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A very long railway station sign for a very long name.

This page is for Wikipedians to list articles about places with unusual names.

Warning: Contains jokes.

Numeric names[edit]

1770                                         Australian village, unusual in that very few other places in the world have digits (as opposed to spelled out numbers) in their names.

Short & medium length names[edit]

Long place names are in the next section.


Accident A town in Maryland, United States.
Ala-Lemu A town in Finland. Translates to "Stank-From-Bottom".
Alert A weather station settlement in Nunavut, Canada.
Alì Small village in Sicily, Italy
Amadora City near Lisbon, Portugal meaning Amateur.
Anais Small village in northern Portugal meaning Annals.
Anus Small village in central France
Apocalypse Peaks A group of peaks in Antarctica.
Arab A city in Alabama, United States.
Arcade A town in Veneto, Italy
Arse A remote district on the island of Sumatra, Indonesia
Arsoli An Italian town
Asbestos The hospital in this Quebec town must see a lot of cases of lung cancer.
Athol A town in Massachusetts, USA. Has a road to Belchertown, MA nicknamed the "Alimentary Canal".
Å Located in Moskenes, Norway, it's the largest of the several places called Å.
Balls Drive A road in Bracebridge, Canada.
Banana Settlement on Kiritimati Island, Kiribati. There's also one in Queensland.
Bangkok Obviously the Thai don't understand the connotations this name may have in English.
Barbecue An unincorporated community in Harnett County, North Carolina.
Båstad A town in Scania, Sweden
Bastardo A village in Umbria, Italy
Bastardstown In County Wexford, Ireland
Batman A city in Turkey whose former mayor threatened to sue Christopher Nolan and Warner Bros. for their use of its name in the films Batman Begins and The Dark Knight (film). Also see other places called Batman: in Melbourne (Batman railway station, Batman's Hill, Division of Batman) and in Tasmania (Batman Highway/Bridge)
Bathmen A village in Netherlands famous for having badly bathed men. nl:Bathmen
Bat Yam A city on Israel's Mediterranean Coast.
Bath A city in the ceremonial county of Somerset, England, known for its Roman-built baths.
Beaverlick A town in Kentucky, USA
Bell End A village in Worcestershire, England. Bell end is British slang for the head of the penis.
Bee A village in Piedmont, Italy
Beer A village in Devon, England.
Berry Head A settlement in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada and a point near Brixham, United Kingdom
Big Beaver A town in Saskatchewan, Canada and another in Beaver County, Pennsylvania, both sharing some big beavers.
Big Bone Lick A state park in Kentucky.
Big Butt Mountain Name of several mountains in North Carolina. A corruption of the word butte
Bird-in-Hand A town in Pennsylvania, USA
Bitche A town in France
Bitchfield A village in Lincolnshire, England.
Bitter End A town in Tennessee, USA
Blow Me Down A small Provincial Park on the west side of Newfoundland, directly exposed to powerful winds on Canada's wide-open Gulf of St. Lawrence which are strong enough to affect the ability of trees near the shore to grow. Sadly, has nothing to do with Popeye.
Bitch Mountain Bitch Mountain is a summit in Essex County, New York, in the United States.
Blue Ball A village in County Offaly, Ireland. "Blue balls" is a slang term for a condition affecting the testicles. There's also a community in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania (USA) with that name; its derivation comes from a tavern sign.
Blue Bell Blue Bell was originally known as Pigeontown, after the large flocks of the now-extinct passenger pigeons that once gathered there. The town was renamed in 1840 after the historically prominent Blue Bell Inn.

Blue Bell is known for its large executive-style homes, major business parks, small community shopping facilities, and small businesses. It is one of the most affluent areas outside of the Main Line communities in the Philadelphia area. In July 2005, Money magazine ranked Blue Bell 14th on its list of the "100 Best Places to Live in the United States".[1]

