area of its U.S. state.
Dingle A town in County Kerry, Ireland, it is the only town on the Dingle Peninsula. There's another one in Sweden.
Dinosaur A statutory town located in Moffat County, Colorado, United States.
Diré A town in Mali in dire straits.
Disappointment Islands A small group of Pacific islands in French Polynesia. A recent BBC website report[4] said that tourists who visited the islands weren't disappointed - they spotted a "four-headed" coconut palm!
Dismal Swamp This place is some 16,740 km (10,400 mi) away from a "greater" one in the eastern United States' "tidewater" region...
Disney This Oklahoma town has nothing to do with Disney itself.
DISH A small town in Texas that changed its name to receive free digital video recorders and satellite television for ten years.
Disko It seems that this island in Greenland is still stuck in the 1970s.
Dix A village in Illinois that is full of... you know what I am talking about, DICK Tracy! I just don't want to be inappropriate! Apparently it's infectious because Nebraska has one too! Well I don't recognized about DHX.
Dogtown Name of a bunch of places in California. You may not have noticed it, but California seems to really like dogs.
Dog Village A hamlet in Devon, United Kingdom near Broadclyst. Twinned with Caterham.
Dog Walk An unincorporated community in Kentucky that doesn't want you to forget to walk your dog...unless you do not have one!
Dollar A very wealthy Scottish town.
Dolphin's Barn An Irish barn for land dolphins, but not the British variety from Sir Thomas' "flying zoo", as those require hangars instead, like the one based about 5,030 km away, that is being restored to flight!.[5]
Doodstil [nl] A hamlet in Groningen, Netherlands, that translates to "dead silent".
Đông Thái If Thai people spoke English, they'd probably find the name of this Vietnamese village quite charming.
Dongo Dongo, Congo sounds great. There's also a Dongo in Angola, the Central African Republic, Italy, and Mali.
Dongola A place in Sudan. There's another Dongola in Illinois.
Dorado A lot of wealthy people do live here, but is there really any gold in Dorado?
Dorking A town in England where every door is treated as a king.
Dortmund A German city that translates as "there mouth".
Do Stop A place in Kentucky very much into the idea of consent.
Double Trouble A state park in New Jersey.
Downhill Town in the United Kingdom.¨
Dragonville Careful, Skyrim players might flock to this place like crazy.
Drama, Greece A city in Greece. To its credit, the views of the mountain from this city are pretty dramatic.
Dripping Springs One with a very dirty mind can come to get a bit of a kick out of this place.
Drogeham A place in the Netherlands. Means "dry ham" in Dutch.
Drogen A village in Germany. Means "drugs" in German. Is it a wonder why everyone's drunk in Germany?
Drogenbos A municipality in Belgium. Means "drying forest" in Dutch.
Drumahoe Funnily enough, it comes from Irish Droim na hUamha which means "ridge of the cave".
Dry Prong A very lewd person will get a bit of a chuckle out of this place.
Dubai One theory says that the city's name originates from an Arabic proverb Daba Dubai which means "they came with a lot of money". If so, then the settlers of this place clearly knew what it would become!
Dublin The capital of Ireland has long been thought to have been full of people "dublin" their money for over 12 centuries, as it was founded by Vikings in 841 AD — who often used Arab coins when it was founded! (I'm keeping that joke in because it's hilarious.) It's also the name for towns in New Hampshire (which has a LOT to do with almanacs and a periodical that is NOT about New York's pinstriped pro baseball team), and in Ohio.
DuBois A city in Clearfield County, Pennsylvania, named for lumber magnate John DuBois.
Duck The Tarheel State's newest Outer Banks seaside town (incorporated in 2002), it spawned the name of a growing doughnut shop chain.
Due West People in this "central-western" Palmetto State community have been heard to say, 'Go west!'
Duiven A town in the Netherlands that can be translated as either "doves" or "pigeons".
Dull It is as well. Tediously grouped with Boring, Oregon and Bland Shire, New South Wales to form a Dull, Boring and Bland "League of Extraordinary Communities".
Dum Dum A northeastern neighborhood of Kolkata, it has a boys' high school there, and used to have an arsenal that made now-illegal bullets.
Dümmer Dum Dum's German twin, or if one stays "stateside" and drops the umlaut, the founder of the oldest American boarding school that's still teaching...
Dunedoo A town New South Wales, Australia

Pronounced Dunny-doo, "dunny" being an Australian slang for toilet.

Duranus A commune in France with an affection for the anus. Also means "hard anus" in French.
Earth A town in Texas, United States.
Eastern Tickle Maybe the eastern part of Fogo Island is ticklish?
Edelschrott A municipality in Austria that is more or less an oxymoron. Means "premium junk".
Eek A town, island and a river in Alaska, United States. One would likely be shouting "Eek!" themselves, if they ever took a polar bear plunge in their river there, twenty miles distant from the Bering Sea...
Effin A town in Ireland that's wondering why it's raining all the "effin" time.
Egg No, they do not make eggs in this Austrian town.
Eggnog, Utah This place and Santa Claus need to team up and throw a Christmas party.
Eggs and Bacon Bay The world's most delicious sounding suburb is about an hour south of Tasmania state capital Hobart. It was named for the abundant Eggs and Bacon wildflowers with yellow & streaky red petals from the pea family of Fabaceae. In 2016 an animal rights group lobbied the local council to have the name changed to vegan friendly "Apples & Cherries Bay".[6] This suggestion was laughed down by the community who started questioning whether the popular tourist destination of Wineglass Bay should be changed to satisfy Alcoholics Anonymous!
Egypt, New York A small community in Monroe County, New York.
Egypt, Pennsylvania An unincorporated community in Pennsylvania, United States.
Egypte A hamlet in Tubize in Belgium.
Eighty Four A town in southwestern Pennsylvania.
Einöd A town in Germany. Means "wasteland" in German.
Ekel A part of the German town of Norden. "Ekel" means "disgust" in German.
Ekwok No, there are no little talking teddy bears here. Those are in Endor.
El Cajon A city in California. Means "the drawer" in Spanish.
Elend A small town in Germany that means "misery".
Elephant Head A place in Arizona. Sorry, no elephants here.
Elmo An unincorporated place in Kaufman County, TX. I guess that red monster has a few city names.
Elsa A Small Town In Central Yukon,Canada, Next To Keno City.
Embarrass A small municipality and township in Minnesota. The unofficial record low temperature in Minnesota was taken here, and is −64 °F (−53 °C), which was reached in February 1996. Unofficial because although verified, it was not taken by the National Weather Service. There is also an Embarrass, Wisconsin.
Emo A village in County Laois, Ireland. Also Emo in Ontario, Canada.
Engelhard A place in North Carolina. "Engel" means "angel" in German so you can look at it like "angel hard".
England City in Arkansas. If you live there, then you could say that England is your city.
Erect A small community in Randolph County, North Carolina.
Erode City in Tamil Nadu, India with a population of 521,776. The name might have its origin in the Tamil phrase Eru Odai meaning two streams based on the presence of two water courses, Perumpallam and Kalingarayan Canal.
Eromanga A small town in Queensland, Australia. The name may come from an Aboriginal word that means "hot gale plain" or "windy plain", though the language and dialect is unknown.[7][8]
Eselsburg Castle A castle in Germany. "Esel" means either "donkey" or "ass" so translated "Eselsburg" can mean something like "(jack)ass castle" or "donkey castle".
Eureka "Eureka! I'm rich!", its residents were known to say — it was founded four months before its state joined the Union.
Executive Committee Range A mountain range in Antarctica, including one Mount Cumming, named for a member of the Antarctic Executive Committee.
Experiment A place in Georgia.
Eye A town in Suffolk, England. There are also places with this name in Herefordshire and Cambridgeshire.
Faggot Hill A hill in Boylston, Massachusetts, United States.
Fail A village in Portugal.
Fair Play/Fairplay The name for places located in California, Colorado, Kentucky, Maryland, Missouri, New Jersey, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Wisconsin.
Fakaofo A populated island in Tokelau.
Fakfak A town in Indonesia.
False Pass A city in Alaska.
Fancy Farm A place in Kentucky that actually doesn't have a fancy farm.
Fanny A township in Minnesota. "Fanny" is a slang term for the vulva. Also a Fanny in West Virginia.
Faroe Islands Once thought to be a summer retreat for the Egyptian Pharaohs, it turned out that ancestors of the Vikings may have been the first to visit there.
Fauquier A place in British Columbia. It's pronounced a bit like "fuck here". It is also the name of a county in Virginia.
Felchville A place in Massachusetts. Might not look like much, but once you read what "felching" is, you'll be quite amused. Another one is in Vermont.
Feltwell A village in Norfolk, England.
Fertile Given only 50 people live in this Saskatchewan town, I'd say it hasn't lived up to its name.
Feucht A municipality in Germany that means "moist" in Dutch.
Feuchtwangen A city in Germany. Means "wet-cheeks" in German.
Fickmühlen [de] Means "fucking mill" in German.
Fingerville A place in South Carolina.
Fingringhoe A village in Essex, England.
Fifty-Six A city in northern Arkansas.
Fishkill A town along the Hudson River. "Kill" translates to "stream" from Dutch.
Fjuckby A Swedish village just north of Uppsala. A few residents petitioned to have the name changed, but they met with resistance from most of their neighbours and the petition was dropped.
Flateby Means "lesbian village" in Norwegian.
Flesh Hovel Lane A road in Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England. Its name originates from the time of the Quorn Hunt, where horses that were no longer fit for purpose where taken to slaughter at the abattoir situated on Flesh Hovel Lane.
Flin Flon A city located on the border of Manitoba and Saskatchewan in Canada. It is named after fictional character Josiah Flintabbatey Flonatin from an adventure novel called The Sunless City by J. E. Preston Muddock. They are also known for having a very-"explosive-sounding" junior ice hockey team.
Flippin There is no McDonalds here so flipping burgers is off the table. They probably just flip the bird instead.
Florence, South Carolina A town in the path of Hurricane Florence.
Flushing The name historically came from a town in the southwestern Netherlands. Also a village in Cornwall and a town in Michigan.
Föckinghausen A little village in Germany. Yes, "Föcking" is pronounced like "fucking", you can stop laughing now.
Foot of Ten, Pennsylvania A census-designated place 5 miles from Puzzletown, Pennsylvania.
Football Mountain A mountain in Antarctica.
Fort Cockhill An 18th century military fort.
Fort Dick A place in California. It's a fort full of dicks!
Foulness Island An island off the east coast of Essex. It actually smells quite nice there.
Frankenstein Neither Victor nor Herman ever lived or worked's named after Gottfried Franken, who donated land for the construction of a church in 1890.
Frenchbeer A small Hamlet in Devon, United Kingdom. The town bartender must make a lot of trips through the Chunnel to get beer on tap.
Friend A small town in Grand Traverse County, Michigan, in the same county as "Alone"
Friendship A town in Knox County, Maine. Okay, who's been making lots of friends there?
Fries McDonalds should probably think about relocating their headquarters to this place.
Frog Eye A small community in Tallapoosa County, Alabama.
Frostproof First settled permanently in the 1880s, this "friendly" Central Florida city of about 3,000 was thought to be "frostproof" in regards to winters for the numerous citrus orchards there, as early as the late-1890s.
Fucking A town in Austria whose signs keep disappearing, and which had a pilsner beer partly inspired by its name. The name is pronounced to rhyme with "looking". At least we all know what this town's favorite pastime is.
Fugging This is when you find out that Austria has gone overboard.
Fukah If only the Egyptians could put "mother" in front of this city's name.
Fukechō Station This train station is where couples go to cheat on each other. "Fukechō" means something along the lines of "cheating city" or "infidelity town" in Japanese.
Fukuoka Fuck you? Okay.
Fundu Moldovei A commune in Romania. Means "Moldova's butt" in Romanian. I'm sure Moldova is quite fond of this place.
Funny River A town in Alaska, that's about 5,020 km (3,118 miles) from the similarly-named fleuve drôle in southern Québec.
Fuqaha A town in Libya.
Fuquay-Varina A town in Wake County, North Carolina. They were originally separate towns (Fuquay Springs and Varina) before the two places merged in 1963.
Future City, Illinois An unincorporated community in Illinois.
Future City, Kentucky Another "future city" that isn't actually a future city.
Fuxing District, Taoyuan The biggest district by area in Taoyuan City, Taiwan - thanks to its spelling, if one "pinyinned" it when speaking its name, it should come out sounding like foo-SHIHNG.


Gaidouronisi One of two names for an uninhabited Greek island a bit south of Crete. Means "donkey island" in Greek.
Galatas A town in Greece that seems to be a bigger fan of cows than the Hindus. Means "milkman" in Greek.
Ganja A city in Azerbaijan. No, they don't supply marijuana, so don't even think about it.
Gap A commune in France.
Gas You just passed gas, but "they" (the seven hundred that live there) don't want you to!![9]
Gassin Fortunately nobody has been gassed here.
Gassville A city in Arkansas that knows a thing or two about cutting the cheese.
Gay, Georgia This little town in Georgia, United States, could put itself out of business, because in Georgia, it's legal to fire employees based on sexual orientation.
