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Welcome to WikiProject Beer
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Welcome to WikiProject Beer, a collaboration area and group of editors dedicated to improving Wikipedia's coverage of beer and breweries. This page and its associated pages contain their suggestions, ideas and proposals; it is hoped that this project will help to focus the efforts of other Wikipedians dedicated to the subject of beer.
New members are always welcome and appreciated.

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WikiProject Beer
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Project Information
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WikiProject Beer was started in March 2005, and is a loose association of Wikipedians with an interest in beer and beer-related matters who have come together to co-ordinate the development of beer and brewery articles on Wikipedia.

  • If you would like to help, please inquire on the talk page, check the "Ways to contribute" or cleanup sections on this page, or just dig in and start editing.
  • If you would like assistance, you can ask a question on the talk page, or click on one of the links above.

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The topic beer covers:

Targets Targets

  • To provide guidelines and recommendations for articles that detail breweries and their products; pubs; beer and the process of brewing; and other matters related to beer.
  • To improve Wikipedia's coverage of beer by creating, expanding, and maintaining such articles.
  • To develop and maintain a featured quality portal, with an intuitive system of navigation templates, as well as various infoboxes and an integrated assessment process for articles.
  • To serve as the central point of discussion for issues related to beer related matters in Wikipedia.

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Article assessments

Beer WikiProject
article assessment


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This is a list of ongoing tasks that need doing on a regular basis. Please check out the provided links to see what you can do for WikiProject Beer:
  • Clean up or deal with the tagged articles listed here
  • Assess beer articles following guidance here
  • Assist in writing guidelines here
  • Get rid of Trivia sections in articles you are working on.
  • Add the {{Beer}} banner to beer related articles to help bring them to members attention. It could encourage new members to the project too
  • Join in or start discussions here

To do

This list is transcluded from the tasks list page, to edit, click here

This is a list of single time tasks that need action. Once you have completed them, please remove them from the list.

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Article information

Article alerts

Articles for deletion
Good article nominees

Most popular beer articles

Wikipedia:WikiProject Beer/Most viewed beer related pages

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The following Wikimedia sister projects provide more on this subject:
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Main tool page:
  • Reflinks - Edits bare references - adds title/dates etc. to bare references
  • Checklinks - Edit and repair external links
  • Dab solver - Quickly resolve ambiguous links.
  • Peer reviewer - Provides hints and suggestion to improving articles.

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