Bong County A county in Liberia, named for its Mount Bong.
Boogertown, North Carolina An unincorporated community in Gaston County, North Carolina, in the United States.[2]
Boring, Maryland Named for a former postmaster David Boring, whose profession suited the family name.
Boring, Oregon Twinned with Dull, Scotland.
Boring, Tennessee Well-named: as of June 2017, the length of its Wikipedia entry is 1,338 characters (compared to 61,327 on this page).
Boquete A small town in Panama. Boquete means blowjob in Portuguese.
Bowna A community in the Riverina, New South Wales, Australia. Sounds like "boner", a slang term for an erection, when said in a non-rhotic accent.
Box A large village and civil parish in Wiltshire, England.
Bra No, an Australian or bra salesperson didn't buy out this Italian city.
Braintree I wonder if someone grew brain trees there, because the Braintrees will blind the weary driver.
Braggadocio A community in the Bootheel of Missouri, in the state's southeastern corner, Braggadocio is about 40 miles from New Madrid and some epicenters of the 1811–12 New Madrid earthquakes.
Brest City in Normandy, France. The other one is in Belarus.
Bridgerule Someone rules the bridge there.
Brokenwind I always blame it on the dog.
Brown Deer A small suburb of Milwaukee.
Brown Willy A hill in Cornwall that gave its name to the Brown Willy effect.
Buggerru A town on the island of Sardinia, Italy
Bugyi A village in Hungary. Translates to female underwear.
Bulls Small New Zealand town near Palmerston North. It has a sister-city relationship with Cowes, England.
Butte of Lewis The most northerly point of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland
Butt Hole Road The former name of a road in Conisbrough, Doncaster, England. It was changed to Archers Way in 2009.
Butthole Lane The name of a small road in Shepshed, Leicestershire, the bottom end of the lane is residential and the top of the lane is the home of Shepshed Dynamo FC.
Brony A small village in Gmina Krzyżanów. It is where bronies can be found.
Cadbury Where chocolate is made.
Cama Porca Village in Portugal, near Alhandra, meaning Dirty Bed.
Castrillo Matajudíos A village in Spain, whose name means "slayer of Jews" or "kill Jews". The villagers recently voted to change the name to Motajudíos (Jews' Hill), which had been the name before the Spanish Inquisition came around.
Cemiterio Village in northern Portugal, meaning Cemetery.
California While this might not strike you as "weird", it was named after a fictional location in a Spanish adventure novel, which was inhabited only by black women and ruled by Queen Calafia.
Caleb Pusey House A house built in 1683 located in Upland, Pennsylvania.
Cărpeniş River A tributary of the Ialomicioara River in Romania.
Carne Assada A village in Portugal meaning Roast Meat.
Catbrain A village in South Gloucestershire, England. Everyone in there has a cat brain! Should be twinned with Katzenhirn (German for "cat brain"), a town in Germany.
Chicken A former mining village in Alaska with a fuel station, a post office, three local businesses for travellers, a gravel road and an airstrip. Prospectors wanted to name the town for ptarmigan, a local game bird, but Chicken was easier to spell.
Christmas Pie A hamlet in Surrey, England.
Christmas Island An island near Java. Possibly Santa Claus' holiday resort.
Chinatown Small town in Wisconsin that is not a Chinatown.
Circle A small town in Alaska originally believed to lie on the Arctic Circle, though it is actually about 50 miles (80 km) away.
Port Circumcision A cove in Petermann Island in the Wilhelm Archipelago, in Graham Land, Antarctica. Named after the Feast of the Circumcision of Christ.
Climax A small town in Georgia (U.S. state). Also a village and township in Kalamazoo County, Michigan, USA, a Canadian village Climax, Saskatchewan (population 82) and an unincorporated community, Climax, North Carolina on the border of Guilford County and Randolph County, North Carolina, USA. Climax is a hamlet in the town of Coxsackie, Greene County, New York, United States. The zipcode is 12042.
Clitheroe A town in Lancashire, England.
Clo-oose It's actually farther than you think (unless you live in British Columbia).
Cock Hill A village in Ireland.
Cockburn A town on the border of New South Wales and South Australia
Cockburn A suburb and local council in Perth, Western Australia (named after British Admiral George Cockburn, famous for burning of Washington DC, including the White House, in 1814).
Cockburn Island An island in Ontario
Cockburnspath A village in Scotland.
Cockermouth A village in Cumbria
Cockburn Town The capital city of the Turks and Caicos Islands, a British territory.
Cocking A small town in the Chichester District of West Sussex, England.
Cockup A village in Cumbria, England.
Cocks A village in Cornwall.
Cockwood A village in Devon.
Coffin Top A mountain on South Georgia. This is where all the dead Georgians are put.
Come By Chance To their surprise, two farmers in NSW were able to purchase a farm in this locality, so they named it Come By Chance. There is also a Come By Chance in Canada.
Condom French lovers play it safe in this town.
Cool Residents of this California town are too cool for school.
Corps-Nuds A commune in Brittany meaning "naked body"
Cow Head A town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Coxcomb Mountains A mountain range in Joshua Tree National Park.
Crackenback That's gotta hurt!
Crackpot An unusual case of a place name with two double meanings.
Crapo An unincorporated community in Maryland.
Crapstone Village in Devon, United Kingdom
Crumps Butts Road name in Bicester, United Kingdom
Cut Off Small town in Louisiana. It was cut off from the rest of Louisiana.
Cut And Shoot A town in Texas northeast of Conroe, Texas, On Texas Route 105.
Dead Dog Beach A beach in Puerto Rico.
Deadhorse Northern terminus of the Dalton Highway in Alaska, not to be confused with Whitehorse, Yukon.
Dead Women Crossing A small bridge in Custer County, Oklahoma. Where a woman was murdered, said to be haunted by her ghost.
Deixa o Resto Village in Portugal, meaning Leave the Rest.
Desire A town in Pennsylvania, USA.
Devil Town A ghost town in Ohio, USA.
Devil's Bit A big hill in County Tipperary, Ireland.
Devilsmother A bigger hill in County Galway, Ireland. It could also mean smothering the devil.
Dickheads A bar in Green Bay, Wisconsin.
Dick Peaks A group of big white bulges in Antarctica.
Dicks Butte A mountain in California.
Dick's Knob A mountain in Georgia.
Dickshooter Both a creek and a town in gun-totin'Idaho.
Dicktown A town in New Jersey. America.
Dildo This town in Newfoundland has a mascot named "Captain Dildo"; the etymology for this name is unclear. One theory is that it originally referred to a phallus-shaped peg used to lock an oar in position on a dory (small boat).
Dinosaur A Statutory Town located in Moffat County, Colorado, United States.
Disappointment Islands A small group of Pacific islands in French Polynesia
DISH A small town in Texas that changed its name to receive free digital video recorders and satellite television for ten years.
Disko It seems that this island in Greenland is still stuck in the 70's.
Dinga A city in Punjab province of Pakistan.
Ding Dong A town in Texas famous for its unusual name after painter Cohn Cohen Hoover was hired to paint two bells and one saying "Ding" and other bell saying "Dong".
Dingle A town in County Kerry, Ireland, it is the only town on the Dingle Peninsula.
Dog Village A hamlet in Devon, United Kingdom near Broadclyst. Twinned with Caterham.
Dolphin's Barn A barn for land dolphins.
Downhill It's all downhill from here.¨
Drama, Greece A city in Greece.
Due West People here often say, 'Go west!'
Dull It is as well. Tediously grouped with Boring, Oregon and Bland Shire, New South Wales to form a Dull, Boring and Bland "League of Extraordinary Communities".
Dunedoo A town New South Wales, Australia

