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  • Wikipedia:Avoid peacock terms
    • Added: "select(ed)"
    • Added section, WP:PEACOCK#Exception for quotations: "Do not impose Wikipedia style guidelines on sources that we cite or quote. It is proper to say, "Music critic Ann Bond wrote that Mozart was a great composer," or "Smith said, 'Senator Jones's acceptance of this contribution is a major scandal.'" Such indirect or direct quotations may be useful in presenting important perspectives, especially on contentious subjects, or in summarizing a widely held view."

  • Wikipedia:External links
    • In WP:EL#Links normally to be avoided, changed [Any site that misleads the reader by use of factually inaccurate material or unverifiable research.] "See Reliable sources for explanations of the terms "factually inaccurate material" or "unverifiable research"." to "except to a limited extent in articles about the viewpoints which such sites are presenting."
    • In a footnote in the same section: changed [a link to a social networking site may be included when it is] "the official website for a business, organization, or person." to "an official website for a business, organization, or person. However, Wikipedia does not provide a comprehensive web directory to every official website, and more than one official website should be listed only when the additional links provide unique content and are not prominently linked from other official websites."
    • Added to same section: "Placing external links on Wikipedia navigation pages such as disambiguation, redirect and category."
    • Added footnote to same section and also to WP:EL#Sites requiring registration: "This guideline does not restrict linking to websites that are being used as sources to provide content in articles."
    • In WP:EL#Linking to user-submitted video sites, changed "Most YouTube videos containing copyrighted material (outside of the official YouTube channels of organizations and entertainment/news media companies) do not have permission of the copyright owners." to "Many YouTube videos of newscasts, shows or other content of interest to Wikipedia visitors are copyright violations."

  • Wikipedia:Lead section
    • Added to WP:LEAD#First sentence: [When the page title is used as the subject of the first sentence, it may appear in a slightly different form, and it may include variations,] "including synonyms".
    • Added to same section: [If the page is a list, do not introduce the list as "This is a list of X"] "or "This list of Xs..."."
    • In WP:LEAD#Alternative names, changed "Inclusion of non-English names should be seen as a desirable part of maximizing information available to the reader." to "however, the editor needs to balance the desire to maximize making information available to the reader with the need to maintain readability of the lead."
    • Expanded WP:LEAD#Citations