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Vital articles
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Vital articles is a list of subjects for which Wikipedia should have corresponding high-quality articles. It serves as a centralized watchlist to track the status of Wikipedia's most essential articles. This is one of eleven Level 4 sub-lists of ten thousand articles and is currently under construction.

Articles are labelled as:

These symbols are updated manually and may be out of date; you are encouraged to fix any errors you discover.

This list is tailored to the English-language Wikipedia. There is also a list of one thousand articles considered vital to Wikipedias of all languages.

For more information on this list and the process for adding articles, please see the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.


Technology (735 articles)[edit]

Agriculture (37 articles)[edit]

Biotechnology (6 articles)[edit]

Computing and information technology (73 articles)[edit]

For topics in theoretical computer science, see Mathematics: Discrete mathematics

Basics (6 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Computing
  2. C-Class article Information technology
  3. B-Class article Abacus
  4. B-Class article Calculator
  5. Start-Class article Data
    1. Start-Class article Data transmission

Computer science (5 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Computer science
  2. B-Class article Artificial intelligence
  3. C-Class article Computer architecture
  4. Start-Class article Computer simulation
  5. Featured article Parallel computing

Computer hardware (10 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Delisted good article Computer (Level 2)
  2. C-Class article Booting
  3. C-Class article Former featured article Central processing unit
  4. B-Class article ENIAC
  5. C-Class article Motherboard

User interface (5 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article User interface
  2. B-Class article Computer keyboard
  3. Start-Class article Computer monitor
  4. B-Class article Mouse (computing)
  5. C-Class article Touchscreen

Computer software (14 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Software
  2. C-Class article Computer virus
  3. C-Class article Database
  4. Start-Class article Open-source software
  5. C-Class article Spreadsheet
  6. C-Class article Web browser
  7. B-Class article Word processor

Operating systems (7 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Operating system
  2. B-Class article Berkeley Software Distribution
  3. B-Class article Delisted good article Linux
  4. B-Class article Mac OS
  5. B-Class article Delisted good article Microsoft Windows
  6. B-Class article MS-DOS
  7. B-Class article Unix

Cryptography (5 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Former featured article Cryptography
  2. C-Class article Authentication
  3. Start-Class article Encryption
  4. C-Class article Password
  5. Start-Class article Provable security

Data storage (9 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Data storage device
  2. C-Class article File system
  3. B-Class article Hard disk drive
  4. Start-Class article Magnetic tape
  5. Start-Class article Memory card
  6. C-Class article Optical disc
  7. C-Class article Random-access memory
    1. C-Class article Dynamic random-access memory
  8. C-Class article Read-only memory

Networks (12 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Computer network
  2. C-Class article Email
  3. C-Class article Ethernet
  4. C-Class article Router
  5. C-Class article Wi-Fi

Internet (7 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Internet
  2. C-Class article HTML
  3. C-Class article Hypertext Transfer Protocol
  4. B-Class article Internet protocol suite
  5. C-Class article Web search engine
  6. C-Class article Website
  7. C-Class article Former featured article World Wide Web

Programming (12 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Computer programming
  2. C-Class article Character encoding
  3. C-Class article Compiler
  4. C-Class article Delisted good article Programming language
    1. B-Class article Assembly language
    2. C-Class article Former featured article C
    3. C-Class article Former featured article Java (programming language)
    4. B-Class article JavaScript
  5. C-Class article Programming paradigm
    1. C-Class article Delisted good article Functional programming
    2. Start-Class article Structured programming
      1. C-Class article Object-oriented programming

Electronics (36 articles)[edit]

Engineering (16 articles)[edit]

Industry (87 articles)[edit]

Infrastructure (71 articles)[edit]

See also Arts: Architecture

Basics (2 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Building
  2. C-Class article Infrastructure

Building materials (6 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Brick
  2. B-Class article Cement
  3. B-Class article Concrete
  4. C-Class article Lumber
  5. Start-Class article Masonry
  6. C-Class article Scaffolding

Infrastructure by type (59 articles)[edit]

Architectural elements (15 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Arch
  2. Start-Class article Ceiling
  3. Start-Class article Column
  4. B-Class article Dome
  5. B-Class article Door
  6. C-Class article Elevator
  7. Start-Class article Facade
  8. Start-Class article Floor
  9. Start-Class article Foundation
  10. C-Class article Lighting
  11. Start-Class article Roof
  12. Start-Class article Room
  13. C-Class article Stairs
  14. C-Class article Wall
  15. C-Class article Window

Coastal infrastructure (4 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Harbor
  2. B-Class article Lighthouse
  3. Start-Class article Pier
  4. Start-Class article Port

Commercial buildings (2 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Office
  2. C-Class article Warehouse

Residential buildings and housing units (11 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Apartment
  2. C-Class article House (Level 2)
  3. Start-Class article Hut
  4. B-Class article Igloo
  5. C-Class article Pagoda
  6. Start-Class article Palace
  7. B-Class article Pyramid
  8. B-Class article Skyscraper
  9. Start-Class article Tower
  10. C-Class article Tower block
  11. C-Class article Villa

Rooms and spaces (6 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Bathroom
  2. Start-Class article Bedroom
  3. Start-Class article Dining room
  4. Start-Class article Garage
  5. B-Class article Delisted good article Kitchen
  6. Start-Class article Living room

Portable buildings and shelters (2 articles)[edit]

  1. Start-Class article Tent
  2. Start-Class article Yurt

Other components (2 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Electrical wiring
  2. C-Class article HVAC

Hydraulic infrastructure (10 articles)[edit]

  1. C-Class article Drainage
  2. B-Class article Dam
    1. C-Class article Aswan Dam
    2. Featured article Hoover Dam
    3. C-Class article Itaipu Dam
    4. Good article Three Gorges Dam
  3. C-Class article Flood control
    1. C-Class article Flood control in the Netherlands
  4. Start-Class article Levee
  5. C-Class article Reservoir

Transport infrastructure (7 articles)[edit]

  1. B-Class article Bridge
    1. Start-Class article Akashi Kaikyō Bridge
    2. B-Class article Brooklyn Bridge
    3. B-Class article Golden Gate Bridge
    4. B-Class article London Bridge
  2. C-Class article Tunnel
    1. B-Class article Channel Tunnel

Machinery and tools (84 articles)[edit]

Media and communication (35 articles)[edit]

See also Arts: Literature; Society: Mass media; and Technology: Computing and information technology

Medical technology (15 articles)[edit]

Military technology (69 articles)[edit]

Navigation and timekeeping (15 articles)[edit]

Optical technology (28 articles)[edit]

Space (36 articles)[edit]

Textiles (30 articles)[edit]

Transportation (99 articles)[edit]