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What Wikipedia is not – Outtakes is a composition that explores the Wikipedia official policy What Wikipedia is not. As noted in that policy, "Wikipedia is an online encyclopedia and, as a means to that end, an online community of individuals interested in building a high-quality encyclopedia in a spirit of mutual respect. Therefore, there are certain things that Wikipedia is not." For example, Wikipedia content is not a paper encyclopedia, a dictionary, a blog or webspace provider, or a crystal ball and the Wikipedia community is not a democracy, bureaucracy, battleground, or an anarchy. Importantly, Wikipedia is not censored. However, since What Wikipedia is not was first developed beginning at least as early as September 24, 2001, a number of proposed additions never made it in. This essay looks at portions of the policy that were removed in the editing process and not included in the work's final, publicly released version. In addition, it looks at portions of the policy that may have been removed had they been added in the editing process, but nonetheless have relevance to the policy. In effect, What Wikipedia is not – Outtakes may provide a perspective to the What Wikipedia is not official policy to provide the reader a better understanding of what Wikipedia is not.

Note: Some really bad jokes are now at Wikipedia:What Wikipedia is not/BJAODN.


W1K1P3D14 15 N07 4 P14C3 F0R 13375P34K[edit]

1f u y00z l3375p33k h3r3, u w111 g37 pwn3d.

Wikipedia aint no place for grammars that is bad[edit]

There aint gonna be some grammar that not readable? Or otherwise some Grammar Nazes and Grammar Policiz could can go to you house and arrests you be makes however a exceptional.

Wikipedia is not a cabal[edit]

Wikipedia is only run by a cabal. Of thousands. But don't worry—you, too, can join the cabal by making a history of constructive, high-quality edits. That, and learn the secret password. (It's "Swordfish.")

There Is No Cabal (TINC). We discussed this at the last Cabal meeting, and everyone agreed that There Is No Cabal. An announcement was made in Cabalist: The Official Newsletter of The Cabal making it clear that There Is No Cabal. The words "There Is No Cabal" are in ten-foot letters on the side of the 42-story International Cabal Headquarters, and an announcement that There Is No Cabal is shown at the start of every program on The Cabal Network. If that doesn't convince people that There Is No Cabal, I don't know what will. --Guy Macon (talk) 09:53, 18 March 2019 (UTC)

Wikipedia is not a game[edit]

Do you think this is some kind of game? (WP:MMORPG notwithstanding.)

Wikipedia is not a kitten[edit]

Though sometimes cute and cuddly, Wikipedia is not a kitten. Please do not stroke it lovingly.

Wikipedia is not a lightbulb[edit]

It is worth noting that if an engineer builds a better lightbulb, this engineering will have no noticeable impact on Wikipedia policies, guidelines or consensus. [1]

Wikipedia is not a mobile phone company[edit]

So it won't send you either a £500,000 phone bill[2] or send you a 300-page bill.

Wikipedia not is a place for cybersex[edit]

Nor is it a blonde 19-year old girl. Trust us on this.

Wikipedia is not a place for perky people[edit]

^_^ ;) <_< :D ^-^ (= >_> :P ^^ :3

Wikipedia is not a place for vandalism[edit]

You said: "I think you are being anal retentive and a hardass, i see how the comments on the talk page of that are unconstrucitve but it was a joke and i thought that it would be okay on the talk page. regarding + Did anyone else think that this is some funny shit!?Cholga 19:02, 19 September 2006 (UTC) that is not vandalism it was a legitimate question about what people thought about the colbert report thing. WHAT OTHER VANDALISM ARE YOPU TALKING ABOUT, YOU SAID YOU COULD COME UP WITH ANOTHER EXAMPLE I AM FURIOUS I AM USING BOLD I AM A SUPERSTAR SHOW ME THE MONEY? I WOULD LIKE TO SEE THESE SUPPOSED OTHER EXAMPLES Chola out"

I'm complaining about your claim that you have elephants in your back yard, that elephants live in Antarctica, and that they are overpopulating the world. Article discussion pages are to be used for improving the quality of the article and this is noted at the top of that particular article. Unconstructive edits are considered vandalism. --Yamla 19:38, 19 September 2006 (UTC)
Can you give me a link to Cholga's funny revisions about elephants from Antarctica overpopulating the world in their backyard? I'd like to read it. Thanks. --Darth Tacker (talk) 23:36, 18 September 2016 (UTC)

Wikipedia is not a guttermouth convention[edit]

So please refrain from using profanity. Or else I'm bringing the mammoths back from extinction and let them take over the Illuminati so you'll never explode on us again like a pig wearing a torpedo on his macaroni and T-shirts again that have the letter = on it. And don't climb the angry mastodons dressed as a ton of bricks! And if you find yourself digging deeper Kool-aids, stop being a jerk!

