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Recently, there has been an ongoing discussion about whether very short articles can attain Featured article (FA) status.

Some editors are opposed to short articles at Featured article candidates (FAC). Many bring up fair arguments, such as potential overflow of FACs, lack of reviewers, and loss of quality main page TFAs. Other FAC reviewers argue that any article which meets Wikipedia's notability requirements can become featured. So, should a 500-word (or less) article be able to make FA?

Featured articles under 400 words have been proposed. WP:GA was initially designed for such articles, but Wikipedia has appeared to have moved beyond that concept.

Some examples of current very short featured articles:

From the featured article criteria:

A featured article exemplifies our very best work and ... It is—

  • (b) comprehensive: it neglects no major facts or details;

Some editors interpret 1b to mean the article covers all available sourced information, even when major facts and details about the topic aren't available, raising the question of whether the criteria should be redefined.

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  1. ^ In 2013, tropical Storm Erick was deemed to be not notable enough for a standalone article and merged into 2007 Pacific hurricane season