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Vital articles
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Vital articles is a list of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. It serves as a centralized watchlist to track the status of Wikipedia's most essential articles. This is one of eleven Level 4 sub-lists of ten thousand articles and is currently under construction.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols and article counts are updated by Bot0612.

This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. There is also a list of ten thousand articles considered vital to Wikipedias of all languages.

For more information on this list and the process for adding articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


History (683 articles)[edit]

Basics (3 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Delisted good article History of the world (Level 1)
  2. C-Class article History (Level 2)
  3. C-Class article Civilization (Level 2)

History by continent and region (18 articles)[edit]

History by country (41 articles)[edit]

Prehistory (15 articles)[edit]

Ancient history (127 articles)[edit]

Post-classical history (133 articles)[edit]

Early modern history (94 articles)[edit]

Modern history (173 articles)[edit]

Historical cities (29 articles)[edit]

History by subject matter (36 articles)[edit]

Auxiliary sciences of history (13 articles)[edit]