Gay, Michigan A small community in Michigan, United States, located in the Upper Peninsula. The town has a tavern called The Gay Bar.
Gay, West Virginia A town in West Virginia. It seems like there are a lot of towns in the United States with this name.
Gay, Russia A town in Russia.
Gaydon A parish and village in Warwickshire, England. It's where Jaguar and Land Rover cars are made.
Gay Head The former name of a town in Massachusetts, with the earlier name used for the clay cliffs overlooking its beach - which must be left alone.
Gaylord A city in Otsego County, Michigan.
Gaylordsville A village in Connecticut.
Gayville If you live either in that type of Gayville in Oswego County, New York, that type of Gayville in Putnam County, New York, or that Gayville in Yankton County, South Dakota, You are in happy-land!
Gays Better up your game San Francisco! Illinois is coming to get you!
Gebeler Means "The pregnants" in Turkish.
Geilenkirchen A town in Germany whose name means "horny churches".
Geitenhoek Means "Goat corner" in Dutch. A hamlet in Overijse.
Gene Autry, Oklahoma A town in south-central Oklahoma that named itself after Gene Autry.
George "I will name you George... I AIN'T NO BUNNY RABBIT!"
George A town in central Washington. The streets are named after varieties of cherries.
Geneva-on-the-Lake A village in Ohio.
Germ A very infectious French commune.
Giggleswick Something is always funny to these guys. A village in the Yorkshire Dales, North Yorkshire, GB
Ginkūnai Manor A manor within the appropriately named Lithuanian village of Ginkūnai. "Ginkūnai" means "weapons" in Lithuanian so visitors beware.
Gipsy An unincorporated community in Missouri.
Gero A city in Japan which if spelled like this げろ in Japanese means either "bullseye" or "spew" as in vomiting.
Gland, Switzerland A municipality in Switzerland that in French means "glans" as in the head of a penis.
Glasscock County A county in Texas, which has no connection with one of the characters created by a certain retired Boston, MA FM radio host...
Gnojnice A village in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Basically means "manureville" in Croatian.
Goes A city in the Netherlands that doesn't have any plans to go anywhere else but Zeeland, where it already is.
Gofukumachi Station Hey, why don't you go fuck your machi.
Goochland A place in Virginia. "Gooch" or "Goochie" is a slang term for vagina.
Good Grief It has a population of three with two dogs and one old grouch - and a bit too cold for Peanuts to grow.
Good Intent A town in New Jersey, United States.
Goodenough Island The most mediocre island in the world.
Goodnews Bay A little city in Alaska.
Goofy Ridge A census-designated place in Illinois. It's known for its sense of humor.
Goose Pimple Junction An unincorporated community in Virginia.
Gogogogo Get out the car, get out the car, let it roll, let it roll, let it roll, let it roll...
Gore No, they don't play murder mysteries or practice the running of the bulls in this New Zealand town.
Gore Mountain There's nothing horrifying about this mountain peak. It's actually a popular ski resort within Adirondack Park as well as being the highest point in Warren County, New York. In this case, the mountain is named after an unsurveyed tract of land called a "gore".
Gorgan A city in Iran populated by Gorgons!!!
Gorno Uyno Means "Upper Dickville" in Bulgarian.
Gotham Wayne Manor is a few miles to the north of this Nottinghamshire village.
Grand-Mère A town in Quebec, Canada whose name means "Grandmother".
Grand-Popo A town in Benin.
Granma Province A province in Cuba that respects its elders.
Grave A Dutch town with the souls of the dead!
Grave Yard A place in Barbados populated by zombies, mummies, the walking dead, and Michael Jackson.
Gravity A very down-to-earth city in Iowa I'd say.
Great Cockup A fell in northern England. Also a Little Cockup.
Great Kills A New York City neighborhood. I've heard some parts of New York can be violent...
Great Snoring A village in Norfolk. Also see Little Snoring.
Greece, New York A township in Monroe County, New York just outside of Rochester.
Grenade A very explosive French commune.
Grimstad A city in Norway. Means "uglytown", au contraire actually.
Gropecunt Lane An old name for various streets in London where prostitutes did their business.
Großer Beerberg At the top of this mountain in Germany lies a treasure trove of freshly made German beer.
Großklein A municipality in Austria that is quite an oxymoron. Translates as "big-small".
Guarromán A very dirty city in Spain. "Guarro" means "dirty" in Spanish.
Guide County A county in China that serves as the guide to the Tibetan "Trika" treaters.
Gumlog One with a very dirty mind will get a laugh out of this place.
Gum Tree When you lie half way between people who apparently like to lick mud and give the one finger salute you got to wonder where the crazy will stop. Don't worry it's probably all for the tourists.
Gun Barrel City, Texas (Cowboy voice) This here's a city in Henderson County, Texas. Only in Texas, pard'ner.
Gunskirchen You don't want to piss off the churches in this Austrian town, the churches are armed!
Ha! Ha! River Also a fleuve drôle, as it's a "funny river" in Quebec.
Hackballscross Damn! That's gotta hurt!
Hackensack Watch out for lovers who do this. New Yorkers still do not get this joke.
Hail Contrary to its name, this Saudi Arabian city probably hasn't seen a drop of hail in its entire life. A small town in Oregon that, in December, 1999, changed its name for a year to receive $100,000, computers for its public schools, and other financial considerations from its corporate namesake at the height of the bubble.
Halfmoon A township and small community in Saratoga County, New York.
Haljala A borough in Estonia with fish that can walk. "Hal" means "fish" and "jala" means leg in Estonian. Hopefully none of those walking fish are sharks.
Ham The pigs might find this place offensive.
Ham Lake The pigs sure aren't going to come swimming here any time soon.
Hamm Those pigs sure aren't happy about this place.
Hammerfest A town in Norway. Hosting a hip hop festival here would make MC Hammer proud.
Handsome Eddy A hamlet in New York.
Hang Chat District A very chatty district in Thailand where they hang people!
Hard *Insert penis joke here*
Hard Rock Unfortunately no, this is not where Hard Rock comes from or Hard Rock Cafe.
Härnösand A town in Sweden. Can be translated as "here sneezed duck".
Happy Don't be fooled by the name, this here Texas town is where dreams go to die.
Happy Adventure A village in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Happyland A place in Connecticut. Unfortunately doesn't quite live up to its name.
Haseley Knob Something to do with Nutella.
Haßloch A municipality in Germany that means "hate-hole". Drop an "s" and put a "t" in its place and it means "have-hole". No shit.
Hazard The county seat of Perry County, Kentucky.
Hazardville A section of the town of Enfield in Hartford County in Connecticut. It must be known for its hazards all over the place...
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump A UNESCO-recognized Canadian National Historic Site in the Albertan foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
Heart Butte, Montana Part of the United States Postal Service's official "Valentine re-mailing" project. Follow their directions, and the US Federal Government will stamp "Heart Butte" on your letter, as the originating postmark.[10]
Heckmondwike Small town in West Yorkshire. This name is funny in this area of England as Heck is a synonym for Hell.
Hell, Michigan Only 294 miles (473 km) from Paradise, and quite recently, purchased by 25-year old Internet star Elijah Daniel who renamed it Gay Hell to protest "The Donald"'s attitudes towards display of the LGBT pride flag at U.S. embassies during Pride Month.[11]
Hell, Norway A village in Norway that hosts the annual "Blues in Hell". music festival.
Hell for Certain An unincorporated community in Kentucky, United States.
Hell Gate Area of water near Wards Island and Queens, New York City, that's got a "spouting Devil" for a neighbor nearly 6.4 miles (10.4 kilometers) due north of it.
Hellevoetsluis A small city in the Netherlands that can be translated as "Hell's Foot Lock" in Dutch.
Hell's Kitchen A neighborhood in New York City, New York. I wish they actually filmed the show here.
Hells Halfacre A small community in Harrison County, Kentucky. There was also a place in Alabama called Hell's Half Acre, but has since changed its name to Half Acre. Hell's Half Acre are also names for a canyon in Arizona, a talus in Arkansas, a lava field in Idaho and an escarpment in Wyoming.
Helsinki Why yes Finland, "Hel" is sinking.
Hercules A city in California. No, Hercules does not live here.
Herm This French commune needs a herm statue.
Hevonkakki An island in Finland that means "horse shit."
Hicksville A hickish place in New York with none of that newfangled indoor plumbing like they got in Flushing.
High Point A city primarily in Guilford County, North Carolina. The small community of Horneytown is right next door.
Hill o' Many Stanes A place in Scotland. What those "stanes" are are for you to decide.
Hilton Head Island Why yes, but..whose head is it? Paris' or Nikki's?
Hindu Most of the inhabitants of this town are Christian or irreligious.
Hippo No hippos live here unfortunately.
Hit A small city in Iraq called hit. Not many people get hit here, though.
Ho A town in Ghana known for its prostitutes.
Hodenhagen A municipality in Germany. "Hoden" means "testicles" in German.
Ho-Ho-Kus What is this, Santa Claus getting something stuck in his throat?
Hog's Back Bridge A small bridge in Ottawa, Canada.
Hole of Horcum A big hole in North Yorkshire, England.
Holysloot A village in the Netherlands. "Sloot" is the Dutch word for "ditch" so it basically means "holy ditch".
Home There's no place like it!
Homsar "AaAaAaAaAah'm an Iranian village."
Hongerige Wolf A village in Groningen, Netherlands that translates to "hungry wolf."
Hooker A town in Oklahoma, United States, that is not named for a Union major general from the 1860s, and at only 2,000 in population, it's probably too small for a prostitution business.
Hookerton A town in Greene County, North Carolina.
Hoosac Tunnel A New England railroad tunnel that goes all the way from North Adams, MA to Florida, despite its length.
Hop Bottom A borough in Pennsylvania, United States.
Hörby A town in Sweden with lots and lots of whores. Can mean "whore village" in Swedish.
Horlivka All the whores live here so all people do here is fuck whores and listen to Jinjer.
Horn A town in Austria.
Horneytown An unincorporated community in North Carolina, United States. Unfortunately for the locals, Hookerton is over 140 miles (230 km) away.
Horní Police A town in Czech Republic that has a very, um, energetic police force.
Horný Bar A village in Slovakia.
Horonkylä A town in Finland that means "town of the bitch" in Finnish. Must have been talking about a female dog.
Horsefly A place in British Columbia that has found out how to make horses fly.
Horseheads A township and village located in Chemung County, New York.
Hospital A village without a hospital in County Limerick, Ireland.
Hotazel A town in South Africa that got its name from play on "hot as hell". At least it's right on the post card.
Hot Coffee, Mississippi Number of coffee shops in Hot Coffee: zero.
House A village in New Mexico, in which yes, there is at least one house. There's also a House in North Carolina.
Howlong A town in New South Wales, Australia. Indeed, it's very long!
Huế A very colorful former imperial capital city of Vietnam.
Hühnergeschrei [de] A town in Austria. Means "Chicken screams" in German.
Hump Creek The name of two different streams in South Dakota, one in Corson County and the other in Haakon County.
Humptulips A town with a Native American name in Washington, United States.
Humpty Doo A town 40 kilometres (25 mi) from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
Hungry Horse Only 16 miles from Whitefish.
Huron, Ohio The name itself isn't so unusual, but the city is on the beach of Lake Erie in Erie County in Ohio, making it unusually confusing.
Hurricane A small community in Herkimer County, New York, that could have been "well-drenched" by the 2011 tropical cyclone named Irene. There is also a Hurricane, West Virginia (pronounced "HER-ick-in").
Hurt A town in Virginia that's very injured. Too bad the hospital is in Ireland.
Huy A municipality in Belgium. If translated from Russian, it means "cock".
Hygiene An unincorporated community in Colorado.
Idiotville A ghost town in Oregon.
Ii A municipality in Finland.
Imalone A very lonely place in Wisconsin.
Inchmore Yes please.
Indore An Indian city that should probably go outside more often.
Indra Contrary to the name, there probably are no Hindus in this Estonian village.
Inexpressible Island An island off the southern tip (?!?) of Antarctica that simply cannot be described by words.
Innaloo A suburb in Perth, Western Australia.
Insein A township (pronounced like "insane") across the Hlaing River from Yangon. If you are taken there, you probably won't be crazy, but you could be in trouble, as the Insein Prison has been notorious for the detention of political prisoners under harsh conditions.
Intercourse An Amish town in Pennsylvania, United States. There is also a small community called Intercourse in Alabama.
Ios The island in Greece where Homer died, is named like an operating system.
Iran I was going to make a joke, but Iran out of ideas.
Ireland's Eye A place in Ireland.
Ireland A hamlet in Bedfordshire, England, green with envy for an island almost 400 km (245 miles) away in the North Atlantic, where Wicklow Head is.
Iron Knob A place in South Australia, Australia. It's believed they carry objects with more than just their two arms.
Isla Mujeres An island in southern Mexico, this literally means women's island in Spanish, making it my wet dream vacation spot.
Italy, New York A township and hamlet in Yates County, New York.
Itzehoe It's a hoe?
JAARS Census-designated place in Union County, North Carolina. Named after a Bible translation organization located there.