Pronounced Dunny-doo, "dunny" being an Australian slang for toilet.

Earth A town in Texas, United States of America
Eek A town and a river in Alaska, United States.
Egypt An unincorporated community in Pennsylvania, United States.
Eighty Four A town in southwestern Pennsylvania.
El Pito A small coastal town in Asturias, Spain, meaning The Dick.
Embarrass So cold, it's embarrassing. A small municipality and township. The unofficial record low temperature in Minnesota was taken here, and is −64 °F (−53 °C), which was reached in February 1996. Unofficial because although verified, it was not taken by the National Weather Service, which in and of itself had to prove somewhat embarrassing.
Emo A melodramatic village in County Laois, Ireland. Also Emo in Ontario, Canada.
Erect In Randolph County, North Carolina.
Erode City in Tamil Nadu, India with a population of 521,776. The name might have its origin in the Tamil phrase Eru Odai meaning two streams based on the presence of two water courses, Perumpallam and Kalingarayan Canal.
Eureka Eureka! I'm rich!
Executive Committee Range A mountain range in Antarctica.
Eye A town in Suffolk, England. There are also places with this name in Herefordshire and Cambridgeshire.
Fair Play A town in New Jersey, USA.
Faggot Hill A hill in Boylston, Massachusetts, United States.
Feltwell A village in Norfolk, England.
Fingringhoe A village in Essex, England.
Fifty-Six A city in northern Arkansas.
Fishkill A town along the Hudson River. I feel sorry for the fish living in that section. Just like Catskill, Peekskill, Great Kills and other cities, "kill" translates to "stream" from Dutch.
Flesh Hovel Lane A road in Barrow Upon Soar, Leicestershire, England. Its name originates from the time of the Quorn Hunt, where horses that were no longer fit for purpose where taken to slaughter at the abattoir situated on Flesh Hovel Lane
Flushing At least it reduces toilet odor. New Yorkers don't see anything weird about this. Also a village in Cornwall and a town in Michigan
Football Mountain A mountain in Antarctica.
Frankenstein Named after Gottfried Franken, who donated land for the construction of a church in 1890.
Frenchbeer A small Hamlet in Devon, United Kingdom.
Fucking A town in Austria whose sign keeps disappearing.
Funny River A town in Alaska. But what makes it funny?


