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This page is about the term "walled garden" as it applies to Wikipedia. For the main article, see Walled garden. For the WikiProject concerning gardens, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Horticulture and Gardening. For a wall of text on Wikipedia, see Wikipedia:Wall of text.
"WP:WG" redirects here. For the WikiGuard application, see User:BradBeattie/WikiGuard. For Wikipedia-based games, see Wikipedia:Wikipedia games.
A walled garden on Ilnacullin

On many wikis, Wikipedia included, a walled garden is a set of pages or articles that link to each other, but do not have any links to or from anything outside the group. This can be a failure of linkage, or it can be an attempt to form a group of articles on essentially the same topic. This should especially be avoided on Wikipedia, where one of our core principles is building the web. While orphaned articles are far easier to detect than walled gardens, if you find several pages that only seem to link to each other, then be bold and, depending on the circumstances, add both outgoing and incoming links, or suggest a merge.

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