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A Rohr train arrives at the West Falls Church-VT/UVA station.

WikiProject Washington Metro is a project to better organize information in articles related to the Washington Metro. This page contains the suggestions and opinions of interested contributors; it is hoped that this project will help to focus and coordinate the efforts of all.


This WikiProject aims primarily to coordinate, organize and develop all Wikipedia activities concerning the Washington Metro. Specifically, it deals with everything under the banner of the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority, from the beginning of service to the present day. This includes the Metrorail system, all Metro stations, Metrobus, fare media, historic service, etc.


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Other WikiProjects covering individual cities and covering subway systems can be a good source of mutual inspiration:

See WikiProject New York City Subway for another subway-related Wikiproject, which was in part the inspiration for this Wikiproject.


List of pages covered by the project[edit]

Metrorail System[edit]

Historic Washington D.C. Area Transit[edit]

Washington area bus systems[edit]



Naming Conventions[edit]

  • Metro stations: Use [[Station Name Station]] (or [[Station Name (WMATA station)]], depending on whether the name of the station already exists in another location), as written on the official Metro system map. Please use endashes (–) instead of hyphens (-) in the titles and articles, and make sure that all abbreviations are spelled out in full, for consistency reasons. For example, use "Mount Vernon Square" instead of "Mt Vernon Sq." Acronyms such as "SW," "SEU," and "VT" should remain as acronyms.

Ordering Conventions[edit]

  • Metro stations: Stations are listed from west to east (left to right on the system map) or from south to north (bottom to top on the system map).

Hierarchy Definition[edit]

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  1. Standardization and improvement of articles related to the Washington Metro.
  2. A full history of the Washington Metro and predecessor organizations.

Stubs relating to the Washington Metro can be found in Category:Washington Metro stubs.


Arlington Cemetery
Arlington Cemetery Station.jpg
Location 1000 North Memorial Drive
Arlington, VA 22211
Owned by Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority
Line(s) Blue Line
Platforms Side platforms
Tracks two
Disabled access Yes
Other information
Station code C06
Opened July 1, 1977
Preceding station   WMATA Metro Logo.svg Washington Metro   Following station
Blue Line


Washington Metro station article pages use the {{Infobox Station}} box, along with {{s-rail}} succession boxes placed within the template. The infobox for Arlington Cemetery station is shown at right as an example.


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