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The Torrent Project aims to allow others to be able to download and help distribute various files across wikipedia. Our methods currently are composed of using the BitTorrent Network and by using ed2k links with programs such as eMule. We also plan to expand further. The files we are working on right now are outlined below.


Please read this first[edit]

Active Projects[edit]

Version 0.7[edit]

See Wikipedia Release Version 0.7.

2007 Wikipedia CD Selection[edit]

  1. Tar.gz. Torrent: Here

Version 0.5 Release[edit]

  1. CD (iso and bz2 formats). Torrent: here

Unspecified content[edit]

This content does not appear to be from a sub-project of the Version 1.0 Editorial Team.

  1. Pocket PC (TomeRaider tr3 file format)

Future Projects[edit]

  1. Wikipedia Release Version 0.8 (expected release - Feb/March 2011)

For any questions/comments/problems post on the individual project talk pages, not on the Torrent Project Talk page.

Deceased Projects[edit]

Projects of the past. DO NOT use. Historical purposes only.

2006 Wikipedia CD Selection[edit]

  1. CD (zip, rar and iso file formats). Torrent: here
  2. Palm Pilot (Plucker pdb file format). Torrent: here


  1. Seed
  2. Upload
  3. Find reliable trackers and create a list.

There is no need to mirror download sites of torrents, we have that covered. But posts at dump sites (piratebay, torrentz) are encouraged.


Add {{User WP1.0TORRENT}} to your userpage to add this userbox -

WP1 0 Icon.svg This user is a member of the Wikipedia 1.0 Editorial Team's Torrent Project. Nuvola filesystems ftp.png


Information on the 2005 German Release: here.


If you find that these do not help, post in the Project Talk Page about what could be better.


If you're new to BitTorrent, check out the FAQ/Help Guide and learn a little about BitTorrent. After you get yourself acquainted, download BitTorrent. Then go to each of the Projects above download the torrent for which one you want. Open the torrent up in your BitTorrent client and your download starts.

ed2k links[edit]

These links require the program eMule or eDonkey2000. Install either of these programs. Then, copy and paste it into either of the programs. Your download will begin. Sometimes you might find a torrent and there will be info for an ed2k link nearby.

.Torrents vs. ed2k links[edit]

Torrents are the new way to download files but there is a small learning curve. Also, if you are behind a firewall or a router, you will need to know how to configure each one to your needs so your downloads go faster--although you don't have to, it will still work even if you don't anything. eD2k links are opened up in eMule or eDonkey2000, you don't need to configure anything, these programs work like this: IF you are requesting a file, you have to wait your turn. Your turn will only last until your uploaders you are connected to exit their program. Then you have to wait in line again. The more uploaders, the faster downloads and more turns.

In the news[edit]