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Which topics related to vaccine safety are missing from Wikipedia? It could be a medical concept about vaccine safety, an important organisation working for vaccine safety or any other related topic.

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These topics related to vaccine safety are missing from Wikipedia. You can reduce the knowledge gap by writing about them:

Sub lists[edit]

General topics[edit]

Missing articles
Article Resources Related articles and sections
Vaccine safety () CDC Vaccine
Emergency Preparedness for Vaccine Safety (USA) CDC
Vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis WHO Polio
Vaccine-derived Poliovirus CDC Polio
The Smallpox Eradication Program WHO Smallpox#Eradication
Vaccine-derived polio WHO Polio vaccine
Timeline of history of smallpox CDC CDC Redirect to History of smallpox
Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety WHO (primary source) Journal article
Death of Janet Parker Redirect to 1978 smallpox outbreak in the United Kingdom
Vaccination and antibiotic resistance WHO
Ring vaccination and smallpox control Journal article Smallpox#Eradication
National Advisory Committee on Immunization Govt. of Canada (primary source)
Zoonotic influenza WHO Avian influenza
Travel-related vaccination WHO Carte Jaune#Vaccines
Recommended vaccines by country ECDC (Europe data) Vaccination schedule
Adult Immunization (redirect as of 15 July 2020) CDC Vaccination schedule
Adult Vaccination Schedule (United States) CDC
Vaccine storage CDC
Vaccine transport WHO CDC (Emergency transport)
List of refrigerators and freezers for vaccine transport WHO WHO
List of vaccine candidates against COVID-19 WHO
Anti-vaccination movement (redirect as of 20 July 2020) Redirected to Vaccine hesitancy
List of anti-vaccination groups
World Health Organization's response to Hepatitis B WHO (primary source) Hepatitis B
Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on immunuzation journal, journal Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare
Vaccine adherance/Vaccine compliance Redirect to Vaccine hesitancy
Immunization coverage by country WHO
Vaccine reminder systems Journal article, CDC
Influenza Vaccination Zones WHO Influenza vaccination
International Certificate of Vaccination or Prophylaxis WHO
International Health Regulations (2005) WHO
Vaccination and pregnancy CDC
Vaccination of immunocompromised persons Immunisation Handbook (Australia)
Misinformation related to vaccination journal article
Nasal vaccine Science Direct
World Health Organization's response to poliomyelitis WHO
Pipeline vaccines WHO
Breast cancer vaccination journal, journal
Global Vaccine Action Plan WHO (primary source)
Vaccine scare Redirect to Vaccine hesitancy
List of controversial treatments
World Patient Safety Day
International Medical Products Anti-Counterfeiting Taskforce WHO (primary source)
Communicable Disease Surveillance Centre, United Kingdom
Public health hazard
Vaccination ethics journal
Mop-up immunization
Vaccine wastage


The decision about whether or not to get a vaccine for themselves or for their children could be influenced by the information given out from several organisations and governmental bodies. An individual is likely to determine the trustworthiness of an organization based on whether there is good coverage about the organization on Wikipedia. Hence, it becomes important that information regarding organizations that promote vaccine safety is present on Wikipedia, so that people trust the information disseminated by these organizations.

Member organizations or funders of Vaccine Safety Net a World Health Organization led initiative are listed below. Please check the notability of the organisations on Wikipedia:Notability_(organizations_and_companies) before creating articles from this list.

