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Vital articles
Vital articles

There are currently 6,835,462 articles on the English Wikipedia, some of which have been selected as vital articles. They are organized into five levels of vitality. Level 1 contains the ten most vital articles, and each further level expands on the selection of the previous level, as follows:

Level 1 (10 articles) - Level 2 (100 articles) - Level 3 (1,000 articles) - Level 4 (10,000 articles) - Level 5 (50,000 articles)

This page contains the level 1 list. Any modification to the list should only be made after discussion on the talk page.

The vital article lists are meant to guide the prioritization of improvements to vital articles and to monitor their quality. They are tailored to the English Wikipedia, unlike the list of articles every Wikipedia should have on Meta-Wiki. They are actively maintained by the dedicated WikiProject Vital Articles. For more on the history, process and purpose behind the vital article lists, please visit the FAQ page.

Rewards for improving level 1 vital articles

Ask the prize sponsors for more details. Wikipedia:Conflict of interest and common sense applies.

Level 1 vital articles

This section contains 10 articles out of a quota of 10.