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This symbolises a Wikipedia 0.5 nomination

This page is designed to facilitate the nomination and review process of good articles (GAs) for Wikipedia:Version 0.5 (V0.5), the test CD release designed to pave the way for Wikipedia:Version 1.0. Reviewers from the review team are encouraged to sign up for subject sections that interest them. It is also possible to share responsibility for a section in order to split up the workload. Reviewers first check which article have already been passed. Then they will aim to review all GAs within their area of interest by August 31, 2006. This will allow GAs to bypass the general V0.5 nomination page going straight from this page to the main Version 0.5 page once approved.


The criteria for importance and quality apply, but the group has (after much heated discussion agreed on this consensus view for FAs (this slightly modified version is the equivalent of WP:V0.5FAR for good articles):

  • They should probably pass on quality.
  • The majority of GAs should also be allowed to pass on importance, only being rejected in cases of very low importance (like the GA equivalent of Spoo) with the agreement of two reviewers signing #Importance review.


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Review process[edit]

  • Reviews should only be done by members of the review team (if you want to help sign up here).
  • Reviewers then pick an area of interest to them and sign up there.
  • The reviewer should not have been a significant contributor to the article under review.

As time allows, each reviewer will check articles on their list based on the criteria above. With most articles expected to pass, this should be a relatively straightforward review process, easy to complete by August 31 2006. Note that an article should only be removed from the list if it loses its GA status. After an article has been reviewed, the following process is carried out:


  1. "Strikeout" the article name on this page, using <s> and </s>.
  2. Place the {{V0.5|class=XX|category=YY}} template on its talk page. See {{V0.5}} for details of classes and categories.
  3. List the article on Wikipedia:Version 0.5 under the appropriate section.

Fail on importance only[edit]


If the article is of acceptable quality, but on a topic outside the scope of the V0.5 release:

  1. Leave a comment next to the article name on this page
  2. Leave a comment below in the importance review section.
  3. After a total of two reviewers (including yourself) agree and sign that the article should not be included, strikeout the article name, using <s> and </s> and leave a comment such as "scope" or "importance".
  4. If consensus is not reached in the importance review section, and one reviewer believes strongly that this article should be included, then the article should be passed for Version 0.5 (see above).
  5. Articles that fail on importance are listed here Wikipedia:Version 0.5 FA Review/Archived nominations.

Fail on quality[edit]


If the article fails to meet the criteria because of quality issues:

  1. Consider requesting a cleanup of the article using cleanup tags or requests on the talk page.
  2. Consider a clear reason on the article's talk page.
  3. "Strikeout" the article name on this page, using <s> and </s>, and place a comment next to the article name indicating briefly why the article failed, and any action taken.

This page is still being set up.