Missing articles
Article Vaccine Safety Net page  Comments
Vaccine Safety Net -
National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance (Australia) AusVaxSafety
CANImmunize (website) CANImmunize Check notability
Public Health Agency of Canada CANVax
Canadian Paediatric Society Caring For Kids
Colorado Children’s Immunization Coalition Colorado Children Immunization Coalition Check notability
Croatian Institute of Public Health Croatian Institute of Public Health Epidemiology and Immunization
European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control European Vaccination Information portal
American Academy of Pediatrics American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) - Immunization pages
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) US
Vaccinology Mexican Association Alianza por la Vacunación Check notability. Spanish language content.
Ministry of Health (Argentina) Argentina safe vaccination
Association of Family Medicine Istambul Check notability
Asociación Española de Vacunología  Asociación Española de Vacunología Spanish language content. Check notability.
Berufsverband der Kinder - und Jugendärzte Association of Child and Adolescent Physicians in Germany Check notability. German language content.
National Center of Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance National Center of Pharmacovigilance and Materiovigilance Algeria
Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention Chinese National Immunization Program
Clinical Clinical Check notability
Asociación Española de Pediatría Vaccination Assessment Committee of Spanish Association of Pediatrics
Istituto Superiore di Sanità  EpiCentro Italian language content.
Food and Drugs Authority Ghana Ghana Food and Drugs Authority
Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety
Hacettepe University Hacettepe University Turkish language content
Public Institution Health Center of Sarajevo Canton Health Center of Sarajevo Canton
Health Feedback (website) Health Feedback Check notability
HPV Prevention and Control Board HPV Prevention and Control Board Check notability
National Immunisation Programmes in the Republic of Ireland National Immunisation Programme of the Health Service Executive of Ireland
Public Health Association of British Columbia I Boost Immunity
Indian Academy of Pediatrics IAP Advisory Committee On Vaccines and Immunization Practices
Immunisation Advisory Centre (New Zealand) Immunisation Advisory Centre Check notability
Immunise Australia Program Immunise Australia Program
Immunization Academy Immunization Academy Check notability
Immunization Action Coalition Immunization Action Coalition
Immunize Canada Immunize Canada Check notability
BC Centre for Disease Control Immunize BC
Impfkontrolle (website) Impfkontrolle Check notability. German language content.
Federal Office of Public Health of the Swiss Confederation InfoVac
Infovac-France Infovac-France
Institute for Public Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Institute for Public Health of the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Institute for Vaccine Safety, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Institute of Vaccine Safety, John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Check notability
IoVaccino (website) IoVaccino Check notability. Italian language content.
Public Health Association of British Columbia Kids Boost Immunity
Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe
Murdoch Children’s Research Institute Melbourne Vaccine Education Centre
MesVaccins (website) MesVaccins Check notability. French language content.
Midaat (website) Midaat Check notability. Hebrew language content.
Ministry of Health (Kingdom of Bahrain) Ministry of Health of the Kingdom of Baharain
Regional Assembly of Murcia Murcia Salud Spanish language content.
National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases National Centre for Immunisation Research and Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases
National Foundation for Infectious Diseases National Foundation for Infectious Diseases
Saudi Food and Drug Authority National Pharmacovigilance and drug safety center in the Saudi Food and Drug Authority
Network for Education and Support in Immunisation Network for Education and Support in Immunisation Check notability
Public Health Scotland NHS Inform - Immunisation
NITAG Resource Center NITAG Resource Center Check notability
Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters Northern Rivers Vaccination Supporters
PATH PATHS Vaccine Resource Library
Paul-Ehrlich Institute Paul-Ehrlich-Institut
Philippine National Immunization Conference Philippine Foundation Vaccination
Planeta Mamá (website) Planeta Mamá Check notability
Portuguese Society of Pediatrics Portuguese Society of Pediatrics
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan Privivki Uzbek language content.
Public Health England Public Health England Immunization Section
Public Health Institute of Chile Public Health Institute of Chile
National Vaccination Programme of the Netherlands Rijksvaccinatieprogramma Dutch language content
Robert Koch Institute Robert Koch Institute
Rokottaminen Rokottaminen Finnish language content
Rund-ums-Baby (website) Rund-ums-Baby Check notability. German language content.
Sabin Vaccine Institute Sabin Vaccine Institute
Slovenia National Institute of Public Health Slovenia National Institute of Public Health
Brazilian Immunizations Society Brazilian Immunizations Society
Somos Mamás (website) Somos Mamás Check notability. Spanish language content.
National Institute of Public Health- National Institute of Hygiene, Poland Polish language content.
Ahfad University for Women Tat3im Initiative
The History of Vaccines (website) The History of Vaccines Check notability
Public Health Agency of Sweden The Public Health Agency of Sweden
Italian Society of Hygiene, Preventive Medicine and Public Health VaccinarSi Italian language content
Vaccinate Your Family (website) Vaccinate Your Family Check notability
Vaccine Confidence Project Vaccine Confidence Project Check notability
Children's Hospital of Philadelphia Children's Hospital of Philadelphia
Immunization Action Coalition Immunization Action Coalition
Vaccine Knowledge Project Vaccine Knowledge Project Check notability
Public Health Ontario Public Health Ontario
Vaccines Europe Vaccines Europe Check notability
Vaccines411 Vaccines411 Check notability
University of Cape Town VACFA
National Public Health Institute (Hungary) VACSATC - Oltásbiztonság Hungarian language content
Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board Viral Hepatitis Prevention Board Check notability
National Association of the Specialists in Control of Health Care-Associated Infections, Russia Yaprivitru Check notability, Russian language content