Gay, Georgia This little town in Georgia, USA could put itself out of business, because in Georgia, it's legal to fire employees based on sexual orientation.
Gay, Michigan A small community in Michigan, USA located in the Upper Peninsula. The town has a tavern called The Gay Bar.
Ganja A city in Azerbaijan.
Gene Autry, Oklahoma A town in south-central Oklahoma that named itself after Gene Autry.
George A town in central Washington. The streets are named after varieties of cherries.
Good Grief It has a population of three with two dogs and one old grouch.
Good Intent A town in New Jersey, USA
Goodenough Island The most mediocre island in the world.
Gogogogo Now stop!
Gore No, they don't play murder mysteries or practise the Running of the Bulls in this New Zealand town.
Gotham Wayne Manor is a few miles to the north of this Nottinghamshire village
Grand-Mère A town in Quebec, Canada whose name means "Grandmother".
Great Kills A New York City neighborhood. I've heard some parts of New York can be violent...
Gropecunt Lane An old name for various streets in London where prostitutes did their business. A small town in Oregon that, in December, 1999, changed its name for a year to receive $100,000, computers for its public schools, and other financial considerations from its corporate namesake at the height of the bubble.
Hackensack Watch out for lovers who do this. New Yorkers still do not get this joke.
Ha! Ha! River Also a funny river.
Hammerfest A town in Norway.
Happy Adventure A village in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Haseley Knob, Warwickshire Something to do with Nutella.
Head-Smashed-In Buffalo Jump An area in the Albertan foothills of the Rocky Mountains.
Hell, Michigan Only 294 miles (473 km) from Paradise.
Hell, Norway A village in Norway that hosts the annual "Blues in Hell".  music festival.
Hell for Certain An unincorporated community in Kentucky, United States.
Hell Gate Area of water near Wards Island and Queens, New York.
Hell's Kitchen A neighborhood in New York City, New York.
Hevonkakki An island in Finland that means "horse shit."
Hitler Men's Wear Shop A shop in India that was a British colony during World War II against Hitler. The owner wanted attention and did not understand the political connotation when he chose the name. It was changed in 2012.
Ho A town in Ghana known for its gardening equipment.
Hog's Back Bridge A small bridge in Ottawa, Canada.
Hongerige Wolf A village in Groningen, Netherlands that translates to "hungry wolf."
House A village in New Mexico, in which yes, there is at least one house. There's also a House in North Carolina.
Hole of Horcum A big hole in North Yorkshire, England.
Ho-Ho-Kus What is this, Santa Claus getting something stuck in his throat?
Hooker A town in Oklahoma, USA that is probably too small for a prostitution business.
Horní Police A town in Czech Republic that has a very, um, energetic police force.
Hazard The county seat of Perry County, Kentucky.
Hop Bottom A borough in Pennsylvania, USA
Hospital A village without a hospital in County Limerick, Ireland.
Howlong A town in New South Wales, Australia. Indeed, it's very long!
Humptulips A town with a Native American name in Washington, United States.
Humpty Doo A town 40 kilometres (25 mi) from Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.
Idiotville A ghost town in Oregon.
Inchmore Yes please.
Inexpressible Island An island off the southern tip of Antarctica.
Innaloo A suburb of Perth, Western Australia.
Intercourse An Amish town in Pennsylvania, United States.
Ireland's Eye A place in Ireland.
Iron Knob A place in South Australia, Australia. It's believed they carry objects with more than just their two arms.
Jackpot An unincorporated community in Nevada, United States.
Jam A city that produces petroleum products in southern Iran
Jersey Shore A town located 100 miles (160 km) from New Jersey, United States.
Jim Thorpe A borough in Pennsylvania bearing the name of Jim Thorpe.
Joe Batt's Arm A town in Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.
Jupiter A town in Florida, United States with some film and television history.
Kanakanak A settlement established near Dillingham, Alaska, following the 1918 flu pandemic and part of present-day Dillingham. The name derives from the practice of counting noses at the orphanage.
Keisterville A town in Pennsylvania, United States. Keister was once a common U.S. slang term for the buttocks.
Kfar Pines A town in Northern Israel. The second word is pronounced similar to "penis."
Kiester A town in Minnesota, United States, which was once featured in a commercial for the hemorrhoid medicine Preparation H.
Kill A village in County Kildare, Ireland.
Kilbride A neighbourhood of St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada where marriages "end horribly."
Killinaboy A village, townland and civil parish in County Clare, Ireland.
Kilkenny "Oh my God! They killed Kenny!"
Killmacow A small village in County Kilkenny, Ireland.
Kilmore This rather violent-sounding title is the name of 13 different places, mostly in Ireland and Scotland.
King of Prussia The location of the King of Prussia Mall.
Kissing A municipality in Bavaria.
