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Welcome to WikiProject Portals, dedicated to developing and maintaining portals. New participants are welcome; please feel free to join!

Here, we drive the artistic and technological evolution of Wikipedia's portal system. If you would like to improve Wikipedia's portals, and make them more useful, more dynamic, and more eye-catching, you've come to the right place...

Portals WikiProject-related news[edit]

Portals progress report[edit]

The number of portals when we started the project reboot: 1,485

The number of portals that have been created or revamped since then: 2,309

Total portals: 3,621

Focus: Portals[edit]

The focus of this WikiProject is portals. All existing and future portals on Wikipedia.

Purposes of portals[edit]

Purposes of this WikiProject[edit]

What we do here is collaborate upon improving and maintaining portals and their support pages, and building new portals...

  1. Improving portals pertains to developing better portal designs (such as creating new and better automated components), and implementing those designs into existing portals.
  2. Maintaining portals means updating them, and fixing problems that arise.
  3. We also build new portals to fill gaps in the portal system, and expand the portal system's coverage of subjects on Wikipedia.

The current situation[edit]

When this WikiProject rebooted in April 2018, there were about 1500 portals, most of which had a rather cludgy design including manually copied and pasted excerpts and images. These were very time-consuming to maintain, and as a consequence, most weren't.

We've redesigned the portal concept, and have created over 2000 new portals. These are highly automated, and practically maintain themselves, with content updating and even changing, over time. So, the majority of the portal collection is new and remain fresh. The new portals are also augmented with more powerful browsing features, such as slideshows for both images and textual content.

Concerning the older portals, they are undergoing upgrade or replacement. So far, the introduction sections and the Associated Wikimedia sections on almost all of these portals have been upgraded to the new design. Several hundred of the old portals have received upgrades to their image section and category tree section. That leaves 4 to 10 sections on each portal that still need upgrading or removal.

The new standard design is covered at Wikipedia:WikiProject Portals/Design. There is no requirement to use this design, and creativity in developing portals is both welcomed and encouraged.

The current plan[edit]

Current efforts are divided between these five activity types:

  1. Developing new components and tools to build and maintain portals with
  2. Upgrading old portals, replacing their static content with self-updating features
  3. Creating new portals
  4. Developing and maintaining portals of the new design (adding new features, fixing bugs and repairing formatting errors that emerge, placing links to the portals, etc.)
  5. Administration of the WikiProject (updating support pages and guidelines, publishing the project's newsletter, managing tasks, posting announcements and invitations, etc.)

The plan is to continue with these activities to...

  1. Fully automate the creation and maintenance of portals, with features included to allow for human input. For a detailed presentation of design objectives and their implementation, see Wikipedia:WikiProject Portals/Design and the discussions at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Portals/Design.
  2. Upgrade all of the old portals, except those with dedicated manual maintainers
  3. Create new portals for all the core topics that have enough coverage to need a portal, and for whatever other topics portal creators are interested in
  4. Keep existing portals fully upgraded with new features as they become available, and running smoothly
  5. Support a team who enjoy working together and building something special

For details of what needs to be done, see the rest of this page, below...

Project tasks [edit]

Portals provide a unique means to navigate Wikipedia

Pertaining to portals, there are tasks of many kinds. You are welcome to join in on the fun...

Participate in design efforts and discussions[edit]

Design discussions take place at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Portals/Design.

Fill in the gaps[edit]

There are many subjects on Wikipedia that have plenty of coverage, but lack a portal.

An area where this is obvious is the vital topic structure. Initially developed for tracking the quality of core topic articles on Wikipedia, we're adapting it below to track coverage of "core" topics by portals...

Level 2 vital portals still needed[edit]

These correspond to level 2 vital articles.

Here are the last of the redlinked ones from level 2. Please turn them blue:

Level 3 vital portals[edit]

The redlinked ones still need to be built.

These somewhat correspond to level 3 vital articles.

Level 4 vital portals[edit]

The redlinked ones need to be built?

These roughly correspond to level 4 vital articles.

Level 5 vital portals[edit]

The redlinked ones need to be built?

These loosely correspond to level 5 vital articles.

Portal:Contents/Portals needs to be updated (again)[edit]

We've been busy! As of this writing, there are 1,954 new portals not yet presented on the main list at Portal:Contents/Portals. Please add them. They can be found at Portal talk:Contents/Portals#These are not listed yet, along with instructions.

Each item in that list needs to be processed as explained below. Please do as many as you have time for. Every little bit helps...

First, look at a portal on the list, and inspect it to see if it is completed. If it isn't, either complete it, or mark the entry " Not ready" with the {{Not ready}} template. That will let others know it needs work.

If an entry on the list is a completed portal, add it to Portal:Contents/Portals. After you've added it, please mark that entry in the list as " Done", using the {{done}} template.

Most incomplete portals have one or more empty sections that have nothing more than a red subpage link in the middle of them.

Thank you.

Add a panorama or banner picture to a portal[edit]

Here's a task that really brightens up a page...

Add a banner-shaped picture (such as a panorama) to the introduction section of portals. Place them at the top of the introduction section, or if they are especially tall, place them at the bottom of that section.

Do one, here or there, as you feel like it. Do as many as you like. Every little bit helps.

Please do not add pics over 2 megabytes in size, as they can cause the portal scripts to time out, causing empty sections, or sections with error messages. Watch out, because some of those pictures are huge, like 12 megabytes or more. Less than one megabyte is best, if you can manage it.