Jackass Mountain Named – probably – for a muletrain that fell off the edge into an adjacent canyon.
Jackpot An unincorporated community in Nevada, United States. It is quite far from Sin City, but don't fret, there are a handful of casinos here to suit your gambling needs.
Jam A city that produces petroleum products in southern Iran.
Jamaica Neighborhood in Queens (New York City), New York, known for its major railroad hub station on the Long Island Rail Road.
Jambes A town in Belgium that means "legs".
Java An island in Indonesia. There is also a township and small community called Java in Wyoming County, New York. Coffee, anyone?
Jęczydół A village in Poland were kids get to learn about the birds and the bees no doubt. Means "moan pit" in Polish.
Jednorożec A village in Poland. Means "unicorn" in Polish, and fittingly has a unicorn on the coat of arms as well.
Jeuk A former municipality in Belgium now part of the municipality of Gingelom. "Jeuk" means "itching" in Dutch.
Jim Thorpe A borough in Pennsylvania bearing the name of Jim Thorpe.
Jim Jim Australian waterfall.
Jinja This place has no relation to Jinjer, and also probably doesn't have any gingers. Though you can expect to find a lot of black people here.
Jiz A village in the Razavi Khorasan Province, Iran.
Jobstown Ironically the job market isn't doing so hot there. I guess they're "Dublin" down.
Joe Batt's Arm A town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Jupiter A town in Florida, United States with some film and television history.
Kaansoo An Estonian village with all the pleasure you can find. "Kaansoo" means "cover" but "kaan soo" can be translated as "all the sex".
Kaczki A village in Poland that translates to "ducks". Anaheim's hockey team - or that Outer Banks-launched donut shop chain - might take a liking to this place.
Kake The "kake" is a lie.
Kalamazoo Believe it or not, there is no zoo in this Michigan city.
Kanakanak A palindromic-sounding settlement established near Dillingham, Alaska, following the 1918 flu pandemic and part of present-day Dillingham. The name derives from the practice of counting noses at the orphanage. On top of that, Kanake is coincidentally a German slur towards immigrants.
Kandi The name of a few different places, the biggest one being in Benin. When stopping by this place, be sure to ask for some candy.
Kang A village in Botswana with about 6,000 kangs.
Kannus A town in Finland where everyone gets "kanned". Must do wonders for the job market there.
Kansas, Oklahoma OklaDOT uses this town, nearly in Arkansas but close enough to the State of Kansas as to be confusing, as a control city. More amusingly (or maybe worse yet), US 59 crosses both the state and the town. Even more amusingly, the town is located in Delaware County.
Kantautai [lt] A village in Lithuania that means "Canadians".
Kanye A town in Botswana in the southern District. Namesake of Rapper Kanye West.
Karcag A city in Hungary with a serious rash. Translates as "scratchy" in Hungarian.
Kars A city in Turkey that existed long before "kars" were a thing. Sorry Karl Benz.
Kecskemét A city in Hungary. Translates as "goats walking" in Hungarian.
Keisterville A town in Pennsylvania, United States. Keister was once a common U.S. slang term for the buttocks.
Kermit Unfortunately no frogs live in this hot and sweaty Texas town. There is also a Kermit, West Virginia.
Kfar Pines A town in Northern Israel. The second word is pronounced similar to "penis."
Kickapoo You'll be surprised how many places and things have this name in the US. There's even a native american tribe named it.
Kick 'em Jenny An active underwater volcano near Grenada. The name itself may be a reference to the waters sometimes being extremely rough.
Kicking Horse River A river in British Columbia.
Kiek in de Kök Talk about going below the belt - especially in Gdansk, the German city of Magdeburg, and the Estonian capital!
Kiester A town in Minnesota, United States, which was once featured in a commercial for the hemorrhoid medicine Preparation H.
Ki Ki Small Australian town. Doesn't love you.
Kilcock A town in Ireland.
Kill A village in County Kildare, Ireland.
Kill Devil Hills A very famous town in North Carolina, where the Pioneer Era of Aviation began!
Kill Van Kull This strait separates New York State's southernmost island from Newark, New Jersey.
Kilbride A neighbourhood of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada where marriages "end horribly."
Killingly This town in Windham County, Connecticut surprisingly has a very low violent crime rate.
Kilnaboy A village, townland and civil parish in County Clare, Ireland.
Kilkenny "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!"
Killmacow A small village in County Kilkenny, Ireland - curiously, dairy farming seems to be nearly absent there.
Kilmore This rather violent-sounding title is the name of 13 different places, mostly in Ireland and Scotland.
King Dick's Hole A deep section at the confluence of the Rivers Sence and Anker, in north Warwickshire, UK. Local tradition says it is where King Richard bathed before battle.[12]
King of Prussia The location of the King of Prussia mall.
Kippekofen A sub-community within the town of Burscheid. "Kippe" means "fag" in German.
Kissidougou A city in Guinea that kisses their dogs!
Kissimmee, Florida A very affectionate city in Florida.
Kissing A municipality in Bavaria.
Kißlegg A town in southeastern Baden-Württemberg, Germany that has got a strange affinity towards kissing legs.
Kirby I'll breathe in your pathetic bombs and send them right back at you!
Kivesjärvi A village in Finland named after a lake. Translates to "testicle lake".
Kleena Kleene A unusually dry, relatively "cool"-climate recreational community in British Columbia, which could sound appealing to germophobes.
Kloschwitz A village in Germany. Means "toilet sweat" in German.
Kloten Balsberg railway station A railway station that I'm sure the Dutch find quite amusing. "Kloten" bears a resemblance to "klot" which means "fuck" and "bals" which means well, "balls".
Klütz A very clumsy German town. Expect a lot of accidents here.
Knobhead A mountain in Antarctica.
Knob Lick A small town in Missouri, United States.
Knock A village in Ireland.
Knockemstiff Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor may like it here - in the Buckeye State.
Kock A town in Poland.
Kokhanok A place in Alaska. A place with plenty of cocks and knocking!
Kokkola Coca-Cola might want to remind this Finnish town how to spell.
Koknese A village in Latvia.
Kokpek This little village in Kazakhstan got caught sending cock pics to co-workers.
Koksijde A town in Belgium.
Kokstad A city in South Africa. Since "stad" means city in Dutch you can look at it like "cock city".
Kommunizm A town and jamoat in northwestern Tajikistan. These guys must have been fans of the Soviet Union, or perhaps of their own party from the Soviet days.
Konkapot River This river in southwestern Massachusetts sounds like you wouldn't want to wash your cookware in it, as it might get ruined, possibly from its heavy metal pollution.
Kotzen Kotzen is a verb that means "to vomit" in German.
Kouchibouguac A Canadian coastal national park in New Brunswick - the park and its most prominent river have this name, from the Miꞌkmaq indigenous people.
Kraków A legendary Polish prince gave his name to this medieval-founded Polish city, where he wanted to literally "get the drop" on a troublesome dragon living just beneath him!
Krapina A town in Croatia that doesn't know where to crap. Crap in a...what?
Krimpen A town in the Netherlands where I can only assume they have a storage house for dwarves. "Krimpen" is a Dutch verb that means "to shrink".
Kruishaar A small hamlet in the Netherlands. Means "crotch-hair" in Dutch.
Krypton Superman's favorite place on earth - if he's not at his lonely Arctic battlement...
Kullimaa The name of two villages in Estonia. Means "land of penis" in Finnish.
Kumler A ghost town in Illinois. I guess people didn't "kum" there enough.
Kurri Kurri A very tasty town in Australia.
Kut A city in Iraq where the heat will probably "kut" anything open. Also means "cunt" in Dutch.
Kuttekoven A sub-municipality part of the municipality Borgloon in Belgium. "Kuttekoven" means "cunted coffins" in Dutch.
La Barre This small French "commune" town in the area of eastern France, near to northwestern Switzerland, is said to be the future hometown of a famous space captain in fiction.
LaCenter A place in Kentucky that is nowhere near the center of Kentucky.
La Force A small commune in France inhabited by Jedi.
Lagos Lagos means Lakes in Spanish...wonder if there are any lakes in Lagos
La Hija de Dios A municipality in Spain. Translates as "The Daughter of God".
Lahore A Pakistani city where yes, I'm sure you can find some whores.
Lake Butte des Morts A lake in Wisconsin, located just to the west of Lake Winnebago. Translates from French to "Lake Mound of the Deads".
Lake Disappointment An ephemeral salt lake in a remote area of Western Australia.
Lake Elmo A town in Washington County, Minnesota.
Lake Success Praying on false hopes since 1926!
Lake Titicaca The largest lake in South America, between the borders of Peru and Bolivia. Sole home of a very wrinkly frog; and in fiction, the supposed home of the Great Cornholio. Also, Titi means aunt in Spanish, so...Lake auntie's shit?
La Mort aux Juifs French hamlet, literally meant ‘the death to the Jews,’ but in Old French was spelt la mare au juin (the liquid manure pond). It was eventually split into Les Croisilles and La Dogetterie, effectively deleting this grotesque toponym.
Landmark, Manitoba A Small Town In Southeastern Manitoba Near Lorette, Manitoba And Winnipeg.
Lánycsók A village in Hungary that means "girl kiss" in Hungarian.
Ļaudona A village in Latvia that is the personal residence of Dr. Evil. "Ļaudona" means "evil" in Latvian.
Lauf Most like the hometown of Forrest Gump. "Lauf" means "run" in German.
Lay You can't possibly walk out of here without getting laid. Better yet, two more exist. One in Iran, the other in Kansas.
Layland An unincorporated community in West Virginia. If you're lucky, you might get laid here.
Leading Tickles Possibly the most uncomfortable place name in Newfoundland.
Leakesville Don't go getting any ideas!
Leakey Now you've done it!
Lederhose Unfortunately, lederhosen do not come from here.
Left Hand An unincorporated community in West Virginia full of southpaws!
Legionowo A town in Poland with the Legion of the Dead. Over 50,000 strong!
Lekkerkerk A town in the Netherlands with lots and lots of candy. Means "delicious church" in Dutch. I think the church is made of pie.
Lem, Denmark [da] A municipality in Denmark that translates as "member" in "penis" member.
Lemu A county in Finland. Translates to Stink.
Lesbos The quirky little Greek island with over 80,000 lesbians. Suck on that San Francisco! Seriously, the people from here are called "lesbians". To make things even more hilarious, "lesbos" translates to either "forested" or "woody".
Le Tampon A city in Saint-Pierre, Réunion.
Le Saix A commune in France that means "the sex". A place where you are guaranteed to get laid.
Les Enfers A town in Switzerland. Enfer means "hell" in French.
Liberal Despite the name, the majority of residents voted for Trump in 2016.
Lick Fork Gives me an appetite. A town in West Virginia.
Lickey End A village in England.
Licking Lollipop and ice cream sales here are through the roof!
Lihula A town in Estonia that is of the more robust persuasion let's just say. "Lihula" means "fat" in Estonian.
Limpopo A province in South Africa. Aside from the funky sounding name, in the Sepedi language "Limpopo" means "strong gushing waterfalls", with the river they're involved with (along with lots of LOTS of Vachellia trees!) being a favorite of Rudyard Kipling[13]...
Linnusitamaa A small island in Estonia. It means "bird shit land". No wonder it's uninhabited...and too bad it was never one of the islands where avian feces were once mined...
Liphook The village in the East Hampshire, England where the piercing craze begun.
Lit A place in Sweden that shines very bright.
Litsmetsa Means "whore forest" in Estonian.
Little America With only 68 inhabitants, this Wyoming town really is little.
Little Canada You think this is a Canadian town? Wrong.
Little Heaven An unincorporated community in Delaware.
Little Rock Capital and largest city in Arkansas.
Little Snoring A village in Norfolk. Also see Great Snoring.
Liverpool Cannibals must love this English town!
Lizard A village in Cornwall.
Lizard Lick An unincorporated community in Wake County, North Carolina, home of Lizard Lick Towing & Recovery.
Lolland An island in Denmark known for its sense of humor. Also LOL-land just sounds nice.
Lone Tree This poor tree in Colorado needs a whole municipality of just over 10,000 population to keep it company.
Longcochon A commune in France. Means "long pig" in French.
Long Dick Creek A stream in Iowa.
Longdong The Chinese clearly want to fire back at the whole "small asian penis" thing. So much that there are 6 other places in China named "Longdong".
Longpole If you thought "Longdong" was funny, check this place out.
Longwood Clearly they had boners in mind when they were naming this place.
Looney Creek A creek in Missouri. "Ah-bi-bi-beeah-bi-bi-beeah-bi-bi-beeah That's All Folks!"
Looneyville New York, West Virginia, and Texas each have places for people of the more mentally insane persuasion.
Lopik A town in the Netherlands that means either "dripping dick" or "walking dick".
Lord Hereford's Knob It's rather big, is in Wales, and has been immortalised in song.
Los Baños A city in California. "Los Baños" means "the bathrooms" in Spanish.
Losevo A rural locality in Russia. The Lithuanian name for it is "Kiaušai" which can mean either "eggs" or "balls". Funny how eggs also happen to look a bit like testicles.
Lost A genuine Scottish hamlet's name.
