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The following is a list of competitors (and withdrawn competitors) for the 2012 WikiCup. Signups for this year are still open until mid-February, but you are welcome to signup for the newsletter.

2012 contestants[edit]


Round 4[edit]

Round 3[edit]

Round 2[edit]

Round 1[edit]

Withdrawn candidates[edit]

Round 1[edit]

  1. Iceland Scorpion0422 (submissions) (Withdrew in the middle of the round because of time constraints.)

Round 2[edit]

  1. Republic of Rose Island Sven Manguard (submissions) (Withdrew immediately to allow another user a place in the round.)
  2. Philadelphia Hurricanefan25 (submissions) (Withdrew and retired right as the round begun.)
  3. Greece Yellow Evan (submissions) (Withdrew towards the end of the round.)