Country-based vaccination status[edit]

The World Health Organization monitors the vaccination situation in most countries of the world. Please refer Immunization Monitoring status on the WHO's website for details. The vaccination policies of some countries are listed in the Wikipedia article for Vaccination policy. UNICEF covers the immunization data of several world countries which can be accessed here.

Other resources for vaccination status by country[edit]

Suggested sub-topics and concepts in country-based vaccination articles[edit]

  • Vaccine policy
  • Mandatory/Routine vaccines (per National Immunization Schedule) (choose your preferred country and find information under the heading 'Immunization Schedule' here)
  • Vaccines for children and adolescents with suggested timing (choose your preferred country and find information under the heading 'Immunization Schedule' here)
  • Adult vaccines
  • Catch-up vaccination
  • Travel-vaccines (choose your preferred country and find the vaccination information here)
  • Vaccine coverage (choose your preferred country and find information under the heading 'Percentage target population vaccinated by antigen' here)
  • Vaccine acceptance
  • Vaccine production transport and storage status
  • Laws and regulations related to vaccine delivery
  • Financing of vaccine delivery
  • Planning and management of immunization programs
  • Vaccine safety monitoring
  • Immunization indicators (information here)


Europe (refer Vaccine Schedule Europa for the vaccination programmes of EU countries)
Country Link References
Albania Vaccination in Albania Journal article
Andorra Vaccination in Andorra Journal article
Austria Vaccination in Austria Wien city healthcare advisory
Belarus Vaccination in Belarus
Belgium Vaccination in Belgium Brussels city healthcare advisory
Bosnia and Herzegovina Vaccination in Bosnia and Herzegovina
Bulgaria Vaccination in Bulgaria
Croatia Vaccination in Croatia
Cyprus Vaccination in Cyprus Ministry of Health Cyprus (primary source)
Czechia Vaccination in Czechia Private clinic
Denmark Vaccination in Denmark Public Health Agency of Denmark (primary source)
Estonia Vaccination in Estonia National Health Board of Estonia (primary source)
Finland Vaccination in Finland Finnish Institute of Health and Welfare (primary source)
France Vaccination in France Journal
Georgia Vaccination in Georgia Georgia Department of Public Health (primary source)
Germany Vaccination in Germany Federal Ministry of Health Germany (primary source)
Greece Vaccination in Greece
Hungary Vaccination in Hungary Journal article
Iceland Vaccination in Iceland Directorate of Health Island (primary source)
Ireland Vaccination in Ireland National Immunization Office Ireland (primary source)
Israel Vaccination in Israel Ministry of Health Israel (primary source)
Italy Vaccination in Italy Eurosurveillance
Kazakhstan Vaccination in Kazakhstan
Kyrgyztan Vaccination in Kyrgyztan UNICEF
Latvia Vaccination in Latvia Latvian Centre for Disease Prevention and Control
Lithuania Vaccination in Lithuania
Luxemborg Vaccination in Luxemborg Healthcare Ministry
Malta Vaccination in Malta Ministry of Health Malta
Monaco Vaccination in Monaco Gouvernement Princier
Montenegro Vaccination in Montenegro
Netherlands Vaccination in Netherlands Government of the Netherlands
North Macedonia Vaccination in North Macedonia Institute of Public Health North Macedonia
Norway Vaccination in Norway Helsenorge (primary source)
Portugal Vaccination in Portugal
Republic of Moldova Vaccination in Republic of Moldova Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunization
Romania Vaccination in Romania
Russian Federation Vaccination in Russian Federation
San Marino Vaccination in San Marino
Serbia Vaccination in Serbia UNICEF
Slovakia Vaccination in Slovakia
Slovenia Vaccination in Slovenia NIJZ Slovania
Spain Vaccination in Spain Spanish Association of Pediatrics
Sweden Vaccination in Sweden Vaccination program in Sweden (primary source)
Switzerland Vaccination in Switzerland Federal Office of Public Health (primary source)
Tajikistan Vaccination in Tajikistan
Turkey Vaccination in Turkey Journal article
Turkmenistan Vaccination in Turkmenistan
Ukraine Vaccination in Ukraine Ministry of Health Ukraine
United Kingdom Vaccination in United Kingdom UK Government (primary source)
Uzbekistan Vaccination in Uzbekistan


