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Enforcement policy changes, June 2010

  • Wikipedia:Sock puppetry
    • In the introduction, removed: "(see WP:CLEANSTART)"
    • In WP:SOCK#Inappropriate uses of alternate accounts, removed: "Making a clean start with a new account, but then engaging in disputes with editors your old account was in dispute with; or turning up at pages you used to edit with the old account while denying any connection to it—this is particularly inappropriate if the article or edits are contentious."
    • In WP:SOCK#Legitimate uses, removed: [A clean start is permitted only if there are no bans, blocks or active sanctions in place against your old account,] " and so long as no active deception is involved, particularly on pages that the old account used to edit. That is, you should not turn up on a page you edited as User:A to continue the same editing pattern, this time as User:B—particularly while denying any connection to User:A, or if the edits or subject matter are contentious. You should also not, as User:B, engage in disputes you engaged in as User:A—whether they are disputes about articles, project-space issues, or other editors—without making clear that you are the same person."