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See also the related project: WikiProject Military history.
Anti-war protesters fill London's streets on the February 15, 2003 day of global demonstrations

Some Wikipedians have formed a project to better organize information about the key ideas, concepts, people, organizations and events related to anti-war movements, as well as articles about peace and nonviolent conflict resolution. Editors involved in the WikiProject collaborate with suggestions for tasks and projects regarding specific articles or groups of articles. If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page and see the tasks and projects below.

For more information on WikiProjects, please see Wikipedia:WikiProjects and Wikipedia:WikiProject best practices.


We neither support, nor actively condemn, the promotion of an anti-war POV (or any other POV) in Wikipedia articles. Instead, we seek to bring articles on the anti-war movement and anti-war ideas up to Featured Article standard. This project is for those interested in various anti-war movements (just as Wikipedia:WikiProject Cricket is for those persons interested in cricket).

As noted in the anti-war article the term anti-war is not completely clear. For the sake of this project 'anti-war' will denote any movement or ideology that opposes war in general or opposes specific wars or opposes the involvement of its country/government in war in general or specific wars. This definition is purposefully wide so as to cover all the various movements that have labelled themselves or have been labeled as anti-war. It also aims to include movements that have been or are currently labeled as 'Peace movements'.

The goals of this WikiProject are as follows:

  1. To build as a community, contributors interested in documenting anti-war movements and ideas.
  2. To identify areas which lack sufficient coverage.
  3. To improve those articles which need help.
  4. To provide guidelines for writing on anti-war articles and subjects on the 'pedia (with perhaps a view to providing guidelines to articles on Social movements in general).
  5. To monitor pages prone to POV battles.

How you can help[edit]

WikiProject Anti-war open tasks
This project creates and improves articles related to anti-war activism.

To build the community:

  • Join this project by adding your name to the list below
  • Add this page to your watchlist, and keep up with what needs doing.

To identify and improve anti-war pages:

  • Locate pages that need attention, then add them to the list below.
  • Add the Tasks box to your User: or User_talk: page. (Add {{Anti-warTasks}} anywhere on the page. Or {{Anti-warTasksBox}} to get it in a box)
  • Have a go at editing a page from the list below.

To provide guidelines for writing about anti-war topics

Thanks for helping out!


Please feel free to add your name in here.


For those who use Userboxes, insert {{User wikipedia/WikiProject Anti-war}} to add the project userbox to your user page.


Special events[edit]

Please note: the Militarisation of space was the Wikipedia-wide Wikipedia:Collaborations of the week|Collaboration of the week back in August 2005. There are also several Article Improvement Drive candidates that may be of interest, such as American Empire and Nuclear power phase-out. Go vote!

Collaboration of the month[edit]

Hopefully, each month the anti-war wiki-project will put particular focus on Wikipedia:Collaborations|collaborating to improve an article in need of attention.

Formerly: Opposition to the Vietnam War

To do:

Suggestions for next: anti-war film? Satyagraha? World citizen?

Previous: Protests against the invasion of Iraq (see how it changed)

Counter the Anglo bias[edit]

Due to the demographic of its contributors the English language Wikipedia tends to have a systemic bias towards American and British topics. This project seeks to identify and fill the gaps in the documentation of anti-war projects that are not American or British.

To Do:
  • Create articles on various non-English/non-American peace groups (e.g. Norwegian group: Fredsinitiativet [1], Swedish group Ofog)
  • Find more information on demonstrations in these countries
  • There should be a lot in the European anti-nuclear movement from the Cold War years.
  • Clean up articles on Asian concepts for peace, such as Satyagraha and Ahimsa.
  • User:Arnomane would volunteer in some weeks (after he has worked up his Todo-list in de.wikipedia) and would try to write something about the Peace movements in the former German Democratic Republic. In the meantime others could start already and try to translate articles from de.wikipedia into english, e.g. Schwerter zu Pflugscharen (translated: "swords into ploughshares").

Article deletion related[edit]

Candidates for deletion[edit]

(Please include new entries with dates AfD'd)

Non-notability threats potentially becoming deletion requests[edit]


Does there exist a systematic bias for deleting anti-war articles when those anti-war articles concern organisations opposed to wars that are supported by Western governments and Western mainstream newspapers? Note that systematic bias does not imply evil intentions by wikipedians. Please help gather the evidence:

Article naming conventions[edit]


For notable anti-war protests and/or demonstrations, the following format is recommended: "[Full date] anti-war protest".