Knobhead A mountain in Antarctica.
Knob Lick A small town in Missouri, United States.
Kommunizm A town and jamoat in northwestern Tajikistan. These guys must have been fans of the Soviet Union.
Lake Butte des Morts A lake in Wisconsin, located just to the west of Lake Winnebago. Translates from French to "Butte Lake of the Dead".
Lake Disappointment An ephemeral salt lake in a remote area of Western Australia.
La Mort aux Juifs French hamlet, literally meant ‘the death to the Jews,’ but in Old French was spelt la mare au juin (the liquid manure pond). It was eventually split into Les Croisilles and La Dogetterie, effectively deleting this grotesque toponym.
Lemu A county in Finland. Translates to Stink.
Le Tampon A city in Saint-Pierre, Réunion.
Lick Fork Gives me an appetite. A town in West Virginia
Liphook The village in the East Hampshire, England where the piercing craze begun.
Little Dix Bay A bay on the island of Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.
Littlejoy Road A road in Newton Abbot, England. There's little joy there!
Little Rock Capital and largest city in Arkansas.
Lizard A village in Cornwall.
Lizard Lick An unincorporated community in Wake County, North Carolina.
Long Dick Creek A stream in Iowa.
Lord Hereford's Knob It's rather big, is in Wales, and has been immortalised in song.
Lost A genuine Scottish hamlet's name.
Lower Dicker A Site of Special Scientific Interest in the Weald of East Sussex. Also a nearby settlement.
Lucky Boy A ghost town in Nevada, USA
Madmans Gully Road Right next door to Beechworth Asylum.
Mango No, there aren't any mangoes in this town in Italy
Margarita Are you thirsty?
Mars In 1882, the name of the community was changed to Mars from Overbrook since the railroad already had a stop with the name "Overbrook". No one is sure how the name "Mars" came into being. Some say it was Park's wife who enjoyed astronomy, or it was shortened after Samuel Marshall's name.
Meat Mountain A mountain in northwestern Alaska.
Meme A place apparently named after memes. The 12 year olds may enjoy this hot and sweaty place.
Medicine Hat The name for this city in Alberta, Canada is also a type of horse marking.
Merlino Yes, "Merlino" is the Italian for "Merlin"
Mesick A village in Michigan.
Mexican Hat Named after a rock that looks like a sombrero, which is a traditional hat worn in Mexico.
Mexican Water, Arizona A community and trading post with in the Navajo Nation (and the best Navajo Tacos are found there).
Mexico An unincorporated community in Maryland, United States. Also a city in Missouri.
Miass Both a river and a city in Russia.
Mianus A neighborhood in Greenwich, Connecticut.
Middelfart It's the fart in the middle of Denmark, in the danish language, Middelfart means 'average speed'.
Mil-Homens Village in Portugal, meaning Thousand Men.
Mistake Peak A mountain peak in Antarctica. Man, it was really an accident!
Money An unincorporated community in Mississippi, most notable for being the site of Emmett Till's lynching.
Moneymore A place where you'll earn more money.
Monkey Run, Arkansas An unincorporated community.
Monkey's Eyebrow Unincorporated community in Kentucky.
Moon Local lore tells of a waning crescent moon that descended to plow furrows in farmer's fields with its sharp cusp but killed many excited witnesses who cursed and praised the Moon's early morning activities.
Mooball[3] A town in New South Wales, Australia.
Mooselookmeguntic Lake A small lake in the US state of Maine. Also the last sentence in a very long bad pun.
Mold You've got to see for yourself!
Mooloolah Because "moolah" just wasn't enough.
Moose Factory Well, where'd you think they came from?
Moose Jaw A city in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Mooseland A small rural community in Nova Scotia. Very appropriate name for a town in Canada.
More Tomorrow A village in Cayo District, Belize.
Mörön A town in Khövsgöl Province, Mongolia.
Morón An Argentine city.
Mount Buggery A steep hill in the Alpine National Park, Victoria, Australia. Within 8 km are Mt Despair, Mt Speculation, Horrible Gap, Hells Window and The Devils Staircase, all overlooking a valley named The Terrible Hollow. The first explorers must have been having a bad week.
Mount Cannibal A hill near Garfield, Victoria. It's probably wise to keep well clear of hungry locals.
Mount Cocks A mountain in Antarctica.
Mount Dick A mountain in the Auckland Islands, New Zealand.
Mount Disappointment A rather uninspiring hill on the edge of Melbourne.
Mount Despair Amazingly, there are three different mountains with this name, two in the USA and one in Australia.
Mount Slaughter A mountain peak in Antarctica. Kills people!
Mount Terrible A rotten place to go skiing in Victoria, Australia
Mount Terror Names of two mountains, one in Antarctica, the other in Washington. Great places for a family picnic.
Mount Toogood A mountain in Antarctica.
Muck This island in the Inner Hebrides, Scotland is actually quite clean.
Mudchute An area of London, England.
Muff A village in County Donegal, Ireland.
Mystic A city in Iowa, United States. Also a city in Connecticut, United States, notable for its historic seaport.


