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WPCleaner was developed in Java, and so it is required that Java be set up prior to installing WPCleaner. The minimum required version is Java 7, and it should run with any later version.

Installation with Java Web Start[edit]

The easiest way to install WPCleaner is with Java Web Start, you normally just have to input the installation address of WPCleaner in your web browser, and the installation will go on automatically. Some examples of installations are available:[1]

In short, the installation is done directly using this address (or this one if you're having troubles). During installation, a window will ask you to verify your trust in this program; you must accept for the installation to continue, and to allow usage of WPCleaner. This is required for two reasons:

  • for WPCleaner to be able to access Wikipedia.
  • for WPCleaner to be able to save your preferences.

This installation also has the advantage of an automatic update when a new release is available. During each start, Java Web Start will check if a new release is available and will automatically download it. (Note: given the way Java Web Start is working, the update may only download during the next run of the application).

Note: If you ever encounter strange errors when trying to start WPCleaner (Error signature, Error system is offline, ...), it may a be problem with Java Web Start cache. It happens rarely, but a few cases of these problems have been reported. To solve it, you can try two things:

  • Purge the Java cache. Under Windows, you can do this in the Config Panel / Java / Temporary Internet Files / display / Resources.
  • Uninstall WPCleaner and install it again.

Manual installation[edit]

It is also possible to manually install WPCleaner by downloading this file.[2] In this case, updates will also have to be performed manually, by downloading again the WikipediaCleaner.jar file.


To run WPCleaner:

java -jar WikipediaCleaner.jar


java -classpath WikipediaCleaner.jar org.wikipediacleaner.WikipediaCleaner

This has been tested on:

  • Debian GNU/Linux "testing" amd64 using java provided by sun-java6-jre.
  • OpenSUSE (11.x) Linux using Sun Java6-jre
  • Ubuntu Lucid Lynx 10.04 (Linux 2.6.32-21-generic GNOME 2.30.2) amd32 using sun-java6-jre.
  • Kubuntu (Xenial Xerus/16.04) Linux with OpenJDK 8

On Windows, it's usually just enough to double click on the WikipediaCleaner.jar file.

User box[edit]

If you want to show on your user page that you're using WPCleaner, you can use {{User:The Banner/WikiCleaner}} which will add the following user box

Nuvola web broom.svg
Dedicated user of WPCleaner.

Network configuration[edit]

If you have a special network configuration (proxy, ...), you may need to further do some configuration.

Using same preferences on another computer[edit]

On Windows, WPCleaner stores most of its information in the Windows registry. If you change your computer and want to keep your configuration, you just need to copy the WPCleaner part of the registry from the old computer to the new one.

To copy your Windows configuration from one PC to a new PC, you can use Regedit:

  1. On the old PC, click Start > Run...
  2. Type regedit and click OK
  3. Select the folder HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\JavaSoft\Prefs\org\wikipediacleaner
  4. Click File > Export...
  5. Enter a file name and click Save
  6. Copy the .reg file from the old PC to the new PC
  7. On the new PC, right click on the .reg file and choose Merge
  8. When asked "Are you sure you want to add the information", click Yes
  9. Once the merge is complete, click OK


  1. ^ Note: if you install WPCleaner in another environment, you're really welcome to expand this documentation
  2. ^ In case of need, old versions can be downloaded at this address