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Note: Sometimes changes for the version that is currently under development will be listed here, so don't worry if you're using the previous version.

The full list of changes is available in github, the following list is only a partial extract of major changes:

  • 2.0 New installation procedure, many additions, especially for the Linter extension

All versions prior to 2.0 should be uninstalled as they are not maintained anymore.

  • 1.43 Improved interface with the Linter extension
  • 1.42 Interface with the Linter extension
  • 1.41 Technical release (new certificate, API evolution)
  • 1.40 Upgrade of JDom library to 2.0.6
  • 1.39 Ability to analyze Wikipedia dumps
  • 1.38 ISSN
  • 1.36 Java 7 required
  • 1.35 TemplateData management
  • 1.34 Technical release (new certificate, API evolution)
  • 1.33 Bot tools can be used from the command line
  • 1.32 ISBN warnings on talk page
  • 1.31 Check Wiki reorganization (new errors, ...)
  • 1.30 WPCleaner signed with official certificate
  • 1.29 Use WMF Labs instead of ToolServer for Check Wikipedia errors
  • 1.29 Configurable keyboard shortcuts
  • 1.28 Use property disambiguation to detect disambiguation pages (Disambiguator extension and magic word __DISAMBIG__)
  • 1.27 Use of checkwiki_bots.cgi
  • 1.26 Generate list of pages with missing templates
  • 1.25 Special list of pages
  • 1.24 Ability to add categories on redirect pages
  • 1.23 Manage template {{lang}} for text in a foreign language
  • 1.22 Better management of template programming elements
  • 1.21 Bot tool for automatically fixing some Check Wikipedia errors
  • 1.20 Recent changes monitoring
  • 1.19 Full refactoring of spell checking, Check Wikipedia n°501
  • 1.18 Detection of references with a numeric name, Check Wikipedia n°506
  • 1.17 Various optimisations
  • 1.17 Taking into account spelling suggestions in AWB format
  • 1.16 Detection of images without alternative description, Check Wikipedia n°505
  • 1.16 Detection of internal links and references in titles, Check Wikipedia n°503 and n°504
  • 1.15 Improved method for marking a link as needing help
  • 1.14 Ability to load watchlist
  • 1.13 Better management of tags <tag>
  • 1.12 Use of HTTP request GET instead of POST for some API actions
  • 1.11 Automatic translation of internal links
  • 1.10 White lists for Check Wikipedia project can be defined on separate pages
  • 1.10 Nimbus used as default Look&Feel
  • 1.09 Syntax highlighting
  • 1.08 Managing pages with excessive dablinks, reload system options
  • 1.07 Improvements for fixing orthograph and typography
  • 1.06 Ability to fix orthograph and typography
  • 1.05 Better management of API communication errors
  • 1.04 Table of contents can be displayed
  • 1.03 Automatic fixing of some errors detected by Check Wikipedia project
  • 1.02 Ability to fix detections by Check Wikipedia project in the full analysis window
  • 1.01 Ability to mark backlinks as normal or not
  • 1.00 Ability to use the full list of dab pages to speed-up analysis
  • 0.99 Ability to edit talk pages to give the list of links to dab pages that needs to be fixed
  • 0.99 WikiCleaner configuration managed in Wikipedia.
  • 0.99 Big upgrade for the Check Wikipedia project
  • 0.99 Fix for 'bad token'
  • 0.93 First elements for the Check Wikipedia project
  • 0.93 Ability to fix things like {{Jumelage|ville}} to {{Jumelage|ville (xxx)|ville=ville}}.
  • 0.92 Demo mode.
  • 0.91 Redirects with anchors (#).
  • 0.87 Added ability to save rules for semi-automatic fixing.
  • 0.85 Added access to Icelandic Wikipedia and matching translations.
  • 0.81 Using MediaWiki:Disambiguationspage for retrieving list of disambiguation templates.
  • 0.80 Added access to Norwegian Wikipedia.
  • 0.79 Using new MediaWiki API for edition (fixing problems with SUL accounts).
  • 0.76 Added access to Polish Wikipedia. Translations (Hebrew, Polish).
  • 0.75 Translations (partial Danish, Swedish). Access to pages where help is requested. Wiktionary management.
  • 0.74 Translations (Italian + partial Dutch, German). Various bug fixes and enhancements.
  • 0.73 Internationalisation.
  • 0.72 Added column sorting in the Page List window (Java 6 required).
  • 0.72 Added current chapter in contextual menu.
  • 0.71 Redesigned the Watched pages window.
  • 0.71 Added contextual menu for external links and templates in the text.
  • 0.70 Added sorting abilities for links (work still under progress).
  • 0.70 Added contextual menu for every link in the text.
  • 0.69 Added semi-automatic disambiguation fixing from Disambiguation Analysis window.
  • 0.67 Added Undo / Redo abilities in Full Analysis.
  • 0.66 Added a few options for Full Analysis.
  • 0.65 Made performance enhancements for page contents analysis.
  • 0.64 Added keyboard shortcuts for Link To and Replace With (using last user choice)
  • 0.64 Added ability to modify the Edit summary.
  • 0.63 Added access to Russian Wikipedia.
  • 0.63 Added Remove all links option in the contextual menu for the list in the Analysis window.
  • 0.62 Added Next Occurrence in the Full Analysis window.
  • 0.61 Added the Preview window.
  • 0.60 Modified the Comment window to show article contents.
  • 0.59 Added options to count the different types of links in the Analysis window.
  • 0.59 Added Link To and Replace With options for redirect links.
  • 0.58 Added several ways to add pages to the local watch list.
  • 0.57 Added Link To option in the contextual menu for the list in the Analysis window.
  • 0.57 Added orange color for missing and redirect links.
  • 0.56 Added the Other Wikipedia and Other Language options. Wikipedia Cleaner can be translated into other languages.
  • 0.55 Added the Expand Templates window. Made modifications for {{dn}}.
  • 0.54 Added ability to fix redirect links.
  • 0.53 Updated the list of disambiguation templates.
  • 0.52 Made performance enhancements for Full Analysis and Current disambiguation list.
  • 0.51 Made performance enhancements for Update Information (pages list) and Disambiguation Analysis.
  • 0.50 Made performance enhancements for Update Information (pages list).
  • 0.49 Added Signature button for comments on talk pages.
  • 0.48 Added access to Spanish and Catalonian Wikipedia.
  • 0.47 Added ability to save local comments for each page (helps maintaining a list of watched pages).
  • 0.46 Update to receive data from the server using GZIP compression.
  • 0.45 Added more information in the Watched Pages and Current Disambiguation List windows.
  • 0.44 Made various menus modifications.
  • 0.42 Update to take into account a change in MediaWiki API (bltitle instead of titles).
  • 0.41 Added ability to swap text and link ([[xx|yy]] to [[yy|xx]]).
  • 0.40 Added button for current list of disambiguation pages.
  • 0.39 Fixed redirects containing apostrophes bug.
  • 0.36 Added Select next links button in the Disambiguation window.
  • 0.34 Added capability to detect broken links in the proposed links.
  • 0.28 Changed window sizes.
  • 0.25 Added ability to add a message on the talk page.
  • 0.24 Added the options window.
  • 0.22 Added ability to keep the watchlist information.
  • 0.20 Added ability to manually reload the propositions for links.
  • 0.20 Added ability to access Wikipedia with several windows simultaneously.
  • 0.19 Added the list of watched pages.