For instance, the article for the large anti-war protest that occurred in Washington DC on September 24, 2005 is titled September 24, 2005 anti-war protest. Redirects to alternate titles may be made at one's own discretion.

List of pages covered by the project[edit]

See Wikipedia:WikiProject Anti-war/Assessment for information on quality and importance ratings. Note that there are currently two assessment systems as we convert to the Wikipedia 1.0 format. Articles with no quality rating listed here are rated on the new rating system.

Anti-War Events[edit]

Anti-War Projects & Longer-term Actions[edit]

Anti-War Groups/Organizations[edit]

Individual Anti-War Activists[edit]

Article Status
Jane Addams needs exp
Joan Baez
Medea Benjamin
Daniel Berrigan good
Philip Berrigan needs exp
Janet Bloomfield needs NPOV
Ernest Bromley
Marion Bromley
Smedley Butler good
Helen Caldicott
Aldo Capitini
Tom Cornell
Peggy Duff good
Daniel Ellsberg good
Leymah Gbowee
Katharine Gun needs exp
Comfort Freeman
Brian Haw good
Ammon Hennacy good
Iain Hook needs exp,needs NPOV
Kate Hudson (activist)
Bruce Kent needs exp
Reg Keys needs org
Robin Long
Ava Lowery needs exp
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Colman McCarthy
A. J. Muste needs exp
Juanita Nelson needs org
Wally Nelson needs org
James Otsuka
Midge Potts
Vanessa Redgrave
Jose Rodriguez (activist)
David Rovics
Gene Sharp needs opinion
Cindy Sheehan
Kaiko Takeshi needs rating
Aya Virginie Toure
Carmen Trotta needs expansion. A move to delete has been made
Ehren Watada
Angie Zelter needs rating

Anti-War Related Media/Propaganda/Imagery[edit]

General Anti-War[edit]

Article Status
Ahimsa needs exp
Anti-imperialism needs exp
Anti-war needs exp
Civil disobedience (not exclusively anti-war) good
Conscientious objector needs org
Draft:Conscientious objection law in the United States under review
Conscientious objection to military taxation needs exp
Counter-recruitment needs exp
Criticisms of the War on Terrorism needs org
Draft dodger needs opinion
East Timor solidarity movement
International Court of Justice advisory opinion on the Legality of the Threat or Use of Nuclear Weapons[1] needs rating ad controversy needs exp
Nonviolence good
Nonviolent resistance needs exp, org
Nuclear-free zone needs rating
Nuclear-Weapon-Free Zone needs exp
Opposition to the Vietnam War
Opposition to the 2001 Afghanistan War
Opposition to the 2003 Iraq War needs exp
Opposition to the Second Boer War needs exp
Opposition to the American Civil War
Opposition to the War of 1812 needs rating
Opposition to World War I needs exp
Opposition to World War II poor
Pacifism good
Draft:Pacifism in the United States needs to be created
Pacifist organisation
Peace activist
Peace and conflict studies
Peace camp poor
Peace churches needs exp
Peace movement needs org
Peace Pole good
Peace through strength needs NPOV, exp
Post-September 11 anti-war movement needs org, NPOV
Satyagraha (anti-war??) poor
Schenck v. United States needs exp
Second Superpower needs org
Tax resistance (not exclusively anti-war) needs org
Turn the other cheek needs exp
World peace needs exp
World Tribunal on Iraq needs re-org, NPOV and ref's

See also[edit]

Not directly covered by this project

The wars being opposed:

Iraq: U.S. plan to invade Iraq, American popular opinion of war on Iraq, Worldwide government positions on war on Iraq, The UN Security Council and the Iraq war, Iraq disarmament crisis
Vietnam: Vietnam War
Afghanistan: War in Afghanistan (2001–present); also, do we have an article on opposition in the Soviet Union to their war in Afghanistan?
Targeted killing- this fails to include the anti war view.

Other: Arms industry, Combat stress reaction, Conflict resolution, Gnadenhütten massacre, Militarism, Military-industrial complex, Ottawa Treaty, War economy, War profiteer,




  1. ^ Not obviously anti-war, I know; but is often used by anti-Nuclear movements