Love Going by the 50 inhabitants I'd say there hasn't been a whole lot of it going on.
Loveladies Clearly a place full of players.
Loveland A municipality in Colorado. Fittingly it's nicknamed "The Sweetheart City". Another one's in Ohio and that one's called the "Sweetheart of Ohio". How lovely.
Lower Dicker A Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Weald of East Sussex. Also a nearby settlement.
Lubersac A commune in France that offers plenty of lubricant for a pleasant time in the sack.
Lucknow This city in India might want to consider buying a lottery ticket.
Lucky Boy A ghost town in Nevada, United States.
Lukla One might think you'd be "fortunate" here in Nepal, especially if one had a safe landing - as its only airport's 527 meter-long single runway runs "uphill" and "downhill" by some 82 meters (269 ft) from end to end.
Luunja A borough in Estonia. Aside from looking like "looney", "luunja" means "bone" in Estonian. Make of that what you will.
Lynch Relax, they don't lynch people here.
Madona Little did Madonna know that Latvia named a town after her.
Madrid, Iowa Pronounced /ˈmædrɪd/
Mad River A place in California. Used to be called "Kuntz". Clearly this place subscribes to the idea that funny names boost your tourism sector.
Mafia Island An island off the coast of Tanzania. Fortunately organized crime is probably not an issue here.
Magician Lake Small crossroads in Grand Traverse County, Michigan - it isn't known if either Mandrake or Dr. Strange ever considered retiring here.
Magic Valley A region in Idaho. You'll find plenty of wizards here.
Magnet A village in Nebraska. Careful with anything magnetic here.
Make This village in Botswana will let you shake it and bake it any way you want it.
Malaise (Belgium) [fr] French name of a hamlet of Overijse.
Malcocinado A municipality in Spain. Means "badly cooked" in Spanish.
Man A city in the Ivory Coast that yes, indeed does have a man.
Mangai A town in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with the gayest man on earth.
Mango No, there aren't any mangoes in this town in Italy.
Manley Hot Springs Just what it says. Very manly hot springs. Now try saying that to the weather there.
Mannekensvere Clearly this village in Belgium is a fan of manniquins.
Many Farms A census-designated place in Arizona.
Mäo The Chinese may find this Estonian village a bit reminiscent.
Margarita Are you thirsty?
Marker A town where 3,400 Norwegians have marked their home.
Marrowbone Creek Name of 3 different creeks in the US.
Mars In 1882, the name of the community was changed to Mars from Overbrook since the railroad already had a stop with the name "Overbrook". No one is sure how the name "Mars" came into being. Some say it was Park's wife who enjoyed astronomy, or it was shortened after Samuel Marshall's name.
Mashpee A town in Massachusetts' Cape Cod peninsula - and is also the home of a Native American tribe on the Cape.
Massac A place in Kentucky with "massac" in McCracken County. That's gotta really hurt!
Massacre Island A small island in Ontario.
Matamoros Name of a few places in Mexico as well as a municipality in Spain. "Matamoros" translates to "Moor killer" in Spanish.
Maton Abajo A barrio in Cayey, Puerto Rico, next to Maton Arriba. Maton means killer in Spanish and arriba and abajo mean up and down, so with two matones (killers) in the area, this must be a very dangerous place!
Matelica These guys must be fans.
Maumee A city in Ohio. Pronounced like "mommy".
Meat Camp A place in North Carolina.
Meat Mountain A mountain in northwestern Alaska.
Meddybemps A very small town (population of 157, in 2010) in Washington County, Maine, its "plural" name apparently cannot define what a single "meddybemp" is.
Medicine Hat The name for this city in Alberta, Canada is also a type of horse marking.
Meeteetse A town in Wyoming.
Meisenheim A town in Germany probably named by horny schoolboys. Means "tits home" in German.
Meme A place apparently named after memes. The 9 year olds may enjoy this hot and sweaty place.
Mercedes A name of 7 different places in the world. Unfortunately, there are no places called "Benz" in the world. Such a shame.
Merlino Yes, "Merlino" is the Italian for "Merlin".
Mesick A village in Michigan.
Methwold I guess finding someone who isn't high as a kite here is supposed to be quite difficult.
Meuse A river that is bound to leave a few Germans chuckling. "Meuse" is pronounced like the German word "Möse" which means "cunt" - it was, however, the major obstacle to cross in the Battle of the Bulge!
Mexican Hat Named after a rock that looks like a sombrero, which is a traditional hat worn in Mexico.
Mexican Water, Arizona A community and trading post with in the Navajo Nation (and the best Navajo Tacos are found there).
Mexico An unincorporated community in Maryland, United States. Also a city in Missouri, and in New York. Fun Fact: "Mexico" is a portmanteau of two Nahuatl words Mētztli and xīctli which together mean "at the navel of the moon".
Miass Both a river and a city in Russia.
Mianus Properly pronounced "my-ANN-us", it's a neighborhood in Greenwich, Connecticuta freeway bridge over its river suffered a scary collapse in 1983.
Micanopy A town in Florida that wont share their canopy.
Mickey Mouse Don't be telling by the real mouse! Roads in Cleveland, Georgia and Horace, North Dakota.
Miccosukee A lewd place in Florida. Expect to see a lot of fellatio here.
Middelfart In the Danish language, Middelfart means 'average speed'.
Middlepits A village in Botswana.
Mile and a Quarter Too bad that it's 1.45 miles away from the beach though. Even in Barbados you're still a quarter mile short.
Mikołajki A town in Poland. Means "little santas" in Polish.
Millstreet A place in Ireland that is not a street but a town.
Minisink A township in Orange County, New York.
Mio Many people like to drink Mio in Michigan.
Miracle Whip The only municipality in Lafayette County, Florida, changed its name to Miracle Whip in late August 2018 due to a "krafty" publicity deal with an American giant of prepared foods.[14][15]
Miroși A commune in Romania where they clearly don't shower. Can be translated as "you smell".
Mirror Mirror, mirror on the wall.
Misery A small village in France.
Misery River A very sad river in northern Michigan.
Mistake Peak A mountain peak in Antarctica. Man, it was really an accident!
Mistake Island An island off the coast of Maine.
Mistaken Island An island near Western Australia. You must be thinking of another island...
Mockbeggar Not exactly a nice thing to do to those down on their luck. Three villages of that name, two in Kent and one in Hampshire, England.
Moddergat A village in Dongeradeel in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands. The name of the village means 'mud hole' in Dutch and in West Frisian - see Murderkill River below.
Mogyoród A small village in Hungary. Means "your nuts" in Hungarian.
Mold You've got to head for the land of the Red Dragon to see for yourself!
Mollie's Nipple There are at least seven of them.
Money An unincorporated community in Mississippi, most notable for being the site of Emmett Till's lynching. Money doesn't grow on trees here though, especially since the former post office is located in a mobile home.
Moneymore A place in central Northern Ireland where you'll earn more money, and about 17,000 km from a place where you won't!
Monkey Run, Arkansas An unincorporated community.
Monkey's Eyebrow Unincorporated community in Kentucky.
Monkstown No monks live in Newfoundland unfortunately.
Monowi The first pair of syllables of this Cornhusker State town's name describe it well - as "mono-" is the ancient Greek for "single", only one person lives there!
Monster A town in the Netherlands.
Montcuq Can be pronounced like "mon cuq" which is French for "my ass". "Montcuq" also means "cuckoo mountain".
Monteton This very sensitive French village translates as "my nipple" in French.
Mooball A town in New South Wales, Australia.
Mooers A town in New York I can only assume they let the cows name.
Mooloolah Because "moolah" just wasn't enough.
Moon Local lore tells of a waning crescent moon that descended to plow furrows in farmer's fields with its sharp cusp but killed many excited witnesses who cursed and praised the Moon's early morning activities.
Moose Factory Well, where'd you think they came from?
Moose Jaw A city in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Mooseland A small rural community in Nova Scotia. Very appropriate name for a town in Canada.
Mooselookmeguntic Lake A small lake in the US state of Maine, with the third longest name in the USA. Also the last sentence in a very long bad pun, but since a trail almost connects it and "his" home of Katahdin, be careful around Pamola, as "his" form is partly described in the first two syllables.
Mora A place in Sweden that means "mother". This place must get all kinds of "your mom" jokes.
More Tomorrow A village in Cayo District, Belize.
Morgan Hill Located at the bottom of a valley (specifically Silicon Valley), this low-elevation town is named after one Mr. Hill.
Mormon Bar No more Mormons here unfortunately.
Mörön A town in Khövsgöl Province, Mongolia.
Morón An Argentine city.
Morzeszczyn A Polish village that means "sea of pee". It's truly a miracle that this place isn't a radioactive contaminated wasteland.
Moss A town in Norway.
Moszna The castle will take you aback... until you find out the village name translates to "scrotum".
Mount Buggery A steep hill in the Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia. Within 8 km are Mt Despair, Mt Speculation, Horrible Gap, Hells Window and The Devils Staircase, all overlooking a valley named The Terrible Hollow. The first explorers must have been having a bad week.
Mount Cocks A mountain in Antarctica.
Mount Despair Amazingly, there are three different mountains with this name, two in the United States and one in Australia.
Mount Dick A mountain in the Auckland Islands, New Zealand.
Mount Disappointment A rather uninspiring hill on the edge of Melbourne.
Mount Mee A place for people who feel special.
Mount Misery The name of a number of locations, primarily mountain summits, throughout the world. A well-known one would be a volcano located on the island of Saint Kitts, now called Mount Liamuiga.
Mount Richthofen This Colorado mountain might sound like The Red Baron had once flown over it - it's actually named for one of the famous flying ace's uncles.
Mount Slaughter A mountain peak in Antarctica. Kills people!
Mount Terrible A rotten place to go skiing in Victoria, Australia.
Mount Terror Names of two mountains, one in Antarctica, the other in Washington. Great places for a family picnic, especially if one's family name just might be Addams or Munster.
Mount Toogood A mountain in Antarctica.
Mount Typo The mountain of typographical errors.
Mousehole A fishing village in Cornwall, England.
Mpanda The Chinese probably want to take over this place in Tanzania.
Muck This island in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland is actually quite clean.
Muck City A place in Alabama.
Mudchute An area of London, England.
Mud Lick A place in Kentucky with some questionable dietary decisions. Hopefully they learn.
Muff A village in County Donegal, Ireland.
Mulhouse A city in France that may be appreciated by visitors from Springfield.
Münsterhausen Not the German vacation home of The Munsters, unfortunately, but is home to a prolific roller coaster manufacturer.
Murderkill River A 35 km (22 mile) long river in the state of Delaware, its violent-sounding name might actually come from the Dutch word modder (mud).
Musk A place in Iran with no relation to Elon Musk. It does however bear a resemblance to the Sanskrit word मुस्कस् muska which means "testicle". There's another one in Australia.
Mymensingh Capital of the Mymensingh Division of Bangladesh.
Mỹ Sơn I am disappoint!
Mystic A 17th century-founded historic city in Connecticut, United States, notable for its historic seaport and a major aquarium; and which has a city named for it in Iowa.


Nags Head A beach town in North Carolina.
Nagybajom A village in Hungary with a huge problem. Means "my big problem" in Hungarian.
Nagykutas A village in Hungary that will cause some Polish people to laugh. Means either "bald dick" or "naked dick" in Polish.
Naháč A village in Slovakia. Means "naked guy" in Slovak.
Nameless Yeah, that's a name, so you're wrong.
Nani Town in Afghanistan that means "what" in Japanese.
Narnia A town in central Italy, now called Narni. The imaginary place in The Chronicles of Narnia novels created by author C. S. Lewis was named after the town.
Nasty It's actually a nice place.
Needles A city in San Bernardino County, California. Don't won't get pricked.
Neger The name of two rivers in Germany. Let's just leave it there.
Nemenčinė A city in Lithuania that means "not foolish" in Lithuanian.
Nemėžis A village that is the sworn "Nemėžis" of Lithuania.
Neprošteno A village in Macedonia. Means "unforgiven".
Nesoddtangen A village in Norway. It translates to something like "the cape cape cape".
Nether Wallop That's gotta hurt.
Neutral This Kansas place gives nobody a darn about your world conflicts.
Nevada City, California Sorry! No legal brothels in this Nevada City!
Nevada, Iowa Pronounced "nuh-VEY-duh".
Neversink A township and small community in Sullivan County, New York. No, it's not a Titanic reference.
New Erection A hamlet in Virginia, USA.
Newbuildings There are always new buildings.
New Invention The name of two little places in the West Midlands of England. Nothings been invented there since the early 1700s, so it's a bit out of date to say the least.
New Philadelphia, Pennsylvania What the heck, Pennsylvania?! Is one Philadelphia not enough for you?
New York, Texas This small community in Henderson County, Texas probably has a relationship with Texas, New York. Also a village in Lincolnshire, England, a few miles from Boston, Lincolnshire.
Nice It's actually a nasty place...if one's not fond of the French Riviera.
Niepiekła A village in Poland that means "not hell" in Polish.
Nieuwegein A city in the Netherlands that means "new joke". Joke's on you now.