Nameless Yeah, that's a name, so you're wrong.
Nasty It's actually a nice place.
Nether Wallop That's gotta hurt.
New Erection A hamlet in Virginia, USA
Newbuildings There are always new buildings.
New York Village in Lincolnshire, England, a few miles from Boston, Lincolnshire.
Nice It's actually a nasty place.
Nipple Peak A mountain peak in Antarctica.
Nobber A village in County Meath, Ireland.
Nob End A place near Kearsley, Bolton.
Nob Hill A neighborhood in San Francisco.
No Man's Land A small hamlet in Cornwall, United Kingdom.
Nork A small residential area near Epsom Downs in Surrey, England, on the border with Greater London. Also a suburb of Yerevan, Armenia.
Normal A town in Illinois, United States. Home of first public university of Illinois.
North Piddle A parish in Worcestershire, England.
North Pole, Alaska A city in Alaska, United States.
North Pole, New York A hamlet in New York, United States with a theme park called Santa's Workshop.
Nothing A small abandoned town in Arizona, United States.
Nowhere An unincorporated community in the middle of Oklahoma, United States.
Nowhere Else[4] In Tasmania, Australia. Nearby places include Paradise and Promised Land.
No Name A town in Colorado, United States.
No Place I guess the residents were too dumb to realize it's a place in County Durham, United Kingdom.
Obama A town in Fukui prefecture, Japan that means "little beach" in Japanese. Gained publicity in 2008 as it shares its name with a US president.
Odd Down A suburb of the English city of Bath, Somerset.
Ofakim A city in southern Israel that seems to have been named by someone who was pretty exasperated with some dude.
Ogre A city in Central Latvia. They are like onions.
Onancock A town in Virginia, United States.
Once Brewed and Twice Brewed Villages in Northumbria, near Newcastle upon Tyne.
Paint Lick An unincorporated community in Garrard County, Kentucky. Let's just hope that they don't have lead-based paint.
Pardeeville An Amish town in Wisconsin.
Pau Grande Two towns in Brazil whose names translates to "big stick" or "big wood". However, "pau" doesn't only mean wood, but it can also be one of the many euphemisms for penis.
Peinlich A hamlet in Trotternish, Isle of Skye, Scotland. Peinlich is the German word for "embarrassing".
Petting Absolutely no sexual connotations. Seriously!
Paskalomatunturi A mountain in Finland. Name translates to "Shit Holiday Mountain".
Penistone It has caused generations of Yorkshiremen to smirk.
Pennycomequick An area of Plymouth, England where pennies are mistreated.
Pill A village in North Somerset, England, which does have a chemist.
Pilot Butte Pilot Butte is an extinct volcano located in Bend, Oregon, and a large town in Saskatchewan, Canada.
Piscataway Not exactly the best thing to do to your cat.
Papa An island in the Scalloway Islands, Shetland, Scotland.
Pity Me Feel sorry for those who live there.
Poil A town in France whose name translates to "body hair". Also has a dirty connotation in French.
Point No Point This name is rather pointless.
Police A town in Poland (pronounced poh-lee-tzay). Until the Second World War it was called Pölitz, its German name.
Poo A town in Himachal Pradesh, India.
Poop A town in Yucatan, Mexico, Next to Ekpedz, Mexico.
Poop Hill A hill in the United Kingdom.
Popcorn A place where they make popcorn and sell it in stores such as Walgreens.
Poundsgate A village in Devon, England.
Pratt's Bottom A village in the London Borough of Bromley, originally Spratts Bottom.
Pray A very religious Italian town. Also in France, Montana, and Wisconsin.
Presidente Prudente City in Brazil, named after president Prudente de Morais. Sounds extra weird due to the fact that literally translated, it means "prudent president".
Prickend Former name of West Chislehurst, London; which also contains Prickend Pond (a pond) and Prick End (a street).
Puddletown A village in Dorset, United Kingdom. Also several nearby villages along the River Piddle, such as Piddletrenthide.
Punkeydoodles Corners A hamlet in Ontario known for its name and frequent sign theft.
Pussy Creek A creek in Harrison Township, Ohio.
Pussy A village in the Rhone Alps.
Queer Mountain A mountain in Antarctica.
Ragged Ass Road A street in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada
Rape This is the traditional term for a subdivision of the county of Sussex, in England. The county had several "rapes": the rape of Arundel, the rape of Bramber, etc.
Rapture A town in Indiana, United States.