The child vaccination schedules of several African countries can be found on the VACFA website supported by the University of Cape Town. They are listed as references below.
Country Link References
Algeria Vaccination in Algeria VACFA
Angola Vaccination in Angola VACFA
Benin Vaccination in Benin VACFA
Botswana Vaccination in Botswana VACFA
Burkina Faso Vaccination in Burkina Faso VACFA
Burundi Vaccination in Burundi VACFA
Cameroon Vaccination in Cameroon VACFA
Cape Verde Vaccination in Cape Verde VACFA
Central African Republic Vaccination in Central African Republic VACFA
Chad Vaccination in Chad VACFA
Comoros Vaccination in Comoros VACFA
Ivory Coast Vaccination in Ivory Coast VACFA
Democratic Republic of the Congo Vaccination in Democratic Republic of Congo VACFA
Equatorial Guinea Vaccination in Equatorial Guinea VACFA
Eritrea Vaccination in Eritrea VACFA
Ethiopia Vaccination in Ethiopia VACFA
Gabon Vaccination in Gabon VACFA
Gambia Vaccination in Gambia
Ghana Vaccination in Ghana VACFA
Guinea Vaccination in Guinea VACFA
Guinea-Bissau Vaccination in Guniea-Bissau VACFA
Kenya Vaccination in Kenya VACFA
Lesotho Vaccination in Lesotho VACFA
Liberia Vaccination in Liberia VACFA
Madagascar Vaccination in Madagascar VACFA
Malawi Vaccination in Malawi VACFA
Mali Vaccination in Mali VACFA
Mauritania Vaccination in Mauriania VACFA
Mauritius Vaccination in Mauritius VACFA
Mozambique Vaccination in Mozambique VACFA
Namibia Vaccination in Namibia VACFA
Niger Vaccination in Niger VACFA
Nigeria Vaccination in Nigeria VACFA
Rwanda Vaccination in Rwanda VACFA
São Tomé and Príncipe Vaccination in São Tomé and Príncipe VACFA
Senegal Vaccination in Senegal VACFA
Seychelles Vaccination in Seychelles VACFA
Sierra Leone Vaccination in Sierra Leone VACFA
Somalia Vaccination in Somalia
South Africa Vaccination in South Africa VACFA
South Sudan Vaccination in South Sudan VACFA
Swaziland Vaccination in Swaziland VACFA
Togo Vaccination in Togo VACFA
Uganda Vaccination in Uganda VACFA
Tanzania Vaccination in Tanzania VACFA
Zambia Vaccination in Zambia
Zimbabwe Vaccination in Zimbabwe VACFA


Country Link References
Antigua and Barbuda Vaccination in Antigua and Barbuda WHO
Argentina Vaccination in Argentina WHO
Bahamas Vaccination in Bahamas Ministry of Health, Bahamas
Barbados Vaccination in Barbados Barbados Children Directrory
Belize Vaccination in Belize WHO
Bolivia Vaccination in Bolivia
Brazil Vaccination in Brazil Scielo
Canada Vaccination in Canada Canada Government
Chile Vaccination in Chile
Colombia Vaccination in Colombia Government of Colombia
Costa Rica Vaccination in Costa Rica
Cuba Vaccination in Cuba Jornal article
Dominica Vaccination in Dominica
Dominican Republic Vaccination in Dominican Republic
Ecuador Vaccination in Ecuador WHO
El Salvador Vaccination in El Salvador Journal article
Grenada Vaccination in Grenada
Guatemala Vaccination in Guatemala
Guyana Vaccination in Guyana <nowiki> WHO
Haiti Vaccination in Haiti WHO
Honduras Vaccination in Honduras
Jamaica Vaccination in Jamaica Ministry of Health, Jamaica
Mexico Vaccination in Mexico San Deigo Immunization Program
Nicaragua Vaccination in Nicaragua
Panama Vaccination in Panama PAHO
Paraguay Vaccination in Paraguay
Peru Vaccination in Peru
Saint Kitts and Nevis Vaccination in Saint Kitts and Nevis
Saint Lucia Vaccination in Saint Lucia
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Vaccination in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
Suriname Vaccination in Suriname WHO
Trinidad and Tobago Vaccination in Trinidad and Tobago Ministry of Health, Trinidad and Tobago
United States Vaccination in United States of America CDC
Uruguay Vaccination in Uruguay
Venezuela Vaccination in Venezuela

