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There is no agreed definition of what constitutes a featured picture. However, Wikipedia featured picture candidates should not display any of the following technical flaws, unless there are strong mitigating reasons, such as historical significance or unique subject matter: see the featured picture criteria page for guidelines, and the WP:WIAFP/example subject matter gallery for examples of notable exceptions.

Image quality problems[edit]

Exposure, contrast and lighting problems[edit]

JPEG compression, colour fringing and post-processing artifacts[edit]

Focus, content and composition errors[edit]

Copyright status[edit]

In practice[edit]

Typically, technical problems in nominated images aren't as blatant as they are in the examples above. Here are some real world case studies.

Image Nomination Problems
Oklahoma City memorial.png Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Oklahoma City memorial Stitching errors, white building overexposed, posterisation (probably caused by JPEG compression), slight chromatic aberration, inappropriate file type
Two JFKs.jpg Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Two JFKs For Father's Day Film grain, out of focus, oversharpened, smallish
Chiroxiphia caudata-2.jpg Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Blue Manakin Noise, subject not entirely in focus (insufficient DOF)
Snail climbing grass SMC 07.jpg Wikipedia:Featured picture candidates/Snail climbing grass SMC 07.jpg Insufficient DOF, JPEG artifacts