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Note: Sometimes changes for the version that is currently under development will be listed here, so don't worry if you're using the previous version.
  • 1.36 Java 7 required
  • 1.35 TemplateData management
  • 1.34 Technical release (new certificate, API evolution)
  • 1.33 Bot tools can be used from the command line
  • 1.32 ISBN warnings on talk page
  • 1.31 Check Wiki reorganization (new errors, ...)
  • 1.30 WPCleaner signed with official certificate
  • 1.29 Use WMF Labs instead of ToolServer for Check Wikipedia errors
  • 1.29 Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • 1.28 Use property disambiguation to detect disambiguation pages (Disambiguator extension and magic word __DISAMBIG__)
  • 1.27 Use of checkwiki_bots.cgi
  • 1.26 Generate list of pages with missing templates
  • 1.25 Special list of pages
  • 1.24 Ability to add categories on redirect pages
  • 1.23 Manage template {{lang}} for text in a foreign language
  • 1.22 Better management of template programming elements
  • 1.21 Bot tool for automatically fixing some Check Wikipedia errors
  • 1.20 Recent changes monitoring
  • 1.19 Full refactoring of spell checking, Check Wikipedia n°501
  • 1.18 Detection of references with a numeric name, Check Wikipedia n°506
  • 1.17 Various optimisations
  • 1.17 Taking into account spelling suggestions in AWB format
  • 1.16 Detection of images without alternative description, Check Wikipedia n°505
  • 1.16 Detection of internal links and references in titles, Check Wikipedia n°503 and n°504
  • 1.15 Improved method for marking a link as needing help
  • 1.14 Ability to load watchlist
  • 1.13 Better management of tags <tag>
  • 1.12 Use of HTTP request GET instead of POST for some API actions
  • 1.11 Automatic translation of internal links
  • 1.10 White lists for Check Wikipedia project can be defined on separate pages
  • 1.10 Nimbus used as default Look&Feel
  • 1.09 Syntax highlighting
  • 1.08 Managing pages with excessive dablinks, reload system options
  • 1.07 Improvements for fixing orthograph and typography
  • 1.06 Ability to fix orthograph and typography
  • 1.05 Better management of API communication errors
  • 1.04 Table of contents can be displayed
  • 1.03 Automatic fixing of some errors detected by Check Wikipedia project
  • 1.02 Ability to fix detections by Check Wikipedia project in the full analysis window
  • 1.01 Ability to mark backlinks as normal or not
  • 1.00 Ability to use the full list of dab pages to speed-up analysis
  • 0.99 Ability to edit talk pages to give the list of links to dab pages that needs to be fixed
  • 0.99 WikiCleaner configuration managed in Wikipedia.
  • 0.99 Big upgrade for the Check Wikipedia project
  • 0.99 Fix for 'bad token'
  • 0.93 First elements for the Check Wikipedia project
  • 0.93 Ability to fix things like {{Jumelage|ville}} to {{Jumelage|ville (xxx)|ville=ville}}.
  • 0.92 Demo mode.
  • 0.91 Redirects with anchors (#).
  • 0.87 Added ability to save rules for semi-automatic fixing.
  • 0.85 Added access to Icelandic Wikipedia and matching translations.
  • 0.81 Using MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage for retrieving list of disambiguation templates.
  • 0.80 Added access to Norwegian Wikipedia.
  • 0.79 Using new MediaWiki API for edition (fixing problems with SUL accounts).
  • 0.76 Added access to Polish Wikipedia. Translations (Hebrew, Polish).
  • 0.75 Translations (partial Danish, Swedish). Access to pages where help is requested. Wiktionary management.
  • 0.74 Translations (Italian + partial Dutch, German). Various bug fixes and enhancements.
  • 0.73 Internationalisation.
  • 0.72 Added column sorting in the Page List window (Java 6 required).
  • 0.72 Added current chapter in contextual menu.
  • 0.71 Redesigned the Watched pages window.
  • 0.71 Added contextual menu for external links and templates in the text.
  • 0.70 Added sorting abilities for links (work still under progress).
  • 0.70 Added contextual menu for every link in the text.
  • 0.69 Added semi-automatic disambiguation fixing from Disambiguation Analysis window.
  • 0.67 Added Undo / Redo abilities in Full Analysis.
  • 0.66 Added a few options for Full Analysis.
  • 0.65 Made performance enhancements for page contents analysis.
  • 0.64 Added keyboard shortcuts for Link To and Replace With (using last user choice)
  • 0.64 Added ability to modify the Edit summary.
  • 0.63 Added access to Russian Wikipedia.
  • 0.63 Added Remove all links option in the contextual menu for the list in the Analysis window.
  • 0.62 Added Next Occurrence in the Full Analysis window.
  • 0.61 Added the Preview window.
  • 0.60 Modified the Comment window to show article contents.
  • 0.59 Added options to count the different types of links in the Analysis window.
  • 0.59 Added Link To and Replace With options for redirect links.
  • 0.58 Added several ways to add pages to the local watch list.
  • 0.57 Added Link To option in the contextual menu for the list in the Analysis window.
  • 0.57 Added orange color for missing and redirect links.
  • 0.56 Added the Other Wikipedia and Other Language options. Wikipedia Cleaner can be translated into other languages.
  • 0.55 Added the Expand Templates window. Made modifications for {{dn}}.
  • 0.54 Added ability to fix redirect links.
  • 0.53 Updated the list of disambiguation templates.
  • 0.52 Made performance enhancements for Full Analysis and Current disambiguation list.
  • 0.51 Made performance enhancements for Update Information (pages list) and Disambiguation Analysis.
  • 0.50 Made performance enhancements for Update Information (pages list).
  • 0.49 Added Signature button for comments on talk pages.
  • 0.48 Added access to Spanish and Catalonian Wikipedia.
  • 0.47 Added ability to save local comments for each page (helps maintaining a list of watched pages).
  • 0.46 Update to receive data from the server using GZIP compression.
  • 0.45 Added more information in the Watched Pages and Current Disambiguation List windows.
  • 0.44 Made various menus modifications.
  • 0.42 Update to take into account a change in MediaWiki API (bltitle instead of titles).
  • 0.41 Added ability to swap text and link ([[xx|yy]] to [[yy|xx]]).
  • 0.40 Added button for current list of disambiguation pages.
  • 0.39 Fixed redirects containing apostrophes bug.
  • 0.36 Added Select next links button in the Disambiguation window.
  • 0.34 Added capability to detect broken links in the proposed links.
  • 0.28 Changed window sizes.
  • 0.25 Added ability to add a message on the talk page.
  • 0.24 Added the options window.
  • 0.22 Added ability to keep the watchlist information.
  • 0.20 Added ability to manually reload the propositions for links.
  • 0.20 Added ability to access Wikipedia with several windows simultaneously.
  • 0.19 Added the list of watched pages.