Niger Country in West Africa. Racist, if not pronounced "nee-zhair" like the French would - as French is its official language.
Nipple Peak A mountain peak in Antarctica.
Nippletop A mountain located in Essex County, New York within the largest state-protected area in the "lower-48" United States.
Nimrod Name of a few different places in the US.
Nitro City in West Virginia named for an ingredient in gunpowder.
No Man's Land A small hamlet in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
No Name A town in Colorado, United States.
No Place I guess the residents were too dumb to realize it's a place in County Durham, United Kingdom.
Nobber A village in County Meath, Ireland.
Nob End A place near Kearsley, Bolton.
Nob Hill A neighborhood in San Francisco.
Nokia No Kia's are allowed here - and even the telephone firm named for it left there in 2008!
Nõmme An administrative district in Tallinn full of candy! "Nõmme" means "yummy" in Estonian.
Nooseneck A town in Rhode Island. Sounds like a fun time
Norfolk A city in Virginia. The "folk" part is really pronounced to rhyme with "book" but Virginians pronounce it like "Nor-fuck".
Nork A small residential area near Epsom Downs in Surrey, England, on the border with Greater London. Also a suburb of Yerevan, Armenia.
Normal A town in Illinois, United States. Home of first public university of Illinois. There is also a small community called Normal in Alabama, part of the city of Huntsville and home to Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University.
North A small town in South the center of the state, partly founded by an "appropriately" (?!?)-named CSA veteran!
North Piddle A parish in Worcestershire, England.
North Pole, Alaska A city in Alaska, United States.
North Pole, New York A hamlet in Essex County, New York, United States with a theme park called Santa's Workshop.
Norway, New York A township and small community located in Herkimer County, New York.
Nose A "two-syllable town" in Japan.
Nosy Be An island off the coast of Madagascar.
Nothing A small abandoned town in Arizona, United States
Nowe Rumunki A village in Poland that means "New Romanian Women" in Polish.
Nowhere An unincorporated community in the middle of Oklahoma, United States.
Nowhere Else In Tasmania, Australia. Contrary to the name, there are in fact other places, including Paradise and Promised Land, both nearby.
Nýsæland Nýsæland is the Faroese name for New Zealand, but "nysaeland" in Swedish means "sneeze country".
Oatmeal, Texas A place in Texas.
Ob A town in Novosibirsk Oblast, Russia. It means "about" in Russian. also shares its name with the world's seventh-longest river, only nine kilometers away!
Obama A town in Fukui prefecture, Japan that means "little beach" in Japanese. Gained publicity in 2008 as it shares its name with a US president.
Obasute Station A train station that deals in the business of senicide. "Obasute" or "Ubasute" means "abandoning an old woman" in Japanese. There's also a mountain in Japan with similar kanji 冠着山 [jp] (obasuteyama) that basically means something like "throw-grandma-away mountain".
Obeliai A small city in Lithuania that means "apples". One with a very dirty mind might be thinking of these apples.
Odd Where the teachers from Normal can expect to wind up after graduation!
Odd Down A suburb of the English city of Bath, Somerset.
Ofakim A city in southern Israel that seems to have been named by someone who was pretty exasperated with some dude.
Office Hall A place in Virginia.
Ogre A city in Central Latvia. They are like onions.
Ohey A Francophone hometown that gives a very warm welcome...«Allo, comment t'allez-vous?»
Ohio, New York A township and small community in Herkimer County, New York, obviously named after the state of Ohio.
Ojai A city in Ventura County, California, pronounced OH-hi. So...hello to you, too.
Okahumpka All humping allowed here, in this Sunshine State locale!
Okay A town in Oklahoma. Okay?
Old Fig Garden A place in California. "Fig" is a slang term for "vulva".
Onancock A town in Virginia, United States.
Once Brewed and Twice Brewed Villages in Tyne and Wear, near Newcastle upon Tyne.
Orál Capital of West Kazakhstan.
Organ Cave This place missed by 125 miles away, east-northeast, being the actual place where a real "cave organ" still plays today!
Orly The French "commune" that partly hosts the Paris-area airport, that was completed five years too late for The Lone Eagle to be able to land there!
Oshkosh Sometimes invoking the mild expletive "B'gosh!", once a year its airport becomes the world's busiest airfield!
Ossipee A town in New Hampshire.
Ovens The hottest village in all of Ireland.
Owo OwO, what's this? It's a city in Nigeria which looks like an emoji use to express shock.
Oy A rural locality in the "deepest part of Siberia", within Russia. Some used to think a lot of Russians like to say "Oy" - but it's been popular (and spelled a bit different) in the UK, as well!
Paese A town in Italy that means "town", so Italy has a town that means "town". Those Italians sure are creative. In French however it resembles a French slang word "baise" which means "fuck".
Pagiriai A small town in Lithuania that means "hangover".
Pain Court Lash punishments are dealt out daily here.
Paint Lick An unincorporated community in Garrard County, Kentucky. Let's just hope that they don't have lead-based paint.
Painted Post A village in Steuben County, New York.
Pal A very friendly Andorran village.
Palli [fi] Name of a place in Finland that is also sometimes spelled "Pallivaha". "Palli" means "ball" and "vaha" means "wax" in Finnish and Estonian so it basically means "ball wax". At least the Estonians get to join in.
Panauti If you're not feeling lucky, spare a thought for this town.
Pandamatenga A village in Botswana with an airport that the Chinese probably built.
Papa An island in the Scalloway Islands, Shetland, Scotland.
Pápa Another Hungarian town (this one with a "cute accent"), but still with daddy issues. Also translates as "pope" in Hungarian.
Paraíba A state in Brazil. In the Tupi language, it means "bad for navigation".
Pardeeville An Amish town in Wisconsin.
Parker Strip, Arizona Sorry, no strippers here. They're all in Nevada I'm afraid.
Paryż The name of two different villages in Poland that are trying to steal France's capital probably.
Pau Grande Two towns in Brazil whose names translates to "big stick" or "big wood". However, "pau" doesn't only mean wood, but it can also be one of the many euphemisms for penis.
Pauvres A commune in France that means "poor people". Guess they axed their tourism potential.
Payne Gap A place in Kentucky probably filled with masochists.
Peculiar A town in Missouri, where various theories exist to explain the origin of the town's name. The town motto: "where the odds are with you".
Pécs Doesn't look like much but it's actually pronounced quite similar to that word for a female dog. Those Hungarians sure are clever.
Pedrovo A small village in Slovenia. Translates as "gayville".
Pee Dee There's another Pee Dee in Anson County and is also the name of a river and of a Native American tribe (compare with The Bay State's Mashpee, above)...gawddamn...!
Pee Pee A township in Ohio. Probably wants a visit from Beaver.
Pee Pee Island An Island in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Peepeekisis A Cree First Nation.
Peermade A city in Kerala that may or may not have been "peer made".
Peinlich A hamlet in Trotternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Peinlich is the German word for "embarrassing".
Penacova A town in Portugal. Means "pé na cova" means "foot in hole" in Portuguese.
Penetanguishene A town on Ontario's Lake Huron coastline - with a history that made it a bilingual town, in a primarily English-speaking Canadian province.
Penisarwaun A place in Wales.
Peniscola A midsized coastal town within Spain's Valencian Community. Don't drink the piña colada.
Penistone It has caused generations of Yorkshiremen to smirk.
Pennycomequick An area of Plymouth, England where pennies are mistreated.
Petting Absolutely no sexual connotations. Seriously!
Pewee Valley A place in Kentucky with about 1,500 very unfortunate souls that get to say that they are from "Pewee Valley".
Pfafftown Community near Winston-Salem, North Carolina that is somehow pronounced "Poff-town".
Pforzheim A very gassy German city. "Pforz" bears a slight resemblance to the German verb "furz" which means "fart" so it can mean "fart home".
Phuket A city in Thailand. Pronounced kind of like "fuck it". A popular destinations for sexual reassignment surgery.
Picha A village in Iran that is bound to make a few Portuguese people laugh. "Picha" means "sting" in Portuguese but it can also mean "penis".
Pičín A village in the Czech Republic that's pronounced like "pitch in". In Czech it means "pussy place".
Pickle Gap A mountain pass in Arkansas. "Pickle" is a slang term for "penis".
Pie Corner Where can you find some pie in Barbados?
Pie Town New Mexico's attempt, located about 47 miles from another sweet place in the Land of Enchantment, to fire back at Barbados - and "guess what", there is at least one restaurant in town that can serve it up for you!
Pig Well, that's not very "bluegrass-nice". "Oink-Oink".
Pijnacker A town in the Netherlands. Means "pain acre" in Dutch.
Pikveld A small town in the Netherlands. Means "dick field" in Dutch. Dicks are certainly an unusual crop I can tell you that.
Pill A village in North Somerset, England, which does have a medicinally-skilled chemist.
Pilot Butte Pilot Butte is an extinct volcano located in Bend, Oregon, and a large town in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Pinkstaff Do I even need to say anything? If you need a hint, here it is.
Piteå A Swedish town named after pie and tea. No not that pie! The other one!
Piscataway Not exactly the best thing to do to your cat.
Pismo Beach A beach in California filled with piss.
Piss Pot An island in Romney, West Virginia.
Pissy A village in Burkina Faso.
Pity Me Feel sorry for those who live there. It's actually a village on the outskirts of Durham, Co Durham, GB.
Plain A town in Washington likely named after the geographical feature, but you still have to wonder what the founders were thinking.
Pleasureville A place in Kentucky that if the name is to mean anything, must have lots and lots of people getting laid.
Plungė A city filled with plungers.
Poil A town in France whose name translates to "body hair".
Point No Point This name is rather pointless.
Poland, New York A village in Herkimer County, New York. It's also the name of a township in Chautauqua County, New York.
Police A town in Poland (pronounced po-lee-tze). Until the Second World War it was called Pölitz, its German name; when during WW II, its motor fuel refining facilities had the stuffings blown out of them nine times by American and British aircrews.
Pomme de Terre Lake A lake located in Hickory County, Missouri. If you don't see what's wrong here, in French, "pomme de terre" literally means "potato". Tell me, when you think of Missouri, do you think of their famous potatoes?
Pontiac Don't get too confused with cars. Cities in Illinois and Michigan.
Poo A town in Himachal Pradesh, India.
Poo Poo Point a mountain peak in Issaquah, Washington
Pool Lots of pool parties to find here.
Poopó Just what you need in South America.
Poopoo A small shitty island in Hawaii.
Poortugaal A Dutch village that's like Portugal, but poor.
Poowong A small town in Australia.
Pop A place in Uzbekistan.
Popcorn A place in the Hoosier State.
Popeye Village A place in Malta that eats it's spinach!
Pörnbach A municipality in Bavaria, Germany.
Pornainen A municipality in Finland near Helsinki. Lot's of porn is stored here.
Porno [de] A village in Nigeria.
Pornóapáti A village in Hungary.
Port Said A port city in Egypt that can talk!!!
Potter Place No, Harry Potter does not live here.
Poverty An unincorporated community in Kentucky, some 14,760 km from an Australian locale whose name doesn't inspure wealth, either!.
Poundsgate A village in Devon, England.
Powersville An unincorporated community in Kentucky.
Pratt's Bottom A village in the London Borough of Bromley, originally Spratts Bottom.
Pray A very religious Italian town. Also in France, Montana, and Wisconsin.
Presidente Prudente City in Brazil, named after president Prudente de Morais. Sounds extra weird due to the fact that literally translated, it means "prudent president".
Prickend Former name of Chislehurst West, London.
Prickwillow A village in England.
Proletarsk As if Kommunizm weren't enough...
Prosperous A town in Ireland.
Protection A place in Kansas where they sell condoms!
Puck Somehow this coastal Polish city has no ice hockey team. And right across Puck Bay, Hel can be found, especially if one is reading a Marvel Comics work that mentions its "queen".
Puddletown A village in Dorset, United Kingdom. Also several nearby villages along the River Piddle, such as Piddletrenthide.
Puerto Rico Despite it's name, many poor people live in this Caribbean country.
Puerto Rico A city in Colombia. As far as it's known, every Puerto Rican living here is actually a Colombian.
Pukë A town in Albania.
Pumpback The very lewd people will like this place a lot.
Pumpkin Center Name of a bunch of places in the US. Those pumpkins must be quite proud of themselves.
Pungpinan A small subdistrict in Sweden. Means "tortured scrotum" in Swedish.
Punkeydoodles Corners A hamlet in Ontario known for its name and frequent sign theft.
Purchase A good place to purchase some Pepsi (as it's home to the headquarters of parent company Pepsico).
Pussay A commune in France.
Püssi A town in Estonia. Yes, there are pussies here. And even funnier yet, "Püssi" translates to "the gun" in Estonian. One can only speculate to what "the gun" really is.
Pussy A village in the Rhone Alps.
Pussy Creek [ceb] A creek in Hurunui District, New Zealand.
Putsonderwater Means "well without water" in Afrikaans. Now I know why it's abandoned.
Puurmani' A borough in Estonia. "Puur" means drill and "mani" means man so you can look at it as "drill man". Don't worry, I'm sure it's just a euphemism for a penis.
Queer Mountain A mountain in Antarctica.
