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The B-29 Superfortress, a WWII era heavy bomber

Heavy bombers, a staple of 20th century warfare, are largely obsolete in modern times, largely because of developments in ICBM and cruise missile technology. The largest use of heavy bombers, the delivery of large bombs (you probably would have guessed that) is mostly done by cruise and ballistic missiles. The delivery of small bombs is usually done by light, medium or fighter-bombers. Very large ordnance, for instance the BLU-82 "Daisy Cutter," can be delivered by a larger cargo plane, which are largely undefended, but can be escorted by armed drones. Drones not only use less fuel then fighters (because there is no pressurized cabin, oxygen tanks, ejector seat or pilot taking up space), never need to eat, sleep or use a washroom and will sacrifice themselves in the event of a missile attack.

Most people, by this point will have gotten bored with my rant and left, unless they are still here thinking "How the hell is this relevant to Wikipedia?" If you are in the second group, the answer is: It is telling people that sometimes, things need to become smaller with time. If they don't (or if they get larger), people should provide a well-worded intro that explains the article, paragraph, or section in question, so people can skim and not miss much essential information.

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