Wikipedia is not a song parody[edit]

Hey I just met you – and this is crazy – but I hate swearing – so stop it maybe

Wikipedia is not a place for whatever vandalism or disruption is happening above[edit]

So please don't do what whoever is doing that nonsense above Wikipedia articles. That's just stupid.

Wikipedia is not a place to create of secret hidden messages[edit]

By embedding them in blocks of otherwise innocuous text. Did I just give something away?

Wikipedia is not a place to dump large quantities of material copied from "My Documents"[edit]

Except for here:

The book Animal Farm is, clearly, a fictional story. However, this allegory’s connection to the early days of Communist Russia is all too true. The leading pigs of the Farm take control, not only of the establishment, but also of the residents. They are able to mislead the all-too-ignorant populace into thinking whatever they do is a good thing for all. The crookedness of Animal Farm’s government is shown from the very start, and comes through to the end, culminating in a slogan that was all too true when the real-life correlation to this story happened not so long ago.
The first flavor I would like to see is sweet onion. I like raw onions and I know that other people do too. In addition, the onion jelly bean would mix well with some of your existing jelly bean flavors. Another flavor that I thought would be exciting and popular is the egg flavored jelly bean. Many people I know eat eggs at all times of the day and so I think it would be a popular choice. Last, but not least, is the broccoli jelly bean. I understand that broccoli jelly beans might not sound very popular at first, but you could make them be a healthy snack to eat. If they were healthy, parents could get their kids to eat broccoli in a rather sweet way.
In the dining room, many pesky monsters roam, namely Werewolves and Headless Specters. However, they are no match for the mighty football helmet! Some of the collapsing floor tiles have snack boxes hidden directly under them. Jump quickly and take the risk of falling to grab these delicious packets of tastiness. Sometimes, the menacing lit fireplace may breathe fire, guarding a snack box. Time your jump carefully and snag it without being roasted. If you head-smash some webs against the wall, it will take you into a closet with some snacks and sandwiches in it. Although you might always have a full five dog-tags in health, it is a helpful oasis. (It’s also fun to stand in the right place and get the view from the inside of a rotating sandwich!)

Wikipedia is not a place to find The Truth[edit]

The Truth is out there . . . wait, sorry, I mean out there. Really. I mean it. Turn off the computer and go outside now. You have had enough for one day.

Wikipedia is not a place to leave out punctuation[edit]

It gets really confusing if you leave out punctuation marks please use them it makes long sentences easier to read and makes it clear exactly what you are on about

Wikipedia is not a place to post half-finished sentences[edit]

Half-finished articles and Candlejack are fine, but please finish your sen

Poor thing – only did it for the lulz.

Wikipedia is not a place to invent new spelling and grammar[edit]

It hinders communication if we don't use the same spelling or grammar. Yes, you can decide to use non-standard fleemishes and the reader can still gloork the meaning from the context, but there ix a limit; If too many ot the vleeps are changed, it becomes harder and qixer to fllf what the wethcz is blorping, and evenually izs is bkb longer possible to ghilred frok at wifx. Dnighth? Ngfipht yk ur! Uvq the hhvd or hnnngh. Blorgk? Blorgk! Blorgkity-blorgk!!!!

Wikipedia is not a place to prepend "Wiki" to EVERY word[edit]

Wikiso wikidon't wikido wikiit wikibecause wikiit wikiis wikivery wikiannoying.

Wikipedians Wikiquette Wiktionary Wikify WIKIEVERYTHING!!!!

Wikipedia is not a place to sabotage articles with personal info[edit]

Wkipedia is not the place to explain that Jim Hersha is a 12th grader in Arkansas who loves chocolate and bums.

Wikipedia is not a place to tell really filthy but totally funny jokes[edit]

I told you it wasn't.

Wait a second, it so is...

Wikipedia is not a place to type things while not looking at your keyboard[edit]

so please do not ro any of tjat pm wpolo[edoa. Conversely, you could learn to touch type, which produces this much clearer sentence.