Rabbit Hash A small town in Northern Kentucky, near Cincinnati. Four dogs have been successively elected Mayor there...
Radium, Kansas How'd you like to live in a town named after a radioactive element?
Ragged Ass Road A street in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada.
Raisin City A place in California where you probably won't find any raisins. Additionally "raisins" is sometimes used as a slang term for testicles or nipples.
Rambo Department A department in Burkina Faso. Before you ask, John Rambo does not live here.
Rammelsbach Means "screwing creek" in German.
Ramtown A place in New Jersey. Whatever joke you're thinking of, just imagine it here.
Rape This is the traditional term for a subdivision of the county of Sussex, in England. The county had several "rapes": the rape of Arundel, the rape of Bramber, etc.
Räpina A city in Estonia that means "rapping" in Estonian. Don't get too excited, the people here are probably too white to be any good.
Rapture Would you kindly visit us?
Ratten A municipality in Austria that means "rats". There's also a Rattenberg in Austria "rats mountain".
Raufoss A village in Norway. Means "ass waterfall" in Norwegian aka "diarrhea".
Reading I'm READING some stories about Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Ohio, and Pennsylvania (and, of course, England).
Rectum (nl) A hamlet in the municipality of Wierden, Netherlands.
Red Deer A city in Alberta, Canada.
Red Deer Hill A farming community in Saskatchewan south of Prince Albert and is within the Rural Municipality of Prince Albert No. 461.
Red House The least populous town in New York, United States.
Reddick With any luck, they'll paint their flagpole red as a suitable euphemism.
Red Lion Name of 5 different places in the US, an airport, a creek, a bunch of pubs in England, and in Australia. The lions are probably soaked in the blood of Christians. Clearly Nero left his mark on the world because lions aren't normally red.
Red Shirt No doubt a Star Trek reference.
Reet A town in Belgium within the municipality of Rumst. "Reet" means "arse" in Dutch.
Regina The capital of Saskatchewan that the 12 year olds will love as it rhymes with "vagina". More hilariously it was named in honor of Queen Victoria.
Rest and Be Thankful Another name for the A83 road in Scotland.
Retie A smaller Reet.
Riešketai [lt] A small village in Lithuania that means "nuts".
Rifle A city in Colorado.
Rimsting A municipality in Germany.
Rimswell A village in Yorkshire, whose inhabitants may have prehensile tongues.
Řitka A village in the Czech Republic that means "butthole" in Czech.
Ritoznoj A village in Slovenia. Means "ass-sweat" in Slovenian.
Rock A village in Cornwall.
Rock City, New York This tiny hamlet in the Hudson Valley of New York State is only some 3.5 kilometers due east of the late Cole Palen's famous aviation museum.
Rolândia A city in Paraná, Brazil, Rola means cock in Brazil, so translating to English it means Cockland or Dickland
Rollin A township in Michigan fully endorsed by Limp Bizkit.
Romance A very romantic place in Arkansas.
Romeo An unincorporated community in Florida with no Juliet to be found. Poor Romeo.
Roses Sounds like a lovely place.
Rottenegg A small town in Austria. Man, when I ate eggs from there, it made me SICK!
Rough and Ready This place in California likes it nice and rough. I'm not talking about Hanna-Barbera, making its first television series.
Roy Jones Mountain, Alaska No boxing fights have ever been held here
Rrapë A village in Albania.
Rum An Austrian town.
Rush A small coastal town in Ireland. Fully endorsed by Geddy Lee! It is also the name of townships in New York and Pennsylvania.
Russia, New York A township and small community located in Herkimer County, New York.
Rust A town in Michigan where all the inhabitants play this cool game.
Rustenburg A city in South Africa where I'm sure the infrastructure could use some work.
Ruyton-XI-Towns XI pronounced "eleven" (Roman numerals).
Rzeszow A city in Poland where Nazis still loom about. Translated it means something like "Reich's city". The Nazis even renamed it to "Reichshof" during occupation.
Saaranpaskantamasaari A small island in Finland. It means "an island shat by Saara".
Sack A village within the Swiss canton of Zurich.
Sacsayhuamán A citadel in Peru just outside of Cusco. It's pronounced like "sexy woman".
Sad A very sad and depressed village in Oman. At least it has a friend in Poland.
Safe Harbour Its abandoned status suggests that it's not very safe.
Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! The only town name with two exclamation points. (There is a Baie des Ha! Ha! in Saguenay, Quebec but it is not an incorporated municipality.) It's also some 145 km away from the lake, and aforementioned fleuve drôle that share the "exclamative" part of its name. Like Wawa, Ontario (which natively means "goose"), Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! is a remote point in an otherwise-populous province, located directly on the Trans-Canada Highway but nowhere near anything.
Sainte-Verge A commune in France. "Verge" means "penis" in French so it essentially means "Saint Penis" in French.
Saiyan A village in India that has gone Super Saiyan!
Saldus A town in Latvia filled with cake! "Saldus" means "sweet" in Latvian. Sorry but that cake is actually a lie.
Saligos A small commune in France that means "creep".
Sallespisse A commune in France that means "dirty piss" in French. That's how you attract tourists.
Salmon Arm A Small City Near Kamloops, British Columbia.
Salt Lake City Obviously named after the lake nearby; still makes me wonder if there is a sugar lake anywhere around.
Salt Lick Clearly the dietary choices of the residents here need to be called into question.
Salta A city in Argentina. Salta means jump! in Spanish, so, if someone asks you to jump, would you??
Salto A city in Uruguay. Very similar to the above-mentioned Salta but the "o" in it means the name means to jump instead. I guess if you want will?
Salsipuedes [es] A small town in Argentina. Means 'leave if you can'.
Sand A village in Hungary.
Sandy Balls An area of parkland in Hampshire, England.
Sandwich A town in Barnstable County, on Cape Cod in Massachusetts. Also twinned with Sandwich, England. What a yummy name — and at least one of the British royals of that name might just agree!
Santa Claus A city in Spencer County, Indiana, United States founded in 1841, adopting its current name in 1856; that has the only Santa Claus postmark in the U.S. Postal system - it shares its name with a 1941-founded city in Toombs County, Georgia, United States and a ghost town in Arizona.
Sarilhos Pequenos Village in Portugal, meaning Small Troubles.
Satan's Kingdom The name of two villages in the United States' New England region, one in Massachusetts and the other in Vermont.
Sauce Indeed I'll have sauce with that.
Ščavnica A river in Slovenia. Translates roughly to "piss". And the German name for it is "stainz". So much for the environment.
Scheidplatz A subway station in Munich. Translates as "divorce place" in German.
Schlangenbad A town in Germany. The "schlang" part is pronounced kind of like "schlong". Also means "snakes pool" in German, possibly from the German word for a spa town.
Schönegg A municipality in Austria. "Schön" means "beautiful" in German so this place has very beautiful eggs!
Science Hill A city in Kentucky.
Scratch Ankle An unincorporated community in Alabama.
Scratch My Arse Rock An atoll off the coast of Palmerston Island in the Cook Islands.
Scratchy Bottom A clifftop valley near Durdle Door, Weymouth in Dorset, England.
Seaman A "seaman" went to sea sea sea, to see what he could see see see, but all that he could see see see was the bottom of his semen semen semen!
Seč The name of 2 different abandoned settlements in Slovenia. "Seč" means "urine" in Slovenian.
Šeduva A city in Lithuania. Means "slavery" in Lithuanian. Fortunately that's not the city's trade sector.
Seeth A municipality in Germany. The towns name in Danish is "Sæd" which means "sperm".
Seix The condoms, as well as the area's local cathedral, are only 196 km (122 miles) away!!!
Semens A town in the south of France.
Seven Devils A town on the border of Avery and Watauga counties in North Carolina. When you thought one devil was enough...guess again.
Sexau A village in Germany.
Sexbierum Three vices in one name.
Sexi If only the ancient Phoenicians were around today to know what the current connotations of this name is now.
Sexmoan Former name of Sasmuan, Pampanga.
Sexsmith While this northwestern Alberta community in Canada might have an "educational"-sounding name to some, its some-2,600 residents live in what was once known as the "Grain Capital of the British Empire".
Sextonville A place in Wisconsin.
Shades of Death Road Located in central Warren County, New Jersey, its name has given rise to many local legends about ghosts and other paranormal activity along the road, many of which have been documented in Weird NJ magazine.
Shafter A city in California where you can always give her the shaft! Well, the horny school boys may like it here at least.
Shag Rocks At least four different places with this name: in Massachusetts, South Georgia, Tasmania, and Western Australia.
Shagnasty Island Not to be confused with Love Island, which is in South Georgia.
Shagtown A place in West Virginia with lot's of, how should I put it, intercourse. "Shag" is British slang for sexual intercourse.
Shakopee A city in Minnesota that is indeed quite a shack of pee.
Shamrock No leprechauns live in this Texas town.
Shanghai An unincorporated community in West Virginia, United States.
Shangri-La A city in China, not quite the fictional one mentioned in the book Lost Horizon by James Hilton but does have some basis on this place as it was renamed Shangri-La from Zhongdian in 2001 in order to promote tourism.
Sheepy Magna A village in the parish of Sheepy, Leicestershire, England. Not to be confused with Sheepy Parva.
Shingay cum Wendy A parish in Cambridgeshire, England.
Shiro A place in Texas that in Japanese means "fort". It's not exactly fortified. And you're not likely to find any Japanese people here.
Shit Holy shit, here are at least three villages in Iran with this name: one in Kermanshah Province, one in Mazandaran Province, and one in Zanjan Province!
Shitten Creek A stream in Oregon.
Shitterton A hamlet in Dorset, England.
Shoofly A small community in Granville County, North Carolina, located in Tally Ho township.
Shop A village in Cornwall, England.
Shortlands An area of the London Borough of Bromley, England.
Short Pump A census-designated place in Virginia.
Shoulderblade I think a Bluegrass State town named after the scapula is humerus.
Shtit Two naughty words in one little Bulgarian village. These guys must be very proud.
Shush The county seat of the same-name county in south-westernmost Iran, one could say it's amazingly quiet there at also has a six-millennia old Sumerian city located there.
Siberia Unincorporated community in California.
Sicamous This British Columbia place name, properly pronounced SIK-uh-moos, might be where Canada's largest "deer" could find veterinary facilities to return them to good health...
Siem Reap Province A province in Cambodia. When the province was controlled by Siam it was called "Siemmarat" which means "Siam's territory". Now under the control of Cambodia "Siem Reap" means "Siam defeated". I can see these two have been playing nice clearly.
Sieroty A village in Poland that translates to "orphans". Now why is there no orphanage there?
Silly A town in Belgium, that's barely 27 km from the border with France — you can never take its citizens seriously, and you'd likely have to pronounce it as see-yee to get it right...!
Silly Department This department's employees probably don't take their jobs too seriously. Pronounced "seely". Yes, they're that "seely" - but it's in a small West African nation, with French as its official language (like the Belgian locale mentioned just above).
Šilutė A city in Lithuania that "silutes" all of its guests!
Siquijor An island in the Philippines that's pronounced like "seek a whore".
Sisevac A small Serbian village that means "boobs village". Must be for the tourists.
Sissiboo River This river is in Nova Scotia, and its name could possibly be based on the French for "six owls" (six-hiboux).
Six Mile Bottom A village in Cambridgeshire, England.
Skullbone An unincorporated community in Tennessee.
Ski A town in Norway. Apparently a big fan of skiing.
Skorcz A town in Poland that means "cramp".
Slapout A community in Elmore County, Alabama, where hand-to-hand combat skills will get you a long way.
Slaughter Also see Upper Slaughter, Lower Slaughter, and Slaughter, Washington (since renamed Auburn, Washington)
Slaughterville A site of grisly murders and uprisings. So much so that PETA tried to get the town to rename itself to "Veggieville". The town told them to go fuck themselves.
Slaughter Beach It's probably best not to go to the beach at night in this Delaware town, lest the sands be stained red by the morning...
Slave Lake A town in Alberta, Canada. Thankfully, they don't own slaves here.
Sleepy Eye A city in Brown County, Minnesota. It is not far from Walnut Grove where Little House on the Prairie author Laura Ingalls Wilder lived during her childhood.
Sleepy Hollow A village in Westchester County, New York which was basis for the famous short story The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. The name was changed from North Tarrytown to Sleepy Hollow in 1996 which was the traditional name for the area before incorporation. There is also a place called Sleepy Hollow in Illinois.
Slettestrand [da] Means "slut beach" in Dutch.
Slemmestad A village in Røyken Municipality, Norway. The name means "mean town" in Norwegian.
Slicklizzard A small community in Walker County, Alabama.
Slippery Rock Also known as Slimy yes it is actually slippery there.
Slizké A village in Slovakia that means "slimey".
Slut The only thing this Swedish village is missing is a brothel.
Slutsk This Belarusian place needs to be twinned with that Swedish village...
Smackover From the French "sumac covert," meaning covered in sumac. Or from the French "chemin covert," meaning covered path or bridge.
Smug A settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Debrzno, within Człuchów County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland.
Smut Eye A place in Alabama. I'm trying really hard not to make a joke here.