Pictures can be found at commons:. Search strings that work well with city names to find these are "skyline" or "panorama". There are a large number of wide images at 7:1 aspect ratio used as Wikivoyage banners in Commons:Category:Wikivoyage banners. Most of these are not very large files.

Geographic portals are listed in the Geography section of Portal:Contents/Portals. City portals are shown in parentheses (though they are not the only ones in parentheses).

As for other subjects, banner-shaped pictures pertaining directly to those or any of their subtopics will typically suffice.

Here is an example of the main template used to place banners/panoramas:

{{Portal image banner|Jarvis Island banner sharks.jpg|[[Gray reef shark]]s over reef near [[Jarvis Island]].}}

Which looks like this:

Here are some examples of portals with panoramas or banner-shaped pictures in their intro sections:

When you finish one, feel free to show it off in this list...

Install image slideshows[edit]

On the older portals, replace "Selected image" sections with "Selected images" sections.

The code for an image slideshow would look like this, for most existing portals:

{{Box-header colour|Selected images}}
{{Transclude files as random slideshow| paragraphs=1-3 | files=1 | more=

Entries can be sourcepage names, or file names. For each sourcepage, the template displays every image on that page. Filenames must start with "File:" and get displayed directly in the slideshow. "{{}}" is the magic word that stands for the portal's page name, without prefix, which is usually also the name of the corresponding root article.

For examples of portals that have image slideshows, see Portal:Continents, Portal:Greek cuisine, Portal:Toucans, and Portal:Ancient Egypt. Or see

Where do you find pictures?

At Wikipedia:Featured pictures, some of Wikipedia's best pictures are listed by subject. Many of those subjects correspond to a portal name.
On the portal's subpages, if any.
Throughout Wikipedia articles.
On Wikimedia Commons. This is a great place to find pictures not used in articles.

Check portals at Category:Portals under construction[edit]

Attention WikiGnomes:

Please inspect as many portals in this category as you have time for, and remove the category from those that are complete.

Also, feel free to complete those that are not, or any portion of them.

Thank you.

Complete a portal[edit]

If you'd like to work on a whole portal that was started but not finished, and get it ready for Wikipedia's readership to view, pick one from the list below.

Invite your friends![edit]

Let them know we are having a lot of fun. ;)

Article alerts: portals for deletion at MfD[edit]

Manual listing[edit]

Note that portal subpages are not included in the automatic alerts. For example, if a specific subpage is nominated for deletion.
For archives, see: Portals for deletion at MfD.

Automated alerts[edit]

Miscellany for deletion



For your convenience, a list of all portal pages is provided below. (It is possible to get all portal pages into your watchlist, but it is difficult and tedious). The list is current as of 8/12/2018.

The list of all portal pages is useful for getting a bird's eye view of:

  1. What's in portal space
  2. Monitoring activity on the portal pages using the Related changes feature in the sidebar menu

The list was too long to get onto a single page (there are 146,329 pages in portal space), and so it is split up into 6 parts:

The archive contains old lists and these older lists are kept for historical reference: Wikipedia:WikiProject Portal/List of all portals/Archive


Most portals have subpages.

Search is kind of cludgy for looking at these. you can use PrefixIndex for extracting subpages (Example).

SearchSuite enhances Wikipedia search results. It has a feature (menu item) that reformats search results to one-line entries, which is convenient for looking at portal subpages as a list. It has another menu item that formats the links (asterisk-style, with link delimeters) for copying/pasting into an editor. And another for sorting the results. Each feature works on the output of the others, and the script remembers the setting of each menu item between pages. When one is turned on, it stays on for all searches.




These markers control how a portal is edited.

Portal components[edit]

Here's a portal displaying the components that can be used in each section:

Here's a list of components used to build portals. Their placement (left column, etc.) is suggested only.

For a full list of portal templates, see {{Portal templates navbox}}:

Userboxes and WikiAd[edit]

Show these off on your profile to let everyone know you contribute to the sustainment of the Portal namespace. Or you could just add Category:WikiProject Portals participants directly.

Portal-puzzle.svgThis user is a member of
WikiProject Portals.
Portal.svgThis user is a member of WikiProject Portals.

If you are lucky to receive a Portal Barnstar, you may want to have a userbox to show this. You can do this by adding:

Portal Barnstar Hires.pngThis editor has been awarded the Portal Barnstar

Project participants[edit]

If you'd like to receive task requests and project-related updates on your talk page, please add your name below. Also, please indicate if you are a user of AWB or JWB, and if you know Lua, JS, perl, and/or PHP. An asterisk following a name indicates they receive updates in the form of a link instead of the whole newsletter. Follow your name with two asterisks if you do not wish to receive any project-wide updates, not even a link. Those marked with 3 asterisks have not been confirmed as wishing updates due to unreachability.


If you prefer WikiGnome tasks and would like to receive WikiGnome-oriented updates on your talk page, please add your name below. Also let us know if you are an AWB or JWB user.

Specific portal maintainers[edit]

This is a list of editors who work on specific portal(s) or in specific areas, in case you need to contact someone about those.


  • SMcCandlish ¢ 😼  – Primarily interested for now in working on the draft WP:Manual of Style/Portals. I'm one of the longest-term MoS shepherds. Please consider me basically an ombudsman for how to craft that in a way to get it passed as an actual guideline. (Also AWB-approved and a Template Editor and Page Mover, if such geekery is needed, though I suck at Lua.) PS: I don't directly co-maintain any portals right now but have worked on several, including Portal:Snooker; would like to see a more general Portal:Cue sports; also an overhaul of Portal:English (about the language, not just in it :-).

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Newsletter archive[edit]


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