Wikipedia is not a place[edit]

At all, really. Not really.

Wikipedia is not a site opposing random and trivial fictional stuff[edit]

On the contrary. Wikibooks and Wikia were created for a reason.

Wikipedia is not a soapbox[edit]

So don't expect to find any leftovers for the next batch of laundry (ba-dum-psssh).

And don't expect to have an audience for your jokes =)

Wikipedia is not a text adventure[edit]

You have been eaten by a Grue
Restore, Restart, or Quit?

Granted, we have edit counts for levels (but not to the extent of Everything 2); edit distribution and other stats; administrators, arbitrators, vandals, and so on for classes; sockpuppets for using "summons" on a hacked character; over 1.3 million players; over 1,130,000 locations (including 900+ Featured towns and cities), pubs (talk pages); quest rewards (barnstars); boss battles (FAC); class change trials (RFA), and battle arenas (AIV).

Wikipedia is not able[edit]

Whoops, sorry, I meant to say that Wikipedia is notable.

Wikipedia is no table[edit]

But it goes.

Wikipedia is not, according to the Blogosphere any of these[edit]

It's really amazing to learn the things that Wikipedia is not...

Wikipedia is not an airline[edit]

Wikipedia cannot process your flight arrangements, and Wikipedia does not have cheap flights. It also doesn't charge $2/min for a phone call.

Wikipedia is not an infinite source of processing power[edit]

So please don't add lots of links, you could use up its bandwidth and the bandwidth is needed for real articles. Thank you very much.

Wikipedia is not an MMORPG[edit]

sdrawkcab ton si aidepikiW[edit]

.si siht ,nosaer emos rof tuB

Wikipedia is not an anagram[edit]

I aped again, Roman kiwi ants.

Wikipedia is not communism[edit]

Despite the assertions of many a vandal, Wikipedia is not, in fact, communism. Jimbo Wales is not really Che Guevara, Emma Goldman, or Stalin; Larry Sanger is not Trotsky; and Wikipedia was not founded in a bloody and violent armed revolution against Encyclopædia Brittanica imperialism. Furthermore, no matter what anyone will tell you, Wikipedia is not owned in common by the workers. Wikipedia belongs to the world. From each according to his/her convenience and addiction, to each according to his/her bandwidth (as long as the site is still up).

In fact, Wikipedia is the opposite of communism. Communism succeeds in theory but fails in practice[original research?][citation needed][dubious ]; Wikipedia fails in theory but succeeds in practice[original research?][citation needed][dubious ].

Actually no, Wikipedia is communism. Sorry.[original research?][citation needed][dubious ]

Wikipedia is not fake[edit]

Contrary to professional opinion opinion.[3]

Wikipedia is not for disambiguity[edit]

Wikipedia is not a place for disambiguity or Purple Toe-Eating fungus.

Is it?

Wikipedia is not for profit[edit]

Wikipedia is run by Wikimedia, not Wikia.

Wikipedia is not for you[edit]

Not for you.

Wikipedia is not fun[edit]

Yeah, right. It's all just fun and games, isn't it?

Wikipediä ist nicht nur für Deutsche[edit]

Hauptartikel: Wikipedia:En.Wiki is not De.Wiki

Wikipediä ist für die Welt. Ja, die deutsche Wikipediä ist populärer als die Englische Wikipediä, ja, Deutschland hat die einzige gedruckte Wikipediä-Editiön der Welt. Ja, Wikipediä unterstützt Ünicöde, was die ganzen Ümläüte möglich macht. Ja der Übermensch Jimbo Wäles wurde prophezeit vom deutschen Philösöphen Friedrich Nietzsche. Und schließlich, ja, Wikipediä ist wird mit einem "V-soünd" ausgesprochen, wie Sie es nennen auf Englisch. Nichtsdestotrotz, Wikipediä ist nicht nur für Deutsche!

(Wikipedia is for the World. Yes, German Wikipedia is more popular than English Wikipedia. Yes, Germany has the only printed Wikipedia edition in the world. Yes, Wikipedia supports unicode, for Löts öf ümläuts. Yes, Jimbo Wales the Superman is prophesied by German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. And finally, yes, Wikipedia is pronounced with a "V-sound" as you call it in English. Nonetheless, Wikipedia is not only for Germans!)

