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Vital articles
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Vital articles are lists of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. They serve as centralized watchlists to track the status of Wikipedia's most important articles. There are approximately one thousand articles on this page, which form Level 3 of the Vital articles list and include all 100 subjects on the Level 2 list (which in turn includes the ten Level 1 subjects), which are marked in bold. A Level 4 list of ten thousand articles is currently under construction.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols are updated manually and may be out of date; you are encouraged to fix any errors you discover.

This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. There is also a list of one thousand articles considered vital to Wikipedias of all languages.

For more information on this list and the process for adding articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Current total: 1000

Last updated by Rreagan007 (talk) 20:04, 12 March 2017 (UTC)

People (132 articles)

History (76 articles)

Geography (92 articles)

Arts and culture (56 articles)

Philosophy and religion (61 articles)

Everyday life (53 articles)

Society and social sciences (140 articles)

Health and medicine (38 articles)

Science (190 articles)

Technology (109 articles)

Mathematics (53 articles)

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