Snake Mountain The name of mountains located in North Carolina/Tennessee (border) and Vermont. Skeletor and his henchmen do not live at either one of them.
Snave A small hamlet in England that might leave a few Danes quite charmed. "Snave" in Danish means "to french kiss".
Snowflake The place for people who feel special. Also one in Manitoba.
Sober A municipality in Spain that does not have a rehab center.
Soda Springs A town founded by junk food extremists who somehow managed to replace all natural water sources with Coke springs, Pepsi waterfalls, and Mountain View ponds.
Sodom Name of a few different places in the world.
Sofia University Mountains A mountain range in Antarctica.
Sommerloch A municipality in Germany. Means "summer hole" in German.
Sopchoppy A tiny Florida Panhandle community of just under 500 in population within the Sunshine State's Wakulla County, its Muskogee name for "acorn stem" isn't known to have made their local pastime of "worm grunting" any more popular there "as yet"...
Stara Nova Vas A village in Slovenia that is quite an oxymoron. Means "Old New Village".
Stoner A place in Colorado. I think the name speaks for itself.
Solo Chewie!
Sorge A village in Germany. Means either "sorrow" or "worry" in German, and to some, "honoring" the name of Josef Stalin's top spy in Japan!.
Spa A cozy and comfy place with a race track... that isn't in Spa. Oddly enough, the term "spa" is derived from the towns name.
Spermezeu A commune in Romania. Means "Sperm God" in Romanian.
Špičkovina A village in Croatia that can be translated to mean "female genitalia village".
Spital-in-the-Street Be careful where you walk in this English town.
Split A Croatian city prone to breaking off from the mainland. It's right on the post card.
Splunge A place in Mississippi, that's clearly a fan of Monty Python.[16]
Spread Eagle A place in Wisconsin. Watch out for the tight pants - and sharing the name for a particularly tough, six-pin split in bowling!
Spuyten Duyvil Name means "spoutin' devil" in old Dutch.
Squirrel, Idaho A unincorporated community in Fremont County, Idaho. A dog's favorite place.
Srpska Crnja A village in the north of Serbia. Translates to "Serbian nigger," 'crnja' being the derogatory term for Black people in the country.
St. Nazianz, Wisconsin These guys need to change their names, pronto...then again, the "fascist-sounding" part of that town's name actually comes from central Turkey!
Staines-upon-Thames Wonder where those "staines" came from?
Stakliškės A village in Lithuania that apparently has a very high crime rate. "Stakliškės" means "handcuffs" in Lithuanian.
Stale A Polish village that lives up to its name.
Stare Juchy A village in Poland that means "old scoundrels".
Staunton The only thing unusual about this city in western Virginia is how it's pronounced, which is STAN-tuhn.
Stege A town in Denmark that means "roast" in Danish. Who's firing up the grills?
Stepaside A suburb of Dublin, Ireland.
Stillwater A city in Oklahoma 60 km from Oklahoma City. It is home to Oklahoma State University.
Stinking Bay An unincorporated community in Arkansas that doesn't exactly shout out good personal hygiene, does it?
Stolec The name of 3 different Polish villages. "Stolec" means "excrement" in Polish. And that's when these places said goodbye to their tourism sector.
Stone-cum-Ebony A civil parish in England.
Stoptide Near Rock.
Stow cum Quy A parish in England.
Strahlungen A municipality in Germany that means "radiation" in German. That's sure to boost your tourism sector.
Strangeways A very fitting name for a prison.
Strangolagalli A comune in Italy. Means "strangle cocks" in Italian.
Strawberry A city in Arizona. Maybe this is what The Beatles were talking about in "Strawberry Fields"?...then again, maybe not.
Stupid Lake A lake in Manitoba, Canada.
Suar A city in India. You might "sue her" if there's any "sewer" leaks.
Succasunna Suck a sun? That'll kill you.
Success A place in Missouri. Don't let the name fool you, the only thing this place knows is failure.
Suches This place doesn't like your plan. It "suches".
Suckanesset An archaic name for Falmouth, Massachusetts.
Sucker Lake A lake in Ontario, Canada.
Suckow A village in Germany.
Sugartit A town in Kentucky. Another one's in South Carolina.
Su Kacha A village in Iran that the Czechs are sure bound to love. "Su Kacha" bears a resemblance to "Šukačka" which means "fuckfest". Now watch as the Czech tourists come flocking over here.
Sumerduck A town in Fauquier County, Virginia.
Superior Bottom A town in West Virginia, USA
Supporting Party Mountain A mountain in Antarctica.
Surju A village in Estonia that means "death" in Estonian.
Surprise A city in Maricopa County, Arizona.
Švábovce A village in Slovakia. Means "cockroach town" in Slovak.
Šveicarija A village in Lithuania that is in the wrong country. "Šveicarija" means "Switzerland" in Lithuanian.
Swallow Hill A place in Delaware.
Swastika No Nazis live here. A 1908 mining town in northern Ontario, which adamantly insisted "Hitler be damned"; they had the name first - at least the town was never named Hakenkreuz, and has never had an If Day.
Sweden, New York A township in Monroe County, New York.
Sweet Lips A place in Tennessee.
Swords Unfortunately Ireland, guns are kind of the thing now.
Swornegacie A village in Poland that means... "dutiful panties".
Szparki A place in Poland. "Szparki" translates to "crevices" in Polish which in Polish is a slang term for "pussy".


Tainai A city in Japan which if used with this kanji 胎内 means "inside the womb".
Taft A city that shares its name with a U.S. President, which is especially strange since it is in Iran. There is also a town named Taft in Oklahoma, and in California. Don't be confused with the TAFT Television and Radio Company.
Taintsville A place in Florida that is probably tainted.
Tally Ho A township in Granville County, North Carolina.
Tamale, Ghana Town in Ghana. It's very delicious.
Tapa A town in Estonia. Likely to become the next murder capital of the world as "tapa" means "kill" in Estonian and Finnish.
Tapachula A city in southern Mexico, it's name actually translates to nice bottle cap in Spanish. they must like coca colas and Pepsis there a lot!
Tar River A river in North Carolina. It's not as sticky as you think.
Tarm A town in Denmark. Means "intestine", "bowel", or "gut" in Danish.
Tarzana A neighborhood in the San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles in California, located on the former site where author Edgar Rice Burroughs once lived. It is named after fictional African jungle character Tarzan, a creation by Burroughs.
Tataouine Can be romanized as "Tatooine". Yes, that Tatooine. This is where they (not the Jawas) filmed it.
Tatitlek A place in Alaska. It's pronounced kind of like "titty lick"
Taylors Mistake Named after a shipping accident.
Te Puke A town in New Zealand, known for kiwifruit packing and a wood processing plant called Pukepine.
Te Urewera Area in New Zealand, name means "burnt penis" in the Māori language.
Telephone An unincorporated community area in Fannin County, Texas where you cannot get any signal at all.
Tenderloin It has the best butchers in the world.
Tendernob Area in San Francisco between Nob Hill and Tenderloin.
Termonfeckin Town in County Louth, Ireland.
Teton Village A place in Wyoming. "Teton" means "breast" in French.
Teufelsmoor A bog region a bit north of Bremen. "Teufel" means "devil" in German. A very devilish part of Germany no doubt.
Texas, New York A small community in Oswego County, New York. What makes this weirder is that this community is located near the village of Mexico. What makes this even weirder is that there's also a New York, Texas.
The Office Girls No, the female employees of Dunder-Mifflin are not associated with these two nunataks in Victoria Land, Antarctica.
This Commune in France that I cannot touch.
Thong A hamlet in Kent, England. See also Upperthong and Netherthong (below).
Three Cocks A village in Powys, Wales. More commonly known by its Welsh name Aberllynfi.
Three Way Anyone want a threesome?
Tiburon A town in California. Means "shark" in Spanish.
Tickle Cock Bridge A pedestrian underpass bridge in Castleford, England.
Ticklenaked Pond Actually a lake in Vermont.
Tiddleywink Probably one of the strangest sounding places out there, it's about 8.6 kilometers (just over five miles) north-northeast of a very historic Box.
Țigănești A commune in Romania that means "gypsy".
Tightsqueeze An unincorporated community in the center of Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
Tightwad A small town in Henry County, Missouri with a population of around 70. All of them are Scrooge.
Tillicum Beach Till I cum beach? Must be a nude beach.
Timbuktu A city in Mali that is not fake.
Time Yes, Norwegians take time so seriously they even named a municipality after it.
Tin Can Corner A small crossroads in Grand Traverse County, Michigan, possible future headquarters of Campbell's
Tiny Town A place in Kentucky with lots of dwarves.
Tis Grias To Pidima A beach on the Greek island of Andros. Means "the old lady's jump", however can also be translated as "the old lady's fucking".
Tit A village in Algeria.
Titisee A lake in southern Germany. If it has a nude beach, then it's bound to see lots of titties!
Titting A municipality in Bavaria.
Tittmoning A village in Bavaria. Strategically located near Fucking.
Tittybong A locality in Australia.
Titty Hill A hamlet in the civil parish of Milland in the Chichester district of West Sussex, England.
Titz A German town probably named by a bunch of horny schoolboys.
Toad Suck Now that's just plain mean.
Toast A small community in Surry County, North Carolina, located near Mount Airy.
Tobaccoville A town on the border of Forsyth and Stokes counties in North Carolina, right in the heart of tobacco country.
Todendorf Means "dead village" in German.
Togo A country in Africa. Togo where?
Tokat A very violent Turkish city. "Tokat" means "slap" in Turkish.
Tomato, Arkansas A town on the Mississippi River in Arkansas.
Tombstone A historic Old West town in Cochise County, Arizona most famously known for the Gunfight at the O.K. Corral in 1881. While some designing for Tombstone Pizza has an Old West look which may lead to some people thinking the brand was named after the Arizona town, it was actually based on a tavern called the Tombstone Tap in Wisconsin formerly owned by its founders. The tavern was located across from a cemetery.
Tønder A town in Denmark that means "barrels" in Danish. I'm sure the residents and their German neighbors hope the barrels are full of beer.
Tonnes A strong contestant for the heaviest postal code, weighing in at 8750 Tonnes.
Tootsi A borough in Estonia that really likes tootsie rolls.
Top-of-the-World A place in Arizona that is 4,528 ft above sea level. Still got a ways to go before beating Khumbu Pasanglhamu.
Tornado A place in West Virginia about fifteen miles downwind of Hurricane for those just blowing through town.
Torpenhow A village in Cumbria, England, whose name could be interpreted as "HillHillHill".
Torun This Polish city certainly doesn't have far to run. If only Pheidippides knew what this place was, then he wouldn't have had to run 26 miles.
Tourrettes A French commune with Tourette syndrome.
Tours Makes sense for the country that gets the most tourists. Hopefully they don't let it get to their head.
Tõrva A city in Estonia. Means "tar" in Estonian.
Transylvania County A county located in North Carolina. Neither the historical Prince Vlad Tepes, nor the fictional Dracula based on the prince, have ever resided in the area, but there is a Bat Cave nearby.
Trécon Want a village with a funny name but don't want the sign to get stolen? Go the direction of the French village whose name means "very stupid" or "big idiot" in French.
Trim A town in Ireland that does not offer hair cuts. Only trims!
Troia A town in Italy that means "whore". And this place has a cathedral. One can only wonder what the nuns do there in their spare time.
Trollhättan A city in Västra Götaland County, Sweden where Saab cars were made. Its name translates to "troll's bonnet".
Trosa A town in Sweden. Can mean either "panties" or "underwear" in Swedish.
Trumpington The 45th president of the US of A is bound to like this place.
Truth or Consequences A town in New Mexico that renamed itself simply so it could host the show that bore its name.
Truttikon A municipality in Switzerland that the Dutch are sure to love. "Trut" means "bitch" in Dutch so it can be read as "bitch icon".
Tsootsha A village in Botswana that will "tsootsha" perfectly!
Tuba City Named after Tuuvi, a Hopi man who introduced Mormonism to the American Natives.
Tubbercurry The second-largest town in terms of both population and land area in County Sligo, Ireland. I'll have a tub o' curry with that.
Tuckahoe A village in New York, where a popular 1970s "spinoff" of Archie Bunker's sitcom was based.
Tuntenhausen A municipality in Germany. Means "faggot village" in German.
Tupenurme A village in Estonia that means "vagina pasture" in Estonian. Now I know where I want to live.
Turbo You can get here by fast boats featuring "concussion-inducing bumps as the launch jumps the waves".
Turda A city in Romania.
Turkey Gobble gobble. There is also a town called Turkey in Sampson County, North Carolina.
Turkey Scratch An unincorporated community in Arkansas. What? You don't think turkeys don't get itchy too?
Tuxedo A well dressed town in New York that may conjure up images of penguins.
Twatt A small settlement on the Orkney Islands, Scotland.
Twentynine Palms My, my...that's a lot of hands - adjacent to one of the toughest American military training centers in the nation's Department of Defense.
Twig A place in Minnesota.
Two Dot Named after a local rancher's livestock‑branding pattern.[17]
Two Egg An unincorporated community in Florida.