Rectum (nl) A hamlet in the municipality of Wierden, Netherlands.
Red Deer A city in Alberta, Canada.
Red House The least populous town in New York, United States.
Rifle A city in Colorado.
Rimswell A village in Yorkshire, whose inhabitants may have prehensile tongues.
Roca Puta A surfing spot in the Basque Country that can be translated as either "fucking rock" or "Whore Rock".
Rock A village in Cornwall.
Rolândia A city in Paraná, Brazil, Rola means cock in Brazil, so translating to English it means Cockland or Dickland
Rottenegg A small town in Austria. Man, when I ate eggs from there, it made me SICK!
Ruyton-XI-Towns XI pronounced "eleven" (Roman numerals)
Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! The only town name with two exclamation points. (There is a Baie des Ha! Ha! in Saguenay, Quebec but it is not an incorporated municipality.) Like Wawa, Ontario (which natively means "goose"), Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! is a remote point in an otherwise-populous province, located directly on the Trans-Canada Highway but nowhere near anything.
Sandy Balls An area of parkland in Hampshire, England.
Sandwich A town in Barnstable County, Massachusetts.
Santa Claus A city in Toombs County, Georgia, United States.
Sarilhos Pequenos Village in Portugal, meaning Small Troubles.
Satan's Kingdom The name of two villages in the United States, one in Massachusetts and the other in Vermont.
Scratch Face Lane A road near Ide, Exeter, England.
Scratch My Arse Rock An atoll off the coast of Palmerston Island in the Cook Islands
Scratchy Bottom A clifftop valley near Durdle Door, Weymouth in Dorset, England.
Scrubbers End A street in the often snow bound town of Dinner Plain, Victoria, Australia that leads to the err... "industrial" part of the town.
Sexbierum Three vices in one name.
Sexmoan Former name of Sasmuan, Pampanga.
Shades of Death Road Located in central Warren County, New Jersey, its name has given rise to many local legends about ghosts and other paranormal activity along the road, many of which have been documented in Weird NJ magazine.
Shag Rocks At least four different places with this name: in Massachusetts, South Georgia, Tasmania, and Western Australia.
Shagnasty Island Not to be confused with Love Island, which is in South Georgia.
Shamrock No leprechauns live in this Texas town.
Shanghai An unincorporated community in West Virginia, United States.
Shingay cum Wendy A parish in Cambridgeshire, England.
Shit There are at least three villages in Iran with this name: one in Kermanshah Province, one in Mazandaran Province, and one in Zanjan Province.
Shitterton A hamlet in Dorset, England.
Shop A village in Cornwall, England.
Shortlands A not very big borough in London, England.
Siberia Unincorporated community in California
Silly Town in Belgium. You can never take its citizens seriously.
Silly Department Pronounced "seely". Yes, They're that "seely".
Six Mile Bottom A village in Cambridgeshire, England.
Slaughter Also see Upper Slaughter, Lower Slaughter, and Slaughter, Washington (since renamed Auburn, Washington)
Slave Lake A town in Alberta, Canada
Slemmestad A village in Røyken municipality, Norway. The name means "mean town" in Norwegian.
Slippery Rock Also known as Slimy yes it is actually slippery there.
Sofia University Mountains A mountain range in Antarctica.
Spital-in-the-Street Be careful where you walk in this English town
Spuyten Duyvil Name means "spoutin' devil" in old Dutch.
Squall's Teat A mesa in west Texas, USA. Visible from I-10 outside of Fort Stockton. Looks like a titty.
Stupid Lake A lake in Manitoba, Canada, which got a 55 on its last IQ test.
Sucker Lake A lake in Ontario, Canada.
Sugartit A town in Kentucky.
Sumerduck A town in Fauquier County, Virginia. The town was named after the fact that ducks flocked there in the summer.
Superior Bottom A town in West Virginia, USA
Supporting Party Mountain A mountain in Antarctica.
Surprise A city in Maricopa County, Arizona. Would you be surprised living in this city?
Stalin Hair Salon Another place in India. What's with India and naming stores/salons after crazy dictators?
Stoptide Near Rock.
Swastika No Nazis live here. A 1908 mining town in northern Ontario, which adamantly insisted "Hitler be damned"; they had the name first.
Smug A settlement in the administrative district of Gmina Debrzno, within Człuchów County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, in northern Poland.