South-East Asia[edit]

Country Link References
Bangladesh Vaccination in Bangladesh Bangladesh Institute of Health Sciences Hospital
Bhutan Vaccination in Bhutan Ministry of Health, Royal Government of Bhutan
North Korea Vaccination in North Korea
India Vaccination in India history of vaccination-journal article
Indonesia Vaccination in Indonesia journal article
Maldives Vaccination in Maldives Ministry of Health, Maldives
Myanmar Vaccination in Myanmar Department of Health, Myanmmar
Nepal Vaccination in Nepal Government of Nepal
Sri Lanka Vaccination in Sri Lanka Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka
Thailand Vaccination in Thailand journal article
Timor-Leste Vaccination in Timor-Leste

Eastern Mediterranean[edit]

Eastern Mediterranean
Country Link References
Afghanistan Vaccination in Afghanistan Journal
Bahrain Vaccination in Bahrain Ministry of Health, Baharain
Djibouti Vaccination in Djibouti
Egypt Vaccination in Egypt Journal article
Iran Vaccination in Iran Journal
Iraq Vaccination in Iraq USAID
Jordan Vaccination in Jordan
Kuwait Vaccination in Kuwait Kuwait Government Online (primary source)
Lebanon Vaccination in Lebanon Ministry of Public Health (primary source)
Libya Vaccination in Libya
Morocco Vaccination in Morocco
Oman Vaccination in Oman
Pakistan Vaccination in Pakistan
Palestine Vaccination in Palestine
Qatar Vaccination in Qatar Ministry of Public Health (primary source)
Saudi Arabia Vaccination in Saudi Arabia Ministry of Health (primary source)
Somalia Vaccination in Somalia
Sudan Vaccination in Sudan
Syria Vaccination in Syria
Tunisia Vaccination in Tunisia
United Arab Emirates Vaccination in United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health and Prevention (primary source)
Yemen Vaccination in Yemen

Western Pacific[edit]

Country Link References
Australia Vaccination in Australia Department of Health, Australia (primary source)
Brunei Vaccination in Brunei Ministry of Health, Brunei (primary source)
Cambodia Vaccination in Cambodia CDC Cambodia
China Vaccination in China Chinese Center for Disease control and Prevention (primary source]
Cook Islands Vaccination in Cook Islands
Fiji Vaccination in Fiji Ministry of Health and Medical Services (primary source)
Japan Vaccination in Japan Japan Pediatric Society
Kiribati Vaccination in Kiribati
Laos Vaccination in Laos
Malaysia Vaccination in Malaysia Ministry of Health, Malaysia (primary source)
Marshall Islands Vaccination in Marshall Islands
Micronesia Vaccination in Micronesia
Mongolia Vaccination in Mongolia
Nauru Vaccination in Nauru
New Zealand Vaccination in New Zealand Ministry of Health, New Zealand
Niue Vaccination in Niue
Palau Vaccination in Palau
Papua New Guinea Vaccination in Papua New Guinea
Philippines Vaccination in Philippines Department of Health, Philippines (primary source)
South Korea Vaccination in South Korea journal article
Samoa Vaccination in Samoa
Singapore Vaccination in Singapore Health Promotion Board, Singapore
Solomon Islands Vaccination in Solomon Islands
Taiwan Vaccination in Taiwan Public Health Bureau, Taiwan
Tonga Vaccination in Tonga
Tuvalu Vaccination in Tuvalu
Vanuatu Vaccination in Vanuatu
Vietnam Vaccination in Vietnam journal article/report

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