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Weekly contest is to encourage good work on Wikipedia! The competitions could be about expanding the articles, adding images, or categorizing articles, for example. Anyone can create a competition gene to add to his race in the list!
Week competition:Wikipedia:Weekly contest/Growing 41 Stubs

To create a contest[edit]

1.Upload your contest as a sub page to this page, for example Wikipedia:Weekly contest/Examples contest. Add a link under Upcoming contests. First come, first served applies.

2. Enter the following information: goal, date, contest leaders , notification, prize and winner. Please use the following example:
== Quick info == *'''Goal:'''[[Wikipedia:Weekly contest/Growing 41 Stubs]] *'''Date:''' *'''Contest leaders :''' *'''Notification: ''' *'''Price:''' *'''Winner:'''''The car can you!'' ==Credits==

3.Add the template {{Template:Upcoming contests}} at the top of the competition page.

4. When the race starts, remove the template and add your contest in the "Week competition."

5. When the contest is over, separate prizes for those who earned it and add to the competition in the "old competitions".


The Wikipedia rosette Article green Wiki.svg goes to the winner
The brown rosette Article brown.svg a prize which can be given to several participants, for example, must achieve 100 points in the contest to get this price. Conceived as a small consolation prize.

Upcoming contests[edit]

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Old competitions[edit]

Date Name Winner Contest leaders