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This page collates reliable sources from organisations publishing on vaccine safety related topics, it includes reports, blog posts, databases, maps, news articles etc. References are an essential part of Wikipedia especially for covering current events and medical related content like vaccine related content. You can use these reference sources to add information to existing articles, create new articles and add to the list of missing topics.


For Flickr Images, please consider using the Flickr-to-Commons tool for mass uploading to Commons.


Small pox[edit]

These are some of the images from WHO photo galleries which could possibly be used under fair use terms.


The following are some of the data sources about vaccines and vaccine safety.


Vaccine coverage[edit]

Consequences of vaccine hesitancy[edit]

Small pox[edit]

These are data from Our World In Data, which could be used on Wikipedia. Our World Data shares their data under CC-BY license, which is compatible with Wikipedia.



Measles and Rubella[edit]

Travel vaccinations[edit]