Taft A city that shares its name with a U.S. President, which is especially strange since it is in Iran. There is also a town named Taft in Oklahoma.
Teakettle, Belize A village near the border with Guatemala
Taylors Mistake Named after a shipping accident.
Te Puke A town in New Zealand, known for kiwifruit packing and a wood processing plant called Pukepine.
Te Urewera Area in New Zealand, name means "burnt penis" in the Māori language.
Tenderloin It has the best butchers in the world.
Tendernob Area in San Francisco between Nob Hill and Tenderloin.
Termonfeckin Town in County Louth, Ireland.
The Office Girls Two nunataks in Victoria Land, Antarctica.
Thong A hamlet in Kent, England. See also Upperthong and Netherthong (below).
Three Cocks A village in Powys, Wales. More commonly known by its Welsh name Aberllynfi.
Tightwad A small town in Henry County, Missouri with a population of around 70. All of them are Scrooge.
Titty Hill A hamlet in the civil parish of Milland in the Chichester district of West Sussex, England.
Toad Suck Now that's just plain mean.
Torpenhow Hill A place whose name would mean "HillHillHill Hill"... if it existed.
Traseiros Village in the Algarve, Portugal, meaning Backside.
Truth or Consequences A town in New Mexico that renamed itself simply so it could host the show that bore its name.
Tuba City Named after Tuuvi, a Hopi man who introduced Mormonism to the American Natives.
Tubbercurry The second-largest town in terms of both population and land area in County Sligo, Ireland. I'll have a tub o' curry with that.
Turkey Gobble gobble.
Twatt A small settlement on the Shetland Islands, Scotland.
Two Dot Named after a local rancher's livestock‑branding pattern.[5]
Uck River in Sussex, England. Signs for the river have been subject to frequent vandalism, resulting in the local council fitting specially shaped signs to reduce the potential to add letters to the name.
U A municipality on the island of Pohnpei in Micronesia.
Ugley The inhabitants are actually quite pretty.
Umm-Bab Town in Qatar.
Unalaska A town in Alaska whose name makes it sound like it's not happy with its situation.
Upper Dicker A village in the Weald of East Sussex.
Upper Sandusky Town in Ohio
Upperthong and Netherthong Two villages in West Yorkshire, England.
Uranus, Missouri A town famous for their fudge factory.
Useless Loop A very small town in Western Australia.
Varvarin Town in Serbia. Name translates to Barbarian.
Venda das Raparigas Village in Portugal, meaning Girls Sale.
Venus Unincorporated community in Pennsylvania.
Violência Village in Portugal, meaning Violence.
Virgin Islands, Virginia, etc. Apparently, they haven't been having enough fun after hours...
Vulcan A town in Alberta, Canada, that was named long before Star Trek came about, but since the Trekkies seemed to flock there regardless, they just gave in and just went with it, complete with a statue of the Starship Enterprise with Klingon writing and an annual convention.
Wagga Wagga Don't call Wagga Wagga, Wagga. OK? Pronounced Wog-ga (doubled up), rather than Wag-ga.
Wall A town in South Dakota known for its Drug store.
Walla Walla City and county named for the Walla Walla people
Wallyford A town in East Lothian, Scotland
Wank A small hamlet (small rural settlement too small to be considered a village) which is part of the municipality of Nesselwang in Bavaria, Germany. There is also a mountain called Wank in the nearby Estergebirge Mountain range.
Wankers Corner A village in Oregon, United States.
Wankum A town in Northrhine-Westphalia, Germany
Warp Drive A street in Dulles, Virginia, with its own exit from a nearby freeway, notable for being the headquarters of the Orbital ATK aerospace company. Both its management and the Loudoun County board of supervisors are heavy with Trekkers.
Waterloo Because even Napoleon had to go to the bathroom.
Wawa Named using the Chippewa word for goose, "Wawa". The PA town was formerly called Grubb's Bridge.
Wedding A locality in the borough of Mitte, Berlin, Germany
Wee Waa Pronounced "Wee War". Shouldn't that be happening in the toilets?
Weed This town in Siskiyou County, California, where more than the elevation is high.
Westward Ho! The only place in the United Kingdom with an exclamation point in the official name.
Wetwang A village in East Yorkshire, England.
Whakatane & Whakapapa Nothing special about these New Zealand place names, until you realise the native (Māori) pronunciation of 'Wh' comes out as 'F' ...
Why A small town in Arizona, USA, that just makes you and me wonder why...
What Cheer A small coal town in Keokuk County, Iowa.
Wideopen A village in Northumbria, near Newcastle upon Tyne.
Whiskeytown A small community in Shasta County, California.
Wonowon A settlement in northern British Columbia, Canada, named for its historical location at Mile 101 of the Alaska Highway.
Woolloomooloo Presumably, the Aboriginals thought this question - how many S's in Mississippi - was getting boring.
Worms Famed for its Diet of Worms during Medieval times.
Yeehaw Junction A small place in south-central Florida and about 40 miles north of Lake Okeechobee, Yeehaw Junction is where three highways join: the Ronald Reagan Turnpike, US-441, and Florida Hwy 60.
Yell An island in Shetland, Scotland. The main settlement is called Mid Yell.
Younghusband The name of a settlement and peninsula in South Australia.
Zigzag A small town in Oregon, USA, named after the nearby Zigzag River. Zig Zag is also the name of a railway station on the Blue Mountains Line in New South Wales
Zzyzx The location of Zzyzx Road, which was once alphabetically the last street name in the world. Also the name of a film, noteworthy for its box office gross of $30.

Long place names[edit]

Lake Chargoggagoggmanchauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
The longest place name in the United States and 6th longest in the world.
The longest officially recognised place name in the United Kingdom. It is found in Wales near the Isle of Anglesey and is situated near the A5.
El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Ángeles de Porciúncula
The original name of Los Angeles. The name means "The Town of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porziuncola".
A small hill with a big name in New Zealand.
A farm about 200 kilometres (120 mi) west of Pretoria, South Africa.
Krungthep Mahanakhon Amonrattanakosin Mahintharayutthaya Mahadilokphop Noppharatratchathani Burirom-udomratchaniwet Mahasathan Amonphiman Awatansathit Sakkathattiya Witsanu Kamprasit
It is Bangkok's full ceremonial name and translates as City of angels, great city of immortals, magnificent city of the nine gems, seat of the king, city of royal palaces, home of gods incarnate, erected by Visvakarman at Indra's behest. The name is even listed in Guinness World Records as the world's longest place name.
Translates to English from Malayalam to "City of Lord Anantha". The name is so hard to say in English, it is usually called "Trivandrum".
Longest placename in The Netherlands. The name plate hardly fits in the village.

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