Wikipedia is not Pokémon[edit]

You will not attain 8 Featured Article badges, you won't be going to fight the Elite Four (Raul, Larry, Curps, and Kasuga) and the Champion (Jimbo).

Wikipedia is not a Pokémon[edit]

Wikipe wikipedia pedi pedia.

Wikipedia is not porn[edit]

Wikipedia is not racist[edit]

Anyone of all faiths, origins and nationalities and is willing enough to contribute to Wikipedia in good faith is welcome to edit away (actually that might be a good one with a few tweaks).

Wikipedia is not Soviet Russia[edit]

In Soviet Russia, Wikipedia edits YOU!

Wikipedia is not the answer to life, the universe and everything[edit]

You see, the address you are looking for is 42 World Wide Web Boulevard. You are at 42 Wikipedia Boulevard. Wrong street. Google says so. Wikipedia does however, know the Ultimate Answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.

Wikipedia is not the Death Note[edit]

So no, writing someone's name in here will not kill someone. Although there are exceptions.

  • Just as planned!
ohhh harsh

Wikipedia is not the Second Coming[dubious ][edit]

Wikipedia is bigger than Jesus.[4] Wikipedia is even bigger than the Beatles![5] Hell, it's even bigger than me.[6] But only just. Wikipedia is even making a run at porn.[7] Wikipedia is more important than life.[8] Wikipedia is bigger than the universe.[9] Where will this end?

Wikipedia is not to help you see your boyfriend[edit]

Which didn't occur to Rebecca.

Wikipedia is not usually like this page[edit]

So if you happen to be here, disregard this page as humorous ramblings by editors who have little to very little life and want fame and fortune and everything that goes with it.

Wikipedia is not the USA[edit]

Oh wait...

Wikipedia is not the world[edit]

The USA is.

Wikipedia is not WP:BJAODN[edit]

So don't delete it and replace it with a historical page

Wikipedia is not written in code[edit]

let section = ("Wikipedia is not written in code") & if {
readerMood = (bored) then closeWindow;
keepReading OR vomitUncontrollably;
repeatUntil laughter = (stopped) &then:
changePants (underwear) + changePants (trousers) & remember ("use bathroom before laughing")
if pants = (not wet/soiled) then continue reading|letter|word|line|paragraph|section|page
page = (boring) then (2F@$&ingBad4u) and mood= (Angry) – XP
&endFunction} loopIf
discoveredByAdmin = false
if discoveredByAdmin = true then {
run4Life &pray that JimboWales (know) = doesNot
bleedOn (floor) & (mercy)begFor
ifDead then Pwn3d = true

Wikipedia is not your diary[edit]

For more information, see this page.


Wikipedia is not David Hasselhoff[edit]

It is true that Wikipedia is far more popular in Germany than in its native United States. It is true that Wikipedia is often surrounded by attractive women in bikinis. And it is true that Wikipedia has more "cool" and "sex appeal" than any other 1980's TV star. Despite these similarities, however, Wikipedia is not David Hasselhoff.

Wikipedia is not Fenton the Dog[edit]

So for God's sake do not run through Richmond Park shouting its name!

Wikipedia is not the Messiah[edit]

He's a very naughty boy.

Wikipedia is not your spouse[edit]

Need I explain more?

Wikipedia is not Viki[edit]

That is very disrespectful.

Wikipedia is not Donald Trump[edit]

If you think that then you're fired.

Other websites[edit]

Wikipedia is not 4chan[edit]

ДСФАРГЕГ 12/29/07(Fri)16:08 No. 180810361 Replies: >>240852619
gtfo newfag


Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)08:14 No. 240852619 Replies: >>240852619

Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)08:14 No. 240852619

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hay guise, wats goin on this thread?

Anonymous 09/25/08(Thu)08:14 No. 240852619
666 GET

Wikipedia is not DeviantArt[edit]

  • Yay! First comment!
  • You've been tagged! Put this in your user page and send it to six other Wikipedians!
  • [comment hidden by owner]
    • [comment hidden by owner]
      • [comment hidden by owner]
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          • [comment hidden by owner]
            • (1 Reply)
  • WAAAA...Kawaii desu, ne? ^_^
  • Overall, I'd give Wikipedia very high marks. My only criticism is that the "anyone can edit" philosophy makes the website very prone to abuse. But, otherwise, a very good encyclopedia.
    • Well, bitch, that's how my f***ing website works, so leave me f***ing alone.
      • Wow. You're mature </Sarcasm> If you're going to bitch every time someone gives you constructive criticism, then maybe you shouldn't be here.