Tyre No, they do not make tires here. And if you're using the alternative romanization of "Sour", they also don't make any spices here either. It's also the name of locations in Michigan and New York.
U A municipality on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia.
Uck River in Sussex, England. Signs for the river have been subject to frequent vandalism, resulting in the local council fitting two text-lined, "fat-"T"-shaped" signs to reduce the potential to add letters to the name.
Udovice A village in Serbia. Means "widows" in Serbian.
Ugley The inhabitants are actually quite pretty.
Ultramort A village in Spain that means "ultra death". If you drop the "T" at the end then it means "ultra love".
Unalaska A town in Alaska whose name makes it sound like it's not happy with its situation.
Uncertain A very indecisive city in Texas.
Upper Dicker A village in the Weald of East Sussex.
Upper Sandusky Town in Ohio south of Sandusky.
Upperthong and Netherthong Two villages in West Yorkshire, England.
Uranus, Missouri A town famous for their fudge factory.
Urne A place in Wisconsin that is sometimes spelled as "urine". I think I've already said enough.
Uşak A city in Turkey that doesn't let you forget how much you suck.
Useless Loop A very small town in coastal Western Australia, that exports sea salt like crazy!
Utopia A ghost town in Ohio built on religious prophesies, it was destroyed by a terrible flood. You can see how well that turned out for them.
Vader A little city in Washington that was NOT named by the Emperor. THAT place exists in Colorado.
Vaiņode A village in Latvia that quite literally defines the "Wild West" of Latvia. "Vaiņode" means "cowboy" in Latvian.
Valentine A city in Nebraska where it's always Valentine's Day!!!
Vammala A former town in Finland that translates as "retard-town".
Van Unfortunately this place existed long before motorized vehicles were invented. Texans can also get a ride as well.
Van Vleck, Texas Remarkebly, not many vans pass through Van Vleck.
Varakļāni A town in Latvia. Means "cowardly" in Latvian.
Varkaus A town in Finland that means "theft". Perhaps the sign stealing tourists in Fucking found a new place to stay.
Varvarin Town in Serbia. Name translates to Barbarian.
Vatan A town in France that means "go away". Clearly these guys aren't fans of tourists.
Veliki Krš A mountain in Serbia. Means something like "big pile of junk" in Serbian.
La Venta Famous archeological site in a peppery-sauced-sounding Mexican state, its ancient head sculptures could be hiding a marvel-ously evil villain in plain sight.
Venta de Baños A small town in Spain that has found their trade revenue. "Venta de Baños" means "bathrooms for sale" in Spanish.
Venus Unincorporated community in Pennsylvania.
Vergina A small town in Greece.
Viekšniai A city in Lithuania that means "crazy" in Lithuanian.
Viking Believe it or not, there are no Vikings here. However there is a place here called "Troll Park".
Village of Four Seasons Village in Missouri.
Vintrosa A small town in Sweden. Means "wine panties" in Swedish.
Viols-le-Fort A place in France. If translated from French, the place would be named "Rape-the-Fort". Challenge accepted.
Virgin If you plan on getting laid, I'd suggest crossing this place off on your "where to go next" list.
Virgin Islands, Virginia, etc. Apparently, they haven't been having enough fun after hours... They're nowhere near the Isle of Man (British Isles) either
Virgin's Cove A little cove in Newfoundland for all the virgins.
Vold Station A railway station in Norway that is currently abandoned. No wonder considering that "vold" means "violence" in Norwegian.
Võõpsu A village in Estonia with very dirty people. Means "dirty" in Estonian.
Voorhees This township in Camden County, New Jersey (which has no "Elm Street") is mostly a safe place to live, but the local police department have spent years attempting to track down a certain serial killer who strikes on Friday the 13th.
Voorheesville Don't visit this place on Friday the 13th...unless one's name might be Freddy!
Võsu A very dangerous borough in Estonia. Means "knife" in Estonian.
Vulcan A town in Alberta, Canada, that was named long before Star Trek came about (and some nine years before its creator was born), but since the Trekkies seemed to flock there regardless, they just gave in and just went with it, complete with a statue of the Starship Enterprise with Klingon writing and an annual convention.
Vyzakia A village in Cyprus. Can be translated as either "buckets" or "tits" in Greek.
Waakirchen This small Bavarian village is just east, by some two kilometers, of a rescue site from a Nazi death march of prisoners from Dachau by Nisei-ethnicity U.S. Army artillery soldiers in early May 1945.
Wacahoota People get pretty violent towards those Hooter girls here.
Wagga Wagga Don't call Wagga Wagga, Wagga. OK? Pronounced Wog-ga (doubled up), rather than Wag-ga.
Waikikamukau Why kick a New Zealand moo cow? Seriously, leave them alone - this placename's "speaking rhythm" might even match the initial five notes of one of Judge Doom's favorite cartoon lures.
Wall A town in South Dakota known for its Drug store. Remarkably no Trump campaign event has been held there yet.
Walla Walla City and county named for the Walla Walla people - this city's name was also mentioned in Howard, Fine and Howard's work Cash and Carry.
Wallops Island A fairly "punchy"-sounding island off Virginia's Atlantic coast...the last syllable of its ancient name of "Kegotank" might just be appropriate, to hold the liquid propellants that might be used at its space launch facility.
Wallyford A town in East Lothian, Scotland.
Wanchese A town in Dare County, North Carolina that just wants some cheese.
Wangerland The town's coat of arms is a topless mermaid. Hmmm, it all makes sense now.
Wank A small hamlet (small rural settlement too small to be considered a village) which is part of the municipality of Nesselwang in Bavaria, Germany. There is also a mountain called Wank in the nearby Estergebirge Mountain range.
Wankers Corner A village in Oregon, United States.
Wankum A town in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany.
Warp Drive A street in Dulles, Virginia, with its own exit from a nearby freeway, notable for being the headquarters of the Orbital ATK aerospace company. Both its management and the Loudoun County board of supervisors are heavy with Trekkers.
Warsaw The capital of Poland has definitely seen a war or two in its time. No shit. There are also a number of places in the United States (as well as one in Canada) named Warsaw.
Washdyke A place in New Zealand. Clearly it wants people to remember to wash their dicks...assuming they have one.
Waspik This Dutch village deals in the business of washing your genitals. Means "washing dick" or "wax dick" in Dutch.
Waterfoot You'll always come into this place with wet feet.
Waterloo Because even Napoleon had to go to the bathroom. It's in Iowa too, and is also the name of a winning song. There is also a township and village named Waterloo in New York, the official birthplace of Memorial Day.
Waterproof A village in Louisiana. Lived up to its name quite well in 2008 when a drought destroyed much of the corn crop.
Wau A city in South Sudan in an eternal state of awe. Also spelled "wow" sometimes.
Wawa Named using the Chippewa word for goose, "Wawa". The Pennsylvania town, located near Philadelphia, was formerly called Grubb's Bridge. It is also the namesake of Wawa gas station and convenience stores located throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.
Wealthy An unincorporated community in Texas. It's actually very very poor, potentially like that likely-impoverished eastern Australian locale...
Wedding A locality in the borough of Mitte, Berlin, Germany, where one could "tie-the-knot" if desired; as at least two churches are here, with one of these rebuilt after WW II.
Wee Waa Pronounced "Wee War". Shouldn't that be happening in the toilets?
Wee Wee Hill A Hill in Highland Township, Franklin County, Indiana.
Weed This town in Siskiyou County, California, where more than the elevation is high.
Weener A town in Germany.
Weiner, Arkansas This community is the home of "The Natural State's" annual rice festival.
Welcome A small community in Davidson County, North Carolina.
Welcome Home An unincorporated community in Arkansas with a very sweet name.
Welkom A city in South Africa that welcomes all of its guests!
Westward Ho! The only place in the United Kingdom with an exclamation point in the official name. Funny enough, going any farther westward would land you right into the Bristol Channel.
Wetwang A village in East Yorkshire, England.
Whakatane & Whakapapa Nothing special about these New Zealand place names, until you realise the native (Māori) pronunciation of 'Wh' comes out as 'F' ...
What Cheer A small coal town in Keokuk County, Iowa.
Wheatland A city in California that does not grow wheat.
Whiskey Dick A locale in Oregon.
Whiskeytown A small community in Shasta County, California.
White City This city is really true to its name - its population is 95.3% White.
Whitehorse "If you wanna ride..." Actually, I don't think that's where the hit song by Laid Back came from.
Who'd Thought It A ghost town in Texas. Who'd thought it?
Why A small town in Arizona, USA, that just makes you and me wonder why...
Whynot A small community in Randolph County, North Carolina.
Wideopen A village in Northumbria, near Newcastle upon Tyne.
Wichsenstein A village in Germany. "Wichsen" means either "wank" or "jerk off" in German.
Wierden A very wierd Dutch town in Overijssel that is home to Enter, which can best be entered using the A1 highway, as well as Rectum (nl), which isn't as shitty as it may sound.
Willey A Warwickshire village that in the past has had some issues with sign theft. "Willy" is a slang term for a penis.
Wilsford cum Lake A civil parish in England.
Winnebago A county in Wisconsin, United States. a bag o' what??
Winsum A Dutch town that knows as much as anyone that you "winsum" and you lose some.
Wixhausen A borough within the city of Darmstadt. Means "cum/wank village". And this is within the city that translates to "bowel town/city".
Wonowon A settlement in northern British Columbia, Canada, named for its historical location at Mile 101 of the Alaska Highway, and could someday have a metric name of Wonsixtythree.
Wooden Shoe Village A small unincorporated community in Gladwin County, Michigan
Woody This place and Erect are a match made in heaven.
Woody Point A town in Newfoundland.
Wookey Hole Chewbacca approves of this place in Western England...since it is in the UK, could one have ever imagined Peter Mayhew calling it home?
Woolloomooloo Presumably, the Aboriginals thought this question - how many S's in Mississippi - was getting boring. It does have something to do with Monty Python's Ocker-sounding Bruces sketch.
Worms Famed for its Diet of Worms during Medieval times.
Wyalusing, Wisconsin I don't know, maybe because you're not good at it - or has someone not found its legendary "treasure" as yet?
Y City, Arkansas A place in Arkansas.
Yap A very talkative island in Micronesia that doesn't ever shut up, about its stone money.
Yeehaw Junction A small place in south-central Florida and about 40 miles north of Lake Okeechobee, Yeehaw Junction is where three highways join: the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, US-441, and Florida Hwy 60.
Yei A very enthusiastic city in South Sudan. "Yei" is pronounced like "yay".
Yellow Grass, Saskatchewan In spite of its name, the grass is not yellow.
Yolo County A county in California.
Young A place in Arizona where the average age is actually about 48. The 2010 census has it's population at 666 though.
Young America A place in Indiana run by 115 babies!
Younghusband The name of a settlement and peninsula in South Australia.
Yum Yum A very tasty unincorporated community in Tennessee. No there is no cake! That cake is still a lie!
Zap A very shocking city in North Dakota.
Zigzag A small town in Oregon, USA, named after the nearby Zigzag River. Zig Zag is also the name of a railway station on the Blue Mountains Line in New South Wales
Zijtaart Means "cake on the side" in Dutch. Yes, the cake is still a lie.
Zimna Wódka A village in Poland with a bit of a drinking problem. Means "cold vodka" in Polish.
Žitorađa A village in Serbia. Means "wheat gives birth" in Serbian.
Zuidbroek A village in the Netherlands. Means "southern pants" in Dutch... for a village in the northern part of the Netherlands.
Zürich That's right Switzerland, you rich!
Zwölfaxing A southern suburb of Vienna in Austria, it's not known if it has anything to do with the development of telecommunications.
Zzyzx The location of Zzyzx Road, which was once alphabetically the last street name in the world. Also the name of a film, noteworthy for its box office gross of $30, hardly enough to buy two tickets and a large popcorn.

Long place names[edit]

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
This fourteen-syllable Massachusetts lake's name is the longest place name in the United States, and 6th longest in the world — when the last six syllables aren't used by themselves, as is usually seen on maps of its area.
The longest officially recognised place name in the United Kingdom. It is found in Wales on the Isle of Anglesey, and is situated near the A5.
El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula
The original name of Los Angeles. The name means "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncola".
Catedral Basílica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepción de la Arquidiócesis metropolitana de la comunidad de Victoria de Durango
The complete name of the Cathedral found in Durango, Mexico it means “Minor Basilica Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception of the metropolitan Archdiocese of the Victoria de Durango’s Community”

Taumatawhakatangihangakoauauotamateapokaiwhenuakitanatahu: A small hill with a big name in New Zealand.

A farm about 200 kilometres (120 mi) west of Pretoria, South Africa. Means "two-buffalos-shot-dead-with-one-bullet-fountain".
Krungthep Mahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathani Burirom-udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiya Witsanu Kamprasit
It is Bangkok's full ceremonial name and translates as City of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate, erected by Visvakarman at Indra's behest. The name is even listed in Guinness World Records as the world's longest place name.
Translates to English from Malayalam to "City of Lord Anantha". The name is so hard to say in English, it is usually called "Trivandrum".
Longest placename in The Netherlands. The name plate hardly fits in the village.

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