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Performing Wikipedia is a sub-project of WikiProject Visual arts and is intended to encourage the creation of new and improve existing articles on live art and performance art. It originated as a result of the event Performing Wikipedia at the Institute of Contemporary Arts (ICA), London, 21-23 May 2010.[1]

The event was described as:

Performing Wikipedia invites participants to collaborate on updating the on-line encyclopaedia with materials about performance and live art. A marathon attempt to write the legacy of performance into electronic public space, Performing Wikipedia is at once a mediated collaborative performance, and an intervention which propels the history and representation of live art into this significant online encyclopaedia/resource.

This project was started by Tyrenius, 22 May 2010.

Getting started[edit]

Create an account at Special:UserLogin/signup with a user name and password. See Wikipedia:Username policy: you can use a pseudonym if you wish to preserve anonymity.

WP:COI discourages articles about yourself or colleagues.

Click the star (next to "View history") for any articles you edit or are interested in. This will add the article to your watchlist (link at the top of the Wikipedia display) and you can track changes to it.

User box[edit]

Feel free to display the project userbox on your userpage. Copy and paste:

{{User Performing Wikipedia}}

to get this:

WPVA-khamsa.svg This user is a member of
Performing Wikipedia
part of WikiProject Visual arts


New names at top. It's not necessary to list your name here to edit this page or edit related articles.


Article incubator[edit]

This is a place to safely try out articles and get them up to standard before they are moved (not cut and pasted) to main article space. Create a new article by adding the name below as:


This will come up as a red link. Click it to open the edit page for the article. Edit as normal, but put a colon at the start of the category links (which go at the bottom of articles), e.g.

[[:Category:Performance art]].

See Category:Performing arts for a useful list (use specialist categories deeper down the hierarchy). Discussions about specific articles can be conducted on the article talk (discussion) page.

Articles can be worked on here, but will only be kept when moved to main article space, if they meet Wikipedia standards (particularly WP:N).

Articles in incubator[edit]

Articles in main space[edit]

List relevant articles that need input.

Article guidance[edit]

  • WP:N All article subjects must be notable. This means multiple coverage in independent sources.
  • WP:V All article content must be taken from verifiable sources.
  • WP:RS These sources must be reliable, i.e., with editorial oversight, not blogs or self-published.
  • WP:NPOV The sources should be used in a neutral way.
  • WP:REFB The source for material should be cited inline. After the article text to be referenced, put:
<ref>Details of the source here.</ref>
For formatting a reference, see this section and the section after.
  • WP:NOR Original research, i.e., the wikipedia editor's speculation, opinions, personal knowledge and theories are not permitted.
  • WP:PEACOCK Do not use inflated language, e.g., "innovative", "leading", "groundbreaking" etc, unless taken from a source, in which case put in quotation marks and reference it.
  • WP:WEASEL Do not use vague terms, e.g., "some people say", "many critics say". Name the people/critics/etc.
  • WP:COPYRIGHT Do not cut and paste text. It is a copyvio (copyright violation). Minimal essential quotation (appropriately marked) is permitted (when referenced).
  • WP:PARAPHRASE So is close paraphrasing. Take facts from different sources, and rewrite them in your own words.
  • WP:UPE Write in plain English. This is a general encyclopedia so excess specialist "art jargon" should be avoided.
  • WP:EL External links (EL) in the external links section should be added with caution. Usually material should be added to the article and the EL used instead as a reference.

General discussion[edit]

Post at Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Visual arts/Performing Wikipedia. New posts go under existing ones. New subjects go at the bottom of the page.