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The WikiAPI provides a standard API for accessing wikis from a Java application. The WikiAPI currently includes support for MediaWiki, MoinMoin, and TWiki. Along with the library are various utilities which demonstrate or facilitate its usage. Including a java console app to copy documents from one wiki to another.


The API defines a set of functions relevant to all wikis, so the software does not need to concern itself with what brand of wiki you are manipulating. Each plugin implements all or some of the following functionality.

getPage ( PageName );
setPage ( PageName, Content );
getPageList ();
getPageList (space);          -- Retrieve all pages in a particular namespace/web
getSpaces()                   -- Retrieve a list of all namespaces/webs

connect ( URL );              -- Specify the base url and validate it
login ( Username, Password ); -- Authenticate to allow page editing (and or viewing)


Currently the project is set up under Sourceforge. Check out http://jwikiapi.sourceforge.net/ for the latest version of the API.


Initially developed in 2005 for use within the University of Melbourne, in 2006 it was released under the open source licence for others benefit.

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