Wikipedia is not Encyclopedia Dramatica[edit]

So don't do it for the lulz! Give us MOAR encyclopedic stuff!
1. Create an article
2. Add some content
3. Wait while others fill it with CN and OR
4. ????????
5. PROFIT!!!
6. ...Wait...O SHI-

Wikipedia is not Facebook[edit]

👍 60 users like this.

Wikipedia is not GoDaddy[edit]

In an expansion of the idea "Wikipedia is not a webspace provider"...

  • It should not be used as a personal website or a personal blog, not even as a blog of your recent projects on Wikipedia.
  • It cannot register your domain names for 99¢ for the first year.
  • It is not-for-profit, so it does not require commercials where famous women like Stacy Keibler and Danica Patrick tease baring their breasts or beavers. (Though it would probably help come donation drive time.)
  • It does not provide a wide array of automatically-installed web applications.

Therefore, Wikipedia is not GoDaddy.

Wikipedia is not Uncyclopedia[edit]

For those without comedic tastes, the so-called experts at Wikipedia think they have articles about Wikipedia and Uncyclopedia.

That's right! You tell 'em!

~Oscar Wilde on Wikipedia is not Uncyclopedia

I'm gonna let you finish, but Beyonce had one of the best videos of all time!

~Kanye West

In Soviet Russia, pedia wikis YOU!!

~Russian Reversal on Wikipedia



(three hours later...)

Wikipedia is in read-only mode for system maintenance.

Wikipedia is not Google[edit]

Windows 9 release date, news and rumors – TechRadar TechRadar by Joe Osborne – Jul 21, 2014 – Windows 9 release date, news and rumors – What will we see in the next complete version of Windows? And when will we see it? Buying ... ‎What will Windows 9 features ... – ‎Windows 8.2 – ‎Windows 8.1 Update 1 – ‎Build 2014

Wikipedia is not TV Tropes[edit]

We are Wikipedia. We're a buttload more formal. We don't really encourage breezy language and original thought as much as that other wiki. ThereIsSuchThingAsNotability, and citations are needed. If your entry cannot gather any evidence by the WikiMagic, it will be deleted in fairly short order.

Wikipedia is not the place to interrupt people[edit]

So please do not


Wikipedia is not[edit]

a place[edit]

to create[edit]


Wikipedia is not Illuminati confirmed.[edit]

Wikipedia has 9 letters. Letters has 7 letters. 9 - 7 = 2. Wikipedia was founded by 2 editors. Their names are Jimmy and Larry. Jimmy and Larry are characters from TV shows. TV. Television. Television has 10 letters. Letters has 7 letters. 10 - 7 = 3. Triangles have 3 sides. This subheading is wrong.

Wikipedia is not Wikipedia[edit]


Wikipedia is not under the footnotes[edit]

Or maybe it is.

Wikipedia is also not[edit]

Wikipedia is not forgetful of citations[edit]

... and here they are:

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Wikipedia is not a long list of things Wikipedia is not[edit]

I'm talking to you.

Wikipedia is not an pie-throwing contest[edit]

No matter how tempting a custard pie may be to throw.

Wikipedia is not an skipping record player[edit]

No matter how redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redund... redundant it might seem.

Wikipedia is not a person[edit]

No, you can not talk to Wikipedia. Wikipedia is not a person. You can not marry Wikipedia. It is not a person. You can not date Wikipedia. It is not a person.

Wait. You say it is a person, and you can, in fact, do everything I just mentioned? Well then, I guess it is a person, and you can do those things.

Wikipedia is not a place where people are capable of being wrong[edit]

Wait...not again.

Wikipedia is not a place where unexplainable objects are kept to prevent the public from knowing about them[edit]

Wikipedia is not related to the (Redacted) in any way. Likewise, the (Redacted) is not related to Wikipedia.

Message from (Redacted)[edit]

(Redacted) has contacted the Wikimedia Foundation, telling them to hide any evidence of   being present by (Redacted) the evidence.   is very dangerous and can only be calmed with (Redacted).

Wikipedia is not a Lego set[edit]

Although it does contain many pieces, there isn't a recommend age for Wikipedia